Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 224

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 224 Headed For The King’s Palace

Shilah halted her horse in the neartly-kept compound and climbed down from it. The hem of her long cloak touching the ground, she walked into the comfy home and found Bastet on a chair, picking some leaves.

“Shilah!” The woman’s eyes beamed on seeing the fierce lady she had successfully groomed.

“Bastet!” Shilah went on one knee, took her palm and kissed it.

“Bless you, dear”, The woman said with delight. “I’m so glad you are back. How was it? I had gone to the market earlier today and your name was on the lips of everyone. The news spread so fast”.

“It should”, an unexpected voice was suddenly heard and turning to the direction, they found Jael by the door of her bedroom. She had a small smile on her face.

“What Shilah did at the theater has never been heard of in history”, she took closer steps. “Obviously, it will make name”.

Shilah was already on her feet and stared at the lady as she walked towards them.

“How are you doing, Jael?” She asked calmly.

“I’ve been fine. And you?”

“I’m great”

Shilah turned back to Bastet. She could see the happiness in the woman’s eyes that her daughter had finally become the social type. Over the months, Shilah had been able to crawl Jael out of her isolated shelf and although, it hadn’t really been much, it was better, compared to her old self. Recently, she engaged in conversations, a*s*sisted Bastet and even helped to the market on several occasions. It wasn’t much, but it meant the world to Bastet.

“I’m afraid I have to leave now, Bastet” she said to the old woman. “I have an appointment”.

“But, why?” The woman arched her brows. “You’ve had a stressful week, Shilah. You should rest. I actually made your favorite soup”.

“Worry not, I’ll eat before leaving. But I cannot stay for long”.

Bastet couldn’t deny the new hardness in Shilah. Unfortunately, the training had stolen the tenderness in her and left an inflexible woman. In some way, it was better

“Where are you going? Is it time for your next mission?” She asked.

“Not yet. I need to meet up with the King before proceeding”, making that statement, Shilah effortlessly noticed how Jael’s eyelids drooped.

“Oh! The King!” Bastet chuckled excitedly. “I knew you two would work something out after the fight. Tell me, how did it go? What did he say to you?”

Shilah was reluctant for a few seconds before shrugging her shoulders.

“Nothing much. Just said he had been worried and wanted us to talk properly. Actually…”, she folded her hands. “I wonder if he’s disgusted by me”.

“Oh! Don’t say that, Shilah!” Bastet shushed. “He wouldn’t invite you over if he was disgusted. Somehow, I feel he must be proud of you”.

Shilah turned away and ambled to the window. Bastet could sense she wasn’t satiated. Obviously, she still loved the King and was scared ‘the new her’ would chase him away.

“So, from there, what’s your next plan?” She asked, wanting to get rid of her mood.

Shilah maintained facing the window as she enjoyed the soft air on her cheeks.

“I need companions, a*s*sistants”, she answered icily.

“Okay. You’ll be asking the King for guards?” Bastet asked, but got a scoff from Shilah.

“I do not want men hovering around me. I need women, witches”.

“Witches?!” Jael snapped her head. “You are wanted by every witch, Shilah. How do you intend getting them on your side?”

“By going to the Palace and asking for them to my team” Shilah replied mysteriously. This made Jael glance at her mother.

“You … want to go into the Palace that placed a bounty on your head? I’m sure Kylie will be delighted to burn you on sight. And if you do manage to survive that, the rest of the sisters would surely be glad to help”.

With a grin smile, Shilah turned to look at her. “I am not d*um*b, Jael. You should know I have a plan.”

Her voice was filled with so much venom as she spoke. She turned back to the window.

“I shall go into the Witches Palace and get my new companions. It’s high time I handled the failed misconception of the witches”.

And while Jael looked confused, Bastet let out smile, for she knew what she meant.


Shilah had eaten like she promised and began packing up her things afterward. Jael stood at the doorway, her hands crossed below her chest as she watched Shilah fixing her mini-bag.

The duo were silent, Shilah actually not minding Jael or wanting to know why she was there.

“Will you be back?” Jael finally asked, figuring she needed to say something else, the Shilah she knew would finish with her bag and leave.

She liked how brave Shilah had become but didn’t like the fact that she had become a great snub.

“I’m just taking a little bag, Jael, for a change of clothes along the way”, she answered without a stare as she focused on the bag.

“A change of clothes?”, Jael wanted to scoff. The only clothes she had in there were long black cloaks. Recently, they had become Shilah’s favourites. Although, she couldn’t tell why. Perhaps, she just wanted to keep up with the dark mood.

“But, you’ll be gone for long. Right? You’ll be spending some time with the Alpha King before proceeding to the…”

“Are you missing me already?” Shilah looked at her, her eyes hinting a smile that never came out. It made Jael lower her head and chuckle.

“Dear lady”, Shilah turned back to the bag. “You know you can come with me if you want. I’d really love that”.

“I wish I could”, she murmured.

Shilah paused to look at her again, this time with pained eyes. She couldn’t help but wonder what the lady’s ordeal with the King was that made her fear him so much. Yes, fear. Not hate.

Weeks ago, she had tried learning the truth from her. She could remember vividly.

They had been walking down the path when she struck the conversation, narrating how good the King was and how he could easily be misunderstood by people. She tried making Jael understand the King wasn’t as cruel as she thought and whatever he might have done to her in the past should be forgiven. That was the moment Jael opened up and in her words:

“I don’t hate the King, I just fear him”.

Shilah couldn’t let go of those words as they held a powerful meaning. It was obvious she had offended the King and was afraid she’d get punished if she was to come in contact with him. The magnitude of the offense was a thing Shilah had no idea of, but badly, she wanted them to reconcile. And she was going to do everything in her power to make it happen. Perhaps, when she’s done with the Witches’ mission, she’d work on bringing them together. For sure, Jael would never willingly go with her, so she’ll need to find a way around it. Maybe, surprising her with the King’s visit.

“I’ll fix this, Jael”, she mumbled as she turned back to her bag and rounded up the packing.

Done, she flung it over her back, ready to go and Jael saw her out of the room.

“Take care for now. And make sure you a*s*sist your mother as much as you can”, Shilah spoke just like an elder sister as she strolled to her horse.

Getting there, she turned and pulled the beautiful lady into a hug – a hug Jael appreciated a lot.

“Thank you, Shilah, for everything” She whispered in the hug and they seperated.

For the next few seconds, there was silence with just the two ladies staring at each other.

“I’ll leave now. Bye”, Shilah stated snappily and turning to her horse, she got on and rode off.

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