Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 36

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 36

King Dakota stared at Shilah with surprise in his eyes. She shot the arrow?

Queen Chaska was also looking around, not wanting to believe the arrow really did came from Shilah.

“Shilah?” Queen Dyani muttered, looking really surprised.

Of all people, they never expected it to be Shilah.

Queen Nosheba was still on the floor, and instantly, one of the guards rushed to her and helped her up, while she wore a crumpled look on.

“You k*lled the deer?” King Dakota asked, taking some steps closer to Shilah.

Chaska couldn’t believe her ears as she stood, gobsmacked and watched.

“Did you?” Dakota asked again, still going closer to her.

“Y….Yes, My King x Shilah stuttered.

She also couldn’t believe herself. How was she able to k*ll it? The only thing she could remember…. was being scared after seeing the Queen attacked by the deer. Perhaps, the arrow had left the bow while she was shaken?

Oh! She had no idea.

King Dakota got to where she was and stood in front of her; eyes so dark and staring coldy at her.

Shilah glanced at him before quickly lowering her gaze to the floor. But, that little time she had glanced at his face, she could notice the stunned look in it.

Silence descended as all eyes were now on Shilah who was just staring at the floor. Dakota had a puzzled look on. This lady…. there was something about her. Definitely something about her.

“That makes you the winner” he finally said, his gaze not leaving her face.

“And for the reward, you’ll be accompanying me to my meeting tomorrow”.

And with that’, he walked away, headed back to his horse.

Chaska wanted to believe she was just dreaming and the drama in front of her wasn’t real at all. No; it can’t be.

“Shilah!” Dyani called excitedly and ran to her.

“You did it!! Oh, my; I’m so proud of you! You’ll be accompanying the King to the general meeting”

Shilah was more than stunned; she couldn’t believe it either.

While Chaska stood there, burning with rage, Nosheba walked up to her and gripped her wrist, making her turn to look at her.

“For what you did today”, she gritted. “I’ll make you pay, Chaska. I’ll make pay you dearly”.

Chaska fumed and Nosheba released her grip instantly, glared at her and walked away.

“B!tches!” Chaska hissed and also walked away, sounding so hateful.

“And I think you just gained some more enemies” Dyani chuckled to Shilah.

“How did you do it, Shilah?”

“I…. I don’t know. I just…. pulled the arrow” Shilah answered dazily, and Dyani gave her a side hug.

“Come on, now; let’s get going”.

And they both left, going for their horses.


“Argh!!” Chaska grunted as she marched into her room, throwing her bow angrily, it crashed a plate to the floor.

Gina came running in immediately.

“My Queen….”

“Shut up, Gina!! I need silence!!” Chaska snarled, and Gina’s lips sealed shut immediately.

She knows better than to offend the Queen when she was already angry.

Chaska paced tho and fro with her hands on her waist. She was looking so angry, breathed anger.


How dare she???? How dare she k*ll the deer and act hero?? How dare she???

She exhaled deeply.

*You’ll be accompanying me to the general meeting*. She recalled the King’s words.

“No!!!!!!” She roared out, kicking the table.

Why her??? Why her of all people??? No!!!!!!

She brushed her fingers into her finely packed hair and ruffled it. She knee how important that meeting was. It was a meeting for royalties; leaders of every pack and vampire clutch. She should be the one going with the King, and not that witch!! Not Shilah!!!

She plonked herself on the bed and buried her face in her palms .

That lady was going to be a threat. Less than a week, and she was already accompanying the King to meetings! Hell no!!!!

She breathed heavily in her palms.

“Get me a drink, Gina” she grunted, and Gina ran out of the room at once.


Shilah had gone to Dyani’s room where they both stayed and ordered some meals.

“Is your father also an Alpha?” Shilah suddenly asked while they are.

“Oh, not at all” Dyani replied.

“But, My father is very close to the King. King Dakota…he had seen me on one of his visits to our Alpha and decided to make his third wife” she paused and chuckled.

“I guess the King desperately wants someone to give him a male child”.

Shilah bent her head in silence; she felt really bad for the King. Silence stepped in for a while as the two ladies just sat and ate.

“Tell me about yourself, Shilah” Dyani suddenly said, trying to bring up some more conversations….


King Dakota walked out of the bathroom with his loosed robe around him. He dried up the water and took something nice from his closet to wear. Dressing himself up has never been an easy thing for him, but he wouldn’t have some pack members stare at his nature body all in the name of dressing up. And neither of his wives has been able to do the job either. Maybe because he hasn’t given any of them a chance yet.

After dressing up, he brushed his hair and put on his jewelries, then walked over to his table to sit.


He felt so hungry, but his appet*ite was nothing. He knew his throat wouldn’t open up to take in anything he tries eating.

He sighed wistfully and reached for a book, but as he tried reading, he noticed he was distracted.

Oh, no…

A name suddenly flashed into his head:


He could remember having appet*ite the first time he got intimate with her. Could it be possible….Or was it just a coincidence?

Or, what if he actually does it again and see if the same thing would happen? Hm. He placed his hand on his jaw and went into deep thoughts.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and he could tell it was Pishan.

“Enter” he answered with a sigh, returning his gaze to his book.

And the door opened instantly with Pishan walking in.

His hands were fisted beside him as he walked towards the King’s table, looking like he was ready for a fight or something.

“Greetings, My King” he lowered his head.

“How was the hunt?”

“It was fine, Pishan” Dakota answered simply, flipping onto the next page of his book.

“That’s good to hear. Did you get a winner?” He asked and Dakota nodded.

“It was Shilah” he added.

Pishan let out a scoff.

“Shilah? You mean…. the new wife?”

And Dakota nodded.

“Woah…” Pishan scoffed again and blinked twice.

He had no idea Shilah could k*ll a c*oc*kroach.

“That’s um…. That’s awesome. So… she’d be the one accompanying you to the meeting tomorrow?”

“Obviously” came Dakota’s reply and Pishan nodded.

“Well… I’m glad you enjoyed it. Um…. My King” Pishan paused and cleared his throat a bit.

“While you were away, I met with Raksha and tried talking to him about the tasks you had a*s*signed us to, but he actually declined”.

Dakota’s eyes rose from his book immediately, looking up at Pishan.

“What’re you talking about? What do you mean he declined?” He asked sternly.

“Well, it looks to me like he’s angry over something. But, the bottom line is; he told me to go do the tasks myself. And was like…. I’ve always been the one handling such”. Pishan explained, getting Dakota really surprised.

Raksha said that?

“Was he aware the order came from me?” He asked.

“Of course; I made it crystal clear” Pishan shrugged and Dakota went mute for a few seconds.

“It’s fine” he finally mumbled, returning his gaze to the book.

“I’ll see him later, and talk to him”.

“As you wish, My King. I beg to take my leave now” Pishan bowed and started towards the door.

“Pishan!” Dakota suddenly called and he turned to look at him.

“Get me Shilah”.

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