Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 225

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 225 The Senior Wife

It had taken Shilah three more days to ride to the Wind Walker Mountain and the moment the hooves of her horse stepped in, she closed her eyes for a refreshing breath.

She passed the guards at the border who seemed extremely excited to see her, having heard her story.

Shilah smiled at the breeze hitting her cheeks. How much she’s missed it – missed everything about the Wind Walker Mountain. Her first home and the very place that pushed her to who she had become.

She rode p@ssthe markets, p@ssthe rivers, the woods, all on a purposeful act to recount memories, especially the ones she shared with the King. Of course, there was nothing good before her life with the King. Growing up in a family that made her see through nothing but pain…The King was the only reason she had a meaningful life in the first place.

The market reminded her of the first night she had gone out with the King. Oh! She’ll never forget!

The joy in her heart, being next to the King who had wanted to disguise as a peasant. She was tempted to laugh when she recalled how the people had easily found him out. It had been so funny to think someone as mighty as the Alpha King could go into the marketplace, disguised.

She recalled all the fun times, games and meals they had tried out. That had been the start of her meaningful life – the time she began experiencing what it meant to be loved.

passing through the rivers, she recalled all the times they had played and swam in it – especially when she was pregnant. And the woods, they flashed back the memories of their hunting mornings…

It had been such a pleasant time – her wonderful home. And now, she couldn’t help but ask herself, “Can she ever regain that home again?”

The black hood from her cloak was over her hair the whole time and coupled with her new dark-ly mood, the people she came across couldn’t recognize her. All they could see was a lady on a black horse, dressed in black. None would’ve thought it was their Queen, Shilah. Or…was she still their Queen?

At some moments, Shilah got herself thinking as well – what would become her fate with the Alpha King since she was partly a witch and witches were not to have any dealings with the Vamps or Wolves.


She finally arrived the palace, her eyes beaming as they scoured round. The people at the Palace couldn’t get their eyes off her as some of them from the theater could recognize the black horse she had on. Shilah was barely noticing them as her entire attention was swept away by memories from the Palace. Her sweet home – the first place that made her.

Climbing down from her horse, she took off her hood and that was when it became clear to the people. It was their Queen!

Majority of them gaped, some wanted to go to her but were restricted by her unfriendly appearance. Shilah paid attention to none of them as she proceeded to enter the main door.


King Dakota was writing out letters to Alphas and VampLords when Pishan bursted in and informed him of Shilah’s presence.

“She is here?” The King’s eyes couldn’t hide his excitement.

“Yes, My King. I just spotted her riding in” Pishan replied and without reluctance, Dakota rested his feather and stood up.

At last…

The guards at the door were a little foxed with Shilah’s show-up. They knew it was necessary to question her since she had been ‘missing’ for months and moreover, the rumours about her being a witch. They knew they needed to question her presence there, but somehow, staring at her dark eyes and dauntless steps, they restrained themselves.

Shilah, on the other hand, ambled p@ssthem and began the walk down the hallway. That was the same hallway she had been walked in when she was newly brought in as the ‘King’s Wife’, and the same hallway she had left.

Taking relaxed steps down it, a small smile touched her lips as she recalled how beautiful it had been living there. Except for the times she was being troubled by her senior wives – the set ups, poisons, intimidations…and her son. Except for those times, her stay at the Palace had been her best.

She kept touching the lamppost and candle sticks bedside the hallway, the few maids she came across bowed in reverence but didn’t get a respond from her as she seemed lost in thoughts – lost in her memories.

Chaska didn’t know what was coming. She had no idea Shilah had arrived and was on her way to her room with her daughter’s medications when she ran into Shilah.

For a minute, she froze as she tried getting a grip of herself to be sure her eyes were not being deceived. The lady in front of her, dressed in a black cloak, black boots and walking with relaxed steps while admiring the burnt out candles, was that Shilah? It looked just like her, but Chaska wanted to swear she wasn’t.

Although, she’d heard the rumours of how greatly Shilah changed and all, she just never expected it to be that drastic. How did it happen?

Shilah, on the other hand, had spotted Chaska and noticed how her steps slackened on seeing her. She left the candles she had been admiring and focused her gaze on the “senior wife” coming before her. A grin smile crept into Shilah’s lips.

For the first time, Chaska was speechless seeing Shilah. Although, she had been so angry with her for all she lost and had promised to get back at her, but seeing her there, looking like a villain, she couldn’t even find her tongue.

She walked on the left lane, while Shilah walked on the right. And in her heart, she quietly prayed to get p@ssher. They got to the same line with Chaska’s eyes staring at the floor, and just when she walked p@ssher, the voice interrupted:

“Shouldn’t you be happy to see me?” It was Shilah’s voice.

Chaska could tell…her voice sounded so different and more deadly. How did this naive lady change so much?

She stopped walking but didn’t turn to look at Shilah. Though,she could feel her eyes on her back.

“Or you actually don’t recognize me?” Shilah added.

She took her gentle steps forward and stood in front of Chaska – the Queen she had always been so scared of.

Her cold eyes scrutinized her. Indeed, a lot had changed about her. The spark and glow was absent and so were her charms. What has been happening to her?

Chaska gathered up the courage to look at her, but could say nothing.

“I guess the last two months must have been the happiest months of your life… since you’ve always wanted me away”, Shilah uttered lowly, staring directly at her eyes.

“I think I deserve some respect from you, Chaska. Or haven’t you heard? I am a mixed blood. Someone like you shouldn’t even be standing in my presence”.

Now, that was the part Chaska couldn’t tolerate.

“I am not standing in your way, Shilah. You are”, she blurted out. But, even as she spoke, there was no spark in her voice like there normally were.

Shilah’s eyes glinted, but a cranky smile concealed it.

“Kneel before me, Chaska”, she suddenly said, her words being more like an arrow to the head of Chaska.


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