Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 5

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene


Queen Chaska stood from the window and watched as the King’s beta got filled with rage. He must prolly be feeling sad they didn’t take him along.

Poor Raksha; he was only the King’s beta because he was his only step brother, but talking about closeness, the King was closer to his gamma.

Normally, the beta had more authority as the beta was actually the second in command after the King, but it was so obvious the King loved and favoured his gamma more and that factor was always getting on Raksha’s nerves.

Why wouldn’t the King treat him better and higher like his beta? Why was he closer to his gamma instead? Most times, he’d a*s*sign some crucial a*s*signments which were meant for a beta, to his gamma instead.

It was really pissing the unmarried Raksha off as he didn’t want anyone to take his top place in the pack.

Raksha was King Dakota’s younger brother – step brother – and his mother had used her influence to make sure Raksha gets chosen as the King’s beta. They were all lovers of Powers. But unfortunately, he still wasn’t getting the top powers he needed.

Chaska stood and watched as he walked away from the scene, probably headed for his chambers. She could imagine how he must be feeling – dejected. Well, it wasn’t entirely any of her business.

“Mother!” She suddenly heard the tiny voice behind her call and turning slowly, she noticed it was her 4 years old second daughter.

“Urika” Chaska called.

“Is there a problem?”

“No, mother. Just wanted to give this to you” the pretty damsel said as she handed the dazzling piece of flower in her hand to Chaska.

Her big eyes were beaming and her cheeks blushing with her tiny lips. Urika was an exact replica of her mother and that was one thing Chaska loved. If only she was a boy. ..

“You got this for me?” Chaska asked with a warm smile as she collected the flower from her.

Her smile could really be deceiving as it made her look so good and beautiful. No one would know she had any ounce of irascibility in her.

“Thank you so much, my dearest. I love it” she lowered herself and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“You should go back to your room and join your elder sister. I’ll come see you later, okay?”

“Okay, mother. Bye”. The little kid giggled and ran out of the room.

Chaska smiled as she watched her daughter leave. She stared briefly at the flower in her hand, then afterwards, turned back to face the window – her mind drifting back to the King. Where could they be headed?



King Dakota’s horse was the strongest and the fastest as he rode ahead of his gamma and Physician. The hooves of the horses hitting the ground hard could be heard from all three of them.

It was going to be a long time – the King thought – getting to his destination. The entire place was calm and quiet and made it so obvious the rest of the mountain lions were observing the lockdown – like he’d requested. Well, he was really hoping he wouldn’t get to see anyone.

Finally, they got to their destination which was beside the river bank and everyone of them stopped their horses.

“We’re here!” The Physician confirmed, trying to stabilize his own horse with the head collar rope.

King Dakota, still sitting on his horse, looked and confirmed the lady standing beside the river bank.

She was dressed in a red hood and had the hoodie covered over her head as well. That was obviously the witch.

He climbed down from his horse, together with his gamma and the Physician and with him being in front, they walked towards her.

“You kept me waiting” the red hoodie lady said with a stern look, her eyes directed at the gamma – Pishan.

“I’m sorry, Sukie. Something came up”. Pishan replied.

Her eyes found the hard looking King as he got closer to her.

“Greetings, King Dakota” she said without a bow.

Normally, the witches shouldn’t owe any Alpha King any form of respect, but since she was on his land, she had to pay that respect.

“Greetings to you too, sister of the red coven” Dakota answered with a scrutinizing look.

She was one pretty lady – eyes white and sparling, but her some red lining beneath them; she had a small face which suited her cuteness, hair long, dark and relaxed; and her skin was glowing.

Well, that was one thing about the witches – they were always too extremely beautiful and perfect. But they were dangerous – most of them.

Sukie returned her gaze to the gamma.

“You know I don’t wish to do this, Pishan” she said.

“You know we witches ate forbidden to have anything to do with your lots, and I’m only here because you made it seem so important and also because I owe you a favor”.

“I know, Sukie, and trust me; I’m really grateful for the sacrifice you’re making. Don’t worry, I promise not to get you in trouble. As soon as this is over, nobody’s getting to know you ever stepped foot into the Wind Walker Mountain”. Pishan replied.

“For your sake and the sake of your heart beating, I hope so” she said and turned to the Physician.

“Are you ready? Let’s begin”.


King Dakota was asked to take off his heavy clothings and go stand beside the river. That was the plan.

Few weeks ago, his Physician had come up with an idea on how to break his curse from the moon goddess. It wasn’t entirely sure, but they just wanted to give it a try. And to make it work, they needed a spell from a witch.

King Dakota was to undergo a process which would make him shift and bring out his wolf. It’d make him mad, uncontrollable and destructive and one of the reasons he ordered for the lo

ckdown was because he didn’t want to k*ll any of his pack members with his own hands.

The process would make his wolf become too beastly and destructive; blood thirsty. And anyone he comes in contact with was bound to be a prey. Dakota fiend want anyone from his pack to witness that. He also didn’t want anyone from his pack to witness when he’d probably shift back to his human form – n├áked.

The curse from the moon goddess had become a big concern to him as it was affecting his daily life, and he really needed to put an end to It.


He stood, facing the river as his Physician and the witch did their work from behind.

A white line had been drawn around him with his Physician injecting some unknown substance into his skin.

It caused a twitching pain, but King Dakota didn’t even act like he felt anything.

The Physician stepped away when he was done and turned to the witch:

“It’s your time”

Sukie gave a nod as she positioned herself properly to stand directly behind him. Then, taking a deep breath and with her hands stretched out to him, she commenced the spell:

“Adiadiamos, Raxshella, phinentropisilosis.

“Adiadiamos, Raxshella, phinentropisilosis

“Adiadiamos, Raxshella, phinentropisilosis

“Mother Earth…! May my ground be fertile, may my words be blessed! Sukie calls on you today…..!! Make him….tramp….!!!”

There was a loud crack in the sky. Sukie gave out a high pitched scream and instantly, Dakota could feel his bones cracking.

“Urgh…!!!” He yelped and reached for the floor immediately.

He could feel the wrenching and cracking – those were pains he was used to since he shifed more often, but at that moment, he couldn’t tell why it was hurting more.

He gave out a loud growl, ripping the remains of his clothes apart. His claws begin to come out, his furs spurred all out, all across his skin and face. His veins were more exposed and right in front of their very eyes, they watched as the King shifted completely, giving room to his beastly wolf, and with that, he ran off , going into the woods.

“How long will it take?” Pishan asked, looking worried as he stretched his neck towards the direction the King had taken.

“Less than an hour” Sukie replied.


Shilah’s hands were shaking as she walked down the quiet path, her heart beating so heavily.

She’s been walking for a long time yet, hasn’t been able to come in contact with a single animal. Even the animals were obeying the King’s orders.

She felt so scared walking alone as the entire place was so quiet. She couldn’t believe that was the same path that was always so noisy and busy on normal days. This time around, it looked more like she was walking in a deserted forest.

How can her family do this to her? Send her out to her own death? Why??

She didn’t want to get k*lled. She was sure the King had a good reason ordering a lockdown and it made her more scared to know what would happen when she gets caught. How does she get out of this?

Her hands were wrapped around her shoulders as she walked timidly and anxiously, headed for the cave. She heard a squeaking sound and fearfully lifted her head to see it was just a bird flying by. Oh! If only the Spirits would protect her.

She continued walking, the chirpings, squeaking and all imbuing more fear in her.

Finally, her eyes eyes glistened with tears when she spotted the cave in front of her. Oh..! She was there already!! She made it!!

She let out a tear of relief and began running towards it. But Just then, she stopped abruptly when she heard a different sound – one that wasn’t a bird, crickets or any flying animal.


She was sure… it was a howl; a howl that could only come from a wolf…!


Shilah could feel her heart in her throat.. Her eyes widened heavily in shock as she turned around swiftly to have a look.

That was a howl….A howl only a wolf can produce. A Wolf!!

No ..! A mountain lion can’t howl unless it’s shifted into its wolf form, but how could there be a wolf around when there’s a lockdown order??

“Oh, Selene” she placed her hands on her chest.

Something in her guts kept telling her there was danger; something was coming….And without further hesitation, she turned around and started running towards the cave.

The howl came again – this time around, more louder, it made Shilah produce a wince. Her heart was palpitating as angst and agitation became one inside of her. Now, it was crystal clear – there was indeed, a wolf around. But why? Where??

Could it be possible someone else was disobeying the King’s orders, just like she was? But why would the wolf be howling and trying get it self noticed?

Sweats dripped from her forehead as she decided to forget all about it and just continue heading for the cave. She was so so scared and really needed to get there.

“You’ll make it, Shilah; you’ll make it. You’ll get home with the leaves safely, and this would never happen again” she consoled herself

She finally got to the cave and right beside it, she found the hem leaves – all flourishing with a touch of water on it. Yes…!

She uprooted three of It with a hard breath and quickly, turned around to continue running away – running back home. But as she turned around, her eyes met a nightmare; something that made her heart seize beating and her lungs stop breathing.

Wide sparkles blinked in her dilated eyes as she stared at it – the mountain Lion in front of her – It was a Wolf…!! A wolf…!!

Right there and staring at her!

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