Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 85

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 85

Shilah couldn’t believe her eyes as she stared blankly at the King.

What?? A date? She scoffed and shook her head. That wasn’t what she meant!

“B….But, My King” she took a step closer. “I didn’t mean it that way. I just…. I meant it was something you should do alone….”

“Well, I chose not to be alone, Shilah” King Dakota turned some water from the jar and drank from it.

“Don’t worry about it. You can …see it as an invite from me. By evening, you get ready. We’ll ride out to a cave outside the palace and that’s where we get to change to commoners. After which, we proceed to the village. I trust that’ll be fine…”

As the King spoke, all Shilah could think about was going out with him. She still couldn’t believe it! She was going out on a date with him??

Blessed Spirits! How possible??? She’d really be going on a date with the Alpha King?? She never imagined this!

“Thank you so much, My King” she bowed, when he was done talking.

“I’m… I’m really grateful. Thank you so much”. Dakota bopped his head as he took in a potato slice.

“Don’t be late” he added and Shilah nodded with a smile before turning towards the door.

“Shilah” she suddenly heard him call, just when she was about opening the door.

And turning to look at him, she found him wiping his lips with the napkin. “Thank you for being selfless”.

Her heart skipped heavily when he said those words. Oh, the flattery…. Her cheeks flushed with embarra*s*sment at the King’s flutters. Indeed.

“T… Thank you too, My King” she bowed, opened the door and finally left.


Shilah was hardly herself the whole day as the idea of going out with the King kept playing in her head.

How was she even going to cope? Walking side by side with the King, eating, drinking…. Goodness! She never thought of this.

She had told Dyani about it and Dyani acted both happy and surprised. She told Shilah that would be the first time the King would be going out with one of his wives – not to a meeting, but on a date. It had never happened!

It made Shilah more nervous as she sincerely hoped his other wives wouldn’t get mad and think negatively of her. Oh! She really wouldn’t want any problems.

“B… But, you’re not angry, right?” She asked Dyani as they sat together in the room.

“Oh, Shilah” Dyani chuckled.

“I’ve told you this before: I don’t have a problem with the King, as long as he shelters me and my child. Although…. I only wanted wished he paid more attention to my daughter, although I understand he needed a male child and not a third daughter”

She sighed and held Shilah’s hand, making Shilah see the reflection of pain in her eyes.

“From the depth of my heart, I wish when you get pregnant for the King, you’ll carry a son”, her words made Shilah shiver.


She gasped lightly.

Oh, mercies! She’d never thought of getting pregnant!

But, thinking about it. she’s been having unprotected sèx for weeks now, with the King. Could it be possible…?

Her eyes drooped. She’s never thought of this! What if she really gets pregnant???

Oh, no…. She’d have a child of her own, and not just any child, but the King’s as well! She’d become a mother!

Her hand was tempted to touch her tummy, but couldn’t since Dyani was holding them. What if she really gets pregnant?

Oh! Dear Spirits, she sincerely hoped it would be a boy. But, was she ready to become a mother? Have a child and responsibility… someone that would look up to her?

Dyani noticed how deep in thoughts she was and guessed it had to do with her last statement.

“You’ll be fine, Shilah” she a*s*sured her with a soft touch on her palm.


In the Vampires Community ✍️

Lord Ryder’s clutch🌜


Lord Ryder could be seen, pacing about angrily in the room

Three of his trusted followers were standing in front of him and made sure they were quiet enough not to say anything upsetting, especially in his angry state.

His hands were fisted against each other, angry and frustrated.

“Why wasn’t it strong enough?” He grumbled, his canine teeth had grown into fangs and looked deadly.

“Why wasn’t it strong enough to cause a war with the witches?” One of the men in front of him – Lucan – glanced at the others.

“It’s still of great shock to me, My Lord” he said, eyes to the floor.

“The King Dakota we all know, would’ve definitely started a war with the witches after we made it seem like they attacked one of his own. And to think he actually rode to their palace without touching them….it just doesn’t make any sense”. It created more anger in Lord Ryder’s heart as his pacing footsteps increased.

“It really makes no sense!” He gritted.

“He should’ve started a war with them – did what I wanted!”

He paused to exhale deeply. To think he had actually gone through a lot in getting the witches’ blood, made the the poison and plotted an attack against one of Dakota’s wives, it was so frustrating to know he didn’t get what he wanted!

He wanted a war! Wanted to cause a misunderstanding so the two parties can go into a war. And while the disaster would be going on, him, Ryder, would find a way to take the King’s place.

“Urgh!” He grunted and kicked the table in front of him, making it crash to the floor. It had been such a perfect plan! So perfect!

“We’ll strike again” he finally said, looking at the faces of his men

“We’ll get more blood from the witch, make another poison and strike again. Let’s see how the Alpha King would let it slide this time around”.


Lady Cami flinched as she listened from the door, her heart beating heavily.

Wait, Lord Ryder was the one responsible for the attack on King Dakota’s wife??? He was trying to create a war between them and the witches?

Goodness! She couldn’t believe this!




“Come on, Shilah, you can do it” Dyani crooned.

“It’s just for one evening and besides, it’s an invite. The King is also human, you know?”

“I know…but” she paused and sighed, staring into the mirror.

“I just feel nervous. I’ll be alone with the King!”

“Didn’t you tell me he wouldn’t be going as the King, but as a peasant?” Dyani got Shilah tongue-tied.

“So, you see? You just need to stop over reacting, lady and go meet the King before he gets upset. He sent for you about an hour ago!” Dyani queried and Shilah tried taking deep breaths to calm herself.

Okay, fine. He’s doing as a peasant, not the King. Yes, a peasant.

“Okay, Okay! I’ll go” She breathed heavily.

“I’ll just go”.

She left the mirror and lifted her bag from the bed – the bag that contained the causal dress they were to change into.

“Goodluck” Dyani hugged her, beaming with all smiles.

“Yes. I actually need all the luck” Shilah chuckled and finally left the room.



“I’m telling you, Pishan, there’s no need for that” King Dakota gruffed as he walked away from the window.

He’s been having this argument for half an hour already and it was beginning to affect his head.

“Please, don’t say that, My King” Pishan said respectfully.

“I perfectly understand that you’re going on a date, but leaving you all by yourself?” he paused and scoffed.

“It’s completely impossible”.

“It’s not impossible. I can take care of myself, Pishan. I can defend myself and you know it”. Dakota leaned on the table.

“No doubt, you can, My King. But I still can’t watch you go out alone – never. First, you have to dress like a peasant which sounds really comic to me, and now, you don’t want any form of protection. You really think I’d let you go out to the village alone? Oh! please, My King. Let’s just save the argument and let me do this”. Pishan said and King Dakota turned to look at his only friend and Gamma.

“Okay, How about… we follow from a distance?” Pishan rose his hands like he was surrendering.

“I’ll make sure, I and the rest of the guards will be far away and also dressed causally. I bet you, no one will notice”.


“Please, the plan is so perfect!” The gamma grunted.

“Let’s just do it this way. Please…”

Dakota stared blankly at him and just then, a knock was heard on the door. “Who’s it?”

“My King… Queen Shilah’s waiting with the horses already” came the warm reply and Dakota returned his gaze to Pishan.

“Fine. But, you must make sure you’re a thousand meters away from me. If I see you or the guards get close in a way I don’t like….”

“We’ll be as far as the Sun is from the earth. It’s a deal” Pishan inclined his head in agreement and the King had to concede.

“Where’s the bag?” He asked.

“Oh! Right here” Pishan pointed out.

It was the bag containing the causal clothes he was to change into. Really… he didn’t like the idea. But,to think the King was going on a date for the first time… it was something worth accepting.

King Dakota started towards the door, and Pishan picked up the bag and followed him.


Shilah was so nervous as she watched the King walking towards her direction. She lowered her head and tried not to stare at him.

“Greetings, Queen” Pishan bowed when he got close enough.

“Uhm… Greetings to you too. Greetings, My King” she turned to Dakota.

“And you too, Shilah. Are you set?” The King asked and watched Shilah bob her head.

Two more guards were there with them.

“I guess you’ll have to ride with me again” Pishan smiled as he walked towards his horse.

“No. She rides with me”. The King suddenly said, getting everyone shocked.




Chaska was standing in front of the her window and watched as the King rode out of the Palace with… Shilah sitting on the same horse with him??!


She panicked, eyes dilating.

“Gina!!!” She yelled the name and her maid came running into the room immediately.

“My Queen…!”

“Where the hell is the King going with Shilah at this time of the evening??!” She demanded, her eyes so bright like sunlight.

And Gina, on the other hand, was shocked when she found the King towards the gate with Shilah sitting in front of him it wasn’t just him,but Pishan and two other guards were following them behind.

It would be dark in a short time from now, where could they be going?

“I….I have no idea, My Queen” Gina answered fearfully

Tears-streaked Chaska’s cheeks immediately as she watched the disheartening sight. The King was now sharing a horse with her?

“No!!” She yelled both tearfully and angrily and fell on the bed.

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