Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 22

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 22

Shilah was surprised and confused as Queen Chaska walked in,her maid behind her. What does she want? What was she possibly doing there?

Queen Chaska had a scrawl on her face as she walked in, her shoulders high and hold a stance of royalty; her mischievous eyes staring.

“Greetings, My Queen” the maid behind Shilah greeted, but Queen Chaska didn’t even reply.

“Are you insane?” Chaskae suddenly rasped, her eyes glaring at Shilah.

“Or you actually have no idea you’re meant to greet your elders?”


Shilah lowered her gaze to the floor immediately.

“Um…. Good morning, My Queen” she greeted timidly with a bow

The fact that this cruel woman was actually going to be her co-wife from now on was actually driving her insane. She didn’t want any troubles.

“Hmmm” Chaska sighed and took some steps into the room, her eyes surveying.

“Nice room” she muttered, but Shilah didn’t bother turning to look at her.

“Bet you’ve never had to see such luxurious room before”.

What? Was that meant to be an insult or something else? Shilah wondered.

Well, she didn’t have any plans of talking back at her.

“So, I see you’re the new Queen” she swiftly turner around to look at Shilah.

“Are you deaf? Or d*um*b?” She asked with a scoff when Shilah said nothing.


“Y….Yes, you’re right. I’m the new Queen”. Shilah answered with a hard gulp. If only she could just leave….

“Hmph” Chaska chuckled like it was so ridiculous and took some steps to go stand in front of her.

“Well…” She began.

“Just incase you’re d*um*b enough not to know yet, I am Queen Chaska – first wife of the King and, the most senior Queen. And to be plain with you, I don’t like you. Yes, I hate the fact you’re here and wish I could just do something to send you away. So,a little piece of advise, try as much as possible to stay away from me and ANYTHING that concerns me. Have I made myself clear?”

Shilah was stunned. How could she be so pain with her words? What was she doing wrong?

“I said, HAVE I MADE MYSELF CLEAR?” Chaska asked more sternly and Shilah swallowed hard before nodding.

“You don’t just nod for me; say Something!!” She yelled.

She looked so angry and bittered.

“Yes… My Queen” Shilah said.

Chaska glared at her like she wanted to eat her up; she wanted to just chew her into pieces.

Urgh!!! The King was meant to be hers and hers alone! He shouldn’t be having all these irritating wives around.

“Good for you” she finally mumbled and started towards the door, but suddenly stopped and looked at her again; this time around, with a puzzled look.

“Why can’t I smell any wolf powers from you?” She asked, and Shilah felt her heart skip heavily.

Oh, no….

“Are you really a mountain lion?”

“Y…Yes” Shilah muttered fearfully.

She was scared she might get intimated if they get to know she was powerless.

Chaska sniffed at her, then turned around and finally left.

What the hell was that???

Shilah lifted her eyes to look at her as she left, whacking the door closed. What sort of att*itude was that???

“Oh, Selene!” The maid behind her suddenly gasped and ran up to the front.

“Queen Chaska is always impossible. Thank goodness she didn’t more than yelling at you”.

“Is she…. always this way.” Shilah looked at her and asked.

‘”definitely – especially to the King’s wives. Queen Chaska hates compet*ition”. The maid replied, and dolefully, Shilah plonked herself on the bed.

“But I don’t want to be here” she muttered sadly.

“I don’t want to be in any compet*ition; I did want any of this”.

The maid decided to pretend like she didn’t hear a thing.

“Um…. My Queen, we need to leave for the dining now” she said and It took Shilah sometime before she was able to leave the bed.


Queen Chaska liked the fact that she had been able to spill a part of her mind to that filthy lady. She must be joking if she ever thinks she was going to dominate here. If she could handle Nosheba and Dyani and put them in their place, then who the heck was she?

The King was hers and hers alone, and from now on, she was going to work harder to get him all to herself. Thank goodness Nosheba was out of the way for now. At least, she’d have less person to think of.

She walked towards the dining and was already at the entrance when she heard an unexpected voice:

“Hello, Chaska”.

That voice….

She snappily turned to have a look and was surprised to see it was Queen Nosheba.

What??? She was out of bed already???

Nosheba smiled when she noticed the astonished look on Chaska’s face. She was putting on a long pretty gown, her hair was perfectly brushed and packed, and she had a light make up on, looking so beautiful.

“Surprised to see me?” Nosheba asked calmly, walking towards her.

Her personal maid was behind her as well.

“Guess you should get a grip of yourself”.

Yes, Chaska was damn surprised, she couldn’t even hide it from her expression.

“And why should I be surprised?” She finally found her tongue.

“I’ve been seeing you for the past 3 years, Nosheba. It’s nothing new”.

“Well, take a very good look at this face. Because now, I’m here to dominate”. Nosheba said with a smile, it nearly triggered Chaska off.

When Chaska said nothing, Nosheba took that as a clue and walked p@ssher, towards the entrance.

“How’s your daughter, Nosheba?” Chaska suddenly asked, making her halt.

Normally, the sarcastic question was meant to get Nosheba upset, but when she turned to look at Chaska, she has a huge smile on her face.

“My beautiful daughter is doing really great” she said. “And how is yours? Last I can remember, you also have two – two daughters,just like me. So, don’t ever make the mistake of thinking you’re above me, Chaska. Because, as of now, we’re just the same. And in a very short time from now, I’ll be above you”.

“You must be so d*um*b to being your dreams to reality. You need to wake up, Nosheba”.

“Really?” Nosheba laughed hard.

“You think I’m dreaming? Well, Why don’t you just wait and see? Wait till I become the King’s Luna and make you wash my feet”.

She added a smirk and finally walked away, entering into the dining room, while Chaska stood there for some seconds, boiling with anger.



Shilah walked nervously with the maid in front of her, leading the way to the dining. She felt so anxious, thinking of the fact the she was going to be having breakfast with the Royal family. It wasn’t something she’d expected anytime soon.

“This is it, My Queen” the maid stopped when they’d gotten for the entrance.

And Shilah, having a look, felt more nervous as she saw the three Queens seated there already.

The dining table was so long with chairs arranged on each side and one at the head, and another at the end. That should definitely be for the King.

“You should go in” the maid added, but Shilah didn’t move an inch.

“Are…. Are you sure?” She stuttered.

“They are so….”

“You’ don’t need to be afraid, My Queen. It’s fine” the maid encouraged her, and taking a deep breath, she walked p@ssthe entrance.

She slackened her steps as she walked in, her head bowed and her hands holding the sides of her dress.

Queen Chaska, Nosheba and Dyani who were already there, turned to look at her as she walked in, anger building up in them. Except for Dyani, tho.

a*s*sisted meals were there on the long table, they made Shilah’s throat water as she got closer. Maids were all over as well, dishing out the meals into smaller plates for the queens.

Shilah, finally getting there, took a seat.

“Um…. Good morning, My Queen” she looked at Nosheba and greeted, but Nosheba said nothing as she only rolled her eyes and stared away.

No doubt, she was also irritated by her presence.

Shilah decided not to let it affect her.

She turned and looked at the third Queen.

“Good morning, My Queen”..

“Greetings to you too” Dyani replied with a warm smile.

Hm. That seemed nicer.

Shilah concluded there was no need greeting Queen Chaska since she had already done so in the room.

She took her gaze to the maids who are serving the meal and wondered when they would be done. .

“I guess this is going to be the worst breakfast of my life” Queen Nosheba suddenly said, reference to no one in particular.

“Can’t believe I’ll be having breakfast with a commoner”.

Hold on; What??? Shilah was shocked. Was this the amount of humiliation she was going to be receiving in the palace?

Just then, two people walked in. A woman and a young man.

Hold on; she sure knows this woman! She’s King Dakota’s step mother, and the man with her was her son – Prince Raksha.

Shilah watched as the woman walked with so much elegance, admiring her royal stance. She was so beautiful, and looked elegant.

Oh! Of course, she’s read so much about Queen Jadis – the Powerful fearless Queen from the Pentucky Pack. During her time, she was a harsh and tricky Queen, and troubled Dakota’s mother a lot. Well, Dakota’s mother was also a tigress and was never the type to be bullied. She gave Queen Jadis just what she deserved.

Shilah has read a lot about them and couldn’t believe she was finally meeting with the Almighty Queen Jadis – face to face. You wouldn’t blame her; she was a lover of history and nature and loved reading books a lot.

She couldn’t even tell how she was able to know how to read and write, since she had grown up in a less privileged family. It was still a mystery to her.

“Greetings, Queen Jadis” They all greeted simultaneously, aside Shilah who had no idea she was meant to greet at that time.

“Greetings, Queen Jadis” she also said, stuttering a little.

“Greetings to you all” Queen Jadis replied casually, taking her seat, while her son, Raksha, sat beside her.

He was a tall handsome man, Shilah noted.

The maids were already done dishing the meals and served it to each of them, respectively.

“Will the King not be joining us for breakfast today?” Queen Jadis asked, staring at his empty seat.

“You know how his appet*ite is. It’s possible he doesn’t want to eat now” Queen Chaska replied, but just then, they heard footsteps and turned to see King Dakota walking in.

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