Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 95

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 95

Learning how to ride a horse – Shilah thought. Wow.

It had actually crossed her mind anyway to ask one of the guards to teach her as it had become too embarra*s*sing for her – always riding with Pishan or Prince Raksha each time they were going out. She needed to learn herself and was glad she finally had a teacher. But to think it was the King..?


The King walked in front while pulling the humble horse with him, and Shilah followed behind, admiring his features. Well, each time she was with the King, she just couldn’t help the admirations as he was always too good – looking. Broad chest, muscled shoulders. It was just too attractive.

They walked for a few minutes and stopped when they got to the big open field. Oh…

Some guards were actually there, practicing with swords, but the moment they saw the King, they all stopped and kept their heads bowed.

“Greetings, Alpha King”. They chorused.

Still pulling the hrose, King Dakota walked towards them, while Shilah followed at a slow pace.

“I want everyone out!” The King spoke out when he got close enough.

And without hesitation, the men bowed and ran out of the field.


Shilah looked around, now realizing she was the only one left with in the filed with the King. Although, there was a guard standing at the extreme – the same guard that had followed them from the room.

“Come on, Shilah” Dakota urged, and taking a hard gulp, Shilah we went closer to him.

Okay, Now, what next?

“Riding a horse may seem difficult, but it’s actually the sweetest thing to do” The King began, while Shilah listened attentively and with keen interest.

“First, you need to act cool with the horse you about mounting. If you mount carelessly on a strange horse, you might end up getting kicked off to the ground”.

He paused and surveyed something on the horse.

“Make sure you’re following up closely, Shilah. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know”.

“Yes, Alpha King. Of course,” she bobbed immediately, her enthusiasm getting heated up.

Then, the King continued.

“The first thing you do to your horse, is brush it”. Using his palm, he brushed the soft hairs on the horse.

“This makes it feel good, and relaxed”.

“Okay..” Shilah nodded attentively. And indeed, the horse neighed like it was being pleased.

“When that is done, you put on the saddle pad” taking the pad from the floor, he placed it above the horse’s neck.

“You place it on the neck, brush it down the hair and place it round on the middle of the shoulder. Come on, come do it”.

“Huh?” Shilah wasn’t expecting that.

“This is a cla*s*s, Shilah and if you’ve been listening, you should know what to do” he sounded rather strict.

Shilah itched her neck.

“O…. Okay” she went closer and got hold of the saddle pad.

Recalling what the King had said, she brushed it down it’s hairy neck before placing it on the middle of it’s shoulder.

Thank goodness she was literate enough to know a horse’s shoulder.

“Good” The King murmured when she was done and she stepped away.

“And now, to the next” he picked up the saddle blanket from the floor.

“You place the saddle behind the shoulder blade. Come on”.

Uh-uh. Again?

Shilah went closer and collected the saddle blanket from him. Hold on, he just said shoulder blade.

“Uhm… Sorry, Alpha King, but where’s the saddle blade?” The innocence on her face when she asked the question got the King staring.

He was nearly tempted to smile, but didn’t anyway.

“Here it is. It’s also known as the scapula” he pointed out the position to her and Shilah nodded and placed the blanket right behind it.

“Thank you, Alpha King” she bowed.

King Dakota simply nodded and went on.

“Next, you connect your girth to your saddle belt so you don’t fall off while trying to climb” he took up the girth from the floor and crouched next to the horse’s feet.

“I’ll just do this myself. So, you watch carefully” he told her as he connected the girth to the belt and Shilah could recognize the girth to be the place where the feet is being placed.

“With this achieved, the next thing you do is,” he paused and took the bridle.

“Bridling” he connected it to the horse’s head.

“This gives you control of the reins. Watch carefully, Shilah”.

Shilah doubled attention as she watched how the King fixed the bridle. It looked a little difficult.

“And now’ he stepped back to peruse.

“Your horse is ready for you”.

Shilah nodded agreeably.

“It looks so beautiful” she commented with a smile.

King Dakota went closer again and touched it’s hairy neck.

“The next step is mounting your horse. Watch carefully, Shilah. First, you need to place your feet on the girth”

Shilah watched intently as the King set his leg, and touching the reins carefully, he climbed on.

“You need to be as he gentle as possible ’cause if you roughly climb on a horse you’re not familiar with, you might end up getting kicked off”.

“Okay” Shilah nodded eagerly.

“After settling on it”, he continued.

“Next thing to do is hold the reins carefully with both hands and this way”

Shilah watched the position of the King’s hands on the reins.

“Come on, get on” he c*oc*ked his head to the side.

“Uhm….Okay”. Shilah swallowed hard and using his aid, she climbed onto the horse, sitting in front of him.

Oh, goodness!

This was her second time sharing a horse with the King, but this felt different… The King’s cold hand was touching her waist as he made to hold the reins.

“To move the horse, you pull the reins gently” he spoke calmly, and due to how close he was, Shilah could feel his cold breath on her neck.

It sent shivers down her spine. And her breath hitched when the horse took a step and started moving.

Wow. They were finally moving.

“T…. Thank you, Alpha King” she said shyly, enjoying the ride in front of him.

It had been a great cla*s*s.

Dakota said nothing as he controlled the horse that walked steadily and they attracted a lot of attention when they got out of the field.

Oh! Shilah felt shy, so so shy.

And when they approached the gate, she became confused.

“My… My King, are we riding out?” She asked, tilting her head a little.

And calmly, the King replied, “Yes, Now, we’re riding out”.

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