Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 208

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene 

Chapter 208 Three Lessons

She found herself in an entirely different place – one that looked so cloudy and made her feel she was in the sky.

She became a little scared, looked around but couldn’t find anyone or anything. There were no trees, no land, just clouds. Where could this be?

“Go further, Shilah” She suddenly heard a faint whisper, and with the urge, she budged forward. Even as she walked, she felt herself walking only on clouds.

Her heart raced heavily as she walked further and stopped when she finally found someone. It was a man on the ground, groaning in pains as a stake was stuck to his chest. He seemed to be in need of help, and shortly, a young lady rushed to him.

“Hey, are you Okay? Who did this to you?” The lady asked worriedly as she tried pulling out the stake.

Shilah felt some kind of connection when she stared at the lady. She noticed she looked so much like her.

The scene vanished, and the next scene that showed up was the same man and lady, but this time, they were in a different way. They were both playing and laughing with the lady running around while the man tried catching her. He finally did and they giggled as they rolled on the ground.

“I love you, Ayita” He cooed, stroking her hair.

“I love you too, Achlys”.

Shilah gasped immediately, What? Those were her parents! Her breath got suspended as she watched them kiss and vanished afterwards.

“Go further, Shilah” She heard the whisper again.

Her legs had become too cold and heavy, but she f0rced herself to move them and stopped when she found another scene of the same man and lady. But this time around, it was different.

“Please Achlys, you can’t possibly do this to me” The lady was in tears. “This is our first child, how can you tell me to get rid of her?”

“Ayita” The man cooed and held her cheeks. “You should know I love you so much and would want nothing more than to start a family with you. But this is not the right time! If anyone actually finds out about this, we’d both be dead! Are you forgetting it’s an abomination?”

“I know, but … how can I bring myself to k*il*l my own child? I do not want to, Achlys. Please, don’t f0rce me”.

They vanished and taking a few steps further, Shilah saw another scene that looked more problematic.

There were a lot of witches and vampires – her parents inclusive.

“How can you look me in the eye and deny me, Achlys? It is you who got me pregnant!” Her mother whimpered with her hands chained.

“Seriously? I do not even know your name, young witch. How can you accuse me of such?” Her father replied.

The scene vanished and the next scene she saw was her mother kneeling in front of the witches.

“As the Queen of the Oceanic Witches of the West, I hereby sentence you, Ayita, and your unborn child to death!”

A tear slipped Shilah’s eye as she watched the heartbreaking sight. It vanished and taking a few dreadful steps forward, she saw her mother in a dark room, screaming in labour. Shilah’s heart skipped some beats when she saw her mother doing to alone! What?? She had given birth all by herself?? How possible?

Another tear slipped her eye when another scene appeared and showed her mother crooning and bre@stfeeding her. She called her ‘Aradia’ and that brought a rueful smile on Shilah’s lips, realizing she had actually experienced such love from the beginning.

The scene vanished and the next one that appeared was her mother being chased in the woods, looking so terrified. She fell to the ground and the Queen of Witches came up in front of her.

“Lura, please… My child has nothing to do with this. Please, don’t hurt her” Her mother pleaded on the ground.

Queen Lura tried eliminating her with her powers, but her mother blocked the attack and used hers instead. It was so huge, it swung back the witch and everyone chasing her, but it also made her weak as she had passed out immediately.

It appeared the powers her mother used were too heavy for her as she looked dead.

The scene vanished and the next one that appeared was Her late mother – the woman she had grown up with – coming into the woods and seeing the little her in her mother’s arms. She had been crying and quickly, her foster mother picked her up and quickly went into hiding as she heard footsteps. Some strange people appeared and took her biological mother away.

What?? Who were those people and where did they take her? Was she even alive? Shilah thought.

Now she understood everything, Now she understood why she had grown up in the hands of those cruel people. Her foster mother had saved her and taken her home to a cruel family. Now it was all clear.

More tears streaked Shilah’s cheeks as she blamed herself for Ayita’s death. It was all her fault her mother died. From birth, she had caused nothing but pains.

Another scene appeared, revealing her father getting stabbed in a room. What?? He was being stabbed by Lord Ryder!!

She gasped. Lord Ryder stabbed him??? How? Why??

Her eyes widened in shock as she watched him put him in a coffin. Oh, no! Could her vision be false? Or could it really be possible Lord Ryder was behind her father’s disappearance?? How could he??

She felt a hand touch her back and in a brisk, she snapped out of her vision. It was so quick, it jerked her and nearly made her lose consciousness.

“Shilah! Shilah! Are you alright?” Bastet had to hold her for support.

“No! No, I’m not! I’m not okay!” She shook her head and bawled.

“Hey, dear….”

“It’s all my fault! It’s my fault my mother died, it’s my fault she went through so much pains. I never should’ve been born! I shouldn’t have!”

“Hey, come here…” Bastet cooed as she pulled her into a hug.




It took Shilah some time to clear her head and keep calm. Seated at the back of the house, she had her jaw in her hand as she looked like one who was still. Her eyes were swollen with her head banging real hard.

Bastet arrived shortly with the cup of water.

“Here. Hope I didn’t take too long” She uttered calmly as she handed the cup to Shilah who said nothing but simply collected it and swigged it down.

“Thank you” She muttered afterwards, wiping her lips with the back of her palm as she dropped the cup on the ground.

“How do you feel now, dear? Better?” Bastet asked. The woman was still standing with the aid of her stick

“I don’t. I just want to do what I have to do and get out of here. I want to find my son” Shilah answered bluntly, her tone coming out grumpily.

“And I’ve told you dear, your son would be found as soon as you’re done with your training. The Spirits revealed it to me”.

Those words lightened the last candle of hope in Shilah as she looked up at the woman. “And how long do I have to train?”

“If you put in much effort, in a month time”.

“Then, let’s begin” Shilah sniffed and stood up. “I’m ready to learn everything, bring out the best in me. But … who’ll be my trainer? Don’t you think you’re a little too old to do that?”

Bastet gave a cranky smile and looked down at the ground.

“Your training has began, Shilah” She said. “And right now, I’ll be giving you three lessons at a time. Lesson number one – When you need to, make yourself look pathetic so your enemies think you’re defenseless and when they least expect, you strike”. Before Shilah could catch her next breath, she felt a stick hitting her hard on the legs, swinging her off her feet to the ground where she fell roughly with a scream.

She flinched and shook her head, trying to comprehend what had just happened. She looked at Bastet and was shocked to find the old woman standing up straight without her stick. Whaaaaaaat????? She looked so strong like one ready for a fight.

“Lesson number two, Shilah – Always be prepared for the biggest surprises. And lesson number three”, she paused and let out a smirk. “Never fall for the pitiful looks on the faces of others. Some are chameleons and only carried it on ’cause they needed it”.

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