Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 44

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 44

Shilah’s head wouldn’t stop spinning from what the lady had said even after she left for a long time already.

What was she….What was she talking about?

She stood fixated, just staring at the closed door and tried digesting the words in:

*Why do you look so innocent, when you’re not?* Her first question replayed in her head.

What did she mean by that? Coulf it be possible… she was actually mistaking her for someone else? Oh, no….

The door opened immediately with the healer returning Raksha. They carried some supplies with them.

“My daughter arrived already?” The healer asked after noticing the bowl on the floor, and Shilah simply nodded.

She swallowed hard and went closer to the wall, her hand on her chest. Her attention was helplessly divided – she was trying to see how the King was being treated and was also thinking about what the lady had said. No matter how hard she tried, the words just wouldn’t leave her head.

She stayed that way for a long time and didn’t even realize when the healer finished with the King.

“Now, what next?” Raksha asked, staring at the King who seemed asleep.

“We’ll just give him sometime. He’ll definitely be fine” The healer answered rea*s*suringly.

“I’ll take my leave now” she added and left.

Shilah had listened to them and felt relived that the King was really going to be fine. Her eyes glanced through the window and she noticed how dark it es. Definitely, there was noway they could ride back to the palace at that time. So,it would have to be the next day.

“Queen Shilah” Raksha suddenly called, turning to look at her.

She couldn’t tell if she was mistaken, or she really heard some echoes of sarcasm in his voice.

“I hope you can go hungry for the night because we have nothing here”.

“Of…Of course” Shilah gulped hard.

She’s been hungrier than this when she was with her family.

“Good. You can sleep here then” he added and walked away, leaving Shilah alone in the room with the King.

Shilah exhaled deeply as she dragged her legs towards the chair beside the bed and sat on it. Her eyes WERE pinned on the King, noting how he slept. But, was he really sleeping? To her, he was just unconscious and looked restless.




Queen Nosheba could be seen at the balcony, staring into space as she held a wooden cup of wine in her hand. The cold air hit hard at the edges of her dress and swiped them up a little. Of course, it was very big and there was no way her body could be exposed.

It was dark and Nosheba had always enjoyed gazing up at the twinkling stars. Oh! Very soon, it’d be full moon.

*You’ll always be as useless as your mother!* Those words hit hard st her and she drank angrily from her wine.

Urgh! Could she ever get rid of those memories?

She continued staring into the dark space and sipping from her wine at intervals until she suddenly heard that familiar voice:

“The King is yet to return, yet his beloved wife stands at the balcony, sipping some wine like a visitor”.

Nosheba scoffed, rolled her eyes and turned to see Chaska standing in front of her.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, Nosheba? You act like a thing doesn’t bother you”

“What exactly is your problem, Chaska?” Nosheba snapped.

“Do you ever get tired of talking? No wonder the King married you, shortly after he married you”.

“Yet, you still can’t give him what he wants” Chaska replied, earning a glare from Nosheba.

‘”The King rode out for a meeting earlier this morning and is yet to return. But you don’t even seem to care. Can you ever be useful?”

“Well, if you’re so worried, why don’t you take a horse, go out and find him?” Nosheba rolled her eyes.

Truth was, she had also been thinking about it. That was actually the reason she was there at the balcony, trying to see if they’d return.

“You’ve always been too pathetic, Nosheba. Now, I know I was never wrong to have said the King made a grave mistake in getting married to you” Chaska turned around to leave .

“When will you stop feeling bittered towards me and embrace the fact that you’re not the only woman of the King?” Nosheba asked and Chaska stopped walking, but didn’t turn to look at her.

“You know, I’d suggest you just wait until I give the King a male child. I promise you, Chaska, I’ll put you in your place”.

“That’ll never happen!” Chaska whirled her head to look at her, her eyes blazing.

“Really? Well, just wait and see then”. Nosheba chuckled and walked away.




*Why do you look innocent, when you’re not?

Why do you look calm, when you’re a storm?

I see you, slitting the throats of many, bringing the mighty to their knees, making men tremble at the mention of your name*

Those were the words that echoed in Dakota’s head as he turned uncomfortably in his sleep.

He felt so tired and dizzy, but due to his unfortunate nature, he couldn’t fall asleep. And finally, his eyes went open.

Deep breaths – that was what he took as he looked around and found Shilah sitting on a chair in front of him.

His body…he noticed he had been dressed in something more casual. Where was he?

“A healer’s place” the answer echoed in his head.

And again, his eyes went to Shilah.

Shilah had been sitting and watching the King as he struggled in his sleep. She felt so bad for him; so pathetic.

It wasn’t long before his eyes fluttered open and he looked at her. Oh, no ..He shouldn’t be awake now. He really needed some sleep.

Dakota wondered what the words he had heard in his head meant…

*Why do you look innocent, when you’re not?*

It was more like….it was being said to someone there in the room. He was only able to hear them in his unconsciousness and couldn’t tell who it was, or who it was being referred to.

“My…. My King” Shilah stuttered.

“You’re awake”.

Dakota exhaled deeply and sat up, his hand going over his injured side. But, he could tell the pains were dwindling.

He turned to spare it a glance, then returned his gaze to Shilah.

“I was brought to a healer?” He asked.

“Y…Yes, My King. Prince Raksha had to” Shilah answered.

She couldn’t tell why she couldn’t just talk to this man without stuttering.

Dakota glanced out the window and noticed it was dark. Obviously, they’d have to ride back in the morning.

He exhaled deeply and leaned back on the wall, fixing his cold gaze on Shilah who turned uncomfortable.

“Shouldn’t you be getting some sleep already?” He asked gruffly, and Shilah shook her head.

“I’ll…. I’ll be doing that very soon, My King”she gulped hard.

She felt like asking about him – asking if he wouldn’t try to get some sleep already, but of course, she didn’t have the guts for it yet.

And as for Dakota, he felt some hardness in him. But recalling how it has always been with Shilah – knowing it was going to cause him much hunger, he waved it aside.

And turning away to face the opposite direction, they stayed that way without saying any more word to each other.



Although, Shilah had dozed off on the chair during the night, she could tell the King didn’t even blink a lid. She felt so bad for him and wished there was something she could do to help him sleep as he really looked so exhausted.

Perhaps, there was something she could do for him…. when they get back to the palace.

Dakota, on the other hand, was watching her when she slept.

That innocent face… looking powerless, yet special.

How is it possible that he gets so hungry after intimacy with her? How’s it possible her bare touch was able to calm his destructive wolf earlier that day? How? How possible?

With his hand on his jaw, he shook his head as he stared at her. He knew it wasn’t comfortable for her to sleep on the wooden chair; he actually wanted to call her to come sleep beside him on the bed, but his grumpiness wouldn’t let him. So, he let her be.


Next Morning,

Shilah had woken up to find Raksha in the room with the King who was fixing his belt. Oh; looks like he had gotten another dress. It wasn’t really his type, but it looked royal.

Dakota noticed she was awake and only stared at her once, before looking away and concentrating on his belt. Shilah could notice – he was looking more of a King than he had looked more of a patient the previous night. That hard grumpy look of him was back on.

“Is that rogue still there?” Dakota asked, taking his sword from Raksha.

“Yes, My King” Raksha replied, and immediately, Dakota walked out of the room.

It was obvious his wounds were healed up already.

“Come on, Shilah” Raksha gruffed and also left the room.

Shilah stood up, her back and waist hurting due to the uncomfortable situation she had slept in. Oh! She couldn’t wait to get back to the palace and get enough sleep; but that would be after making sure the King sleeps as well.

She arranged her dress and walked out of the room, recalling the route out of the house. But,as she got closer to the door, she suddenly thought of something…

The healer’s daughter.

She needed to see her; ask some questions. Yes, she needed to.

Stepping out of the house, she found the guards around with a guy kneeling in front of Dakota who had his sword in his hand. Raksha was behind him.

Shilah could recognize that guy. Of course; he was one of the rogues from the previous day she could recall him getting caught.

Uh-uh. So bad he has to be the scapegoat. But, what was the King going to do to him?

“Who sent you?” Dakota asked, glaring hard at the rogue in front of him.

Even the goddess could tell his hands were itching to use the sword on him. But he said nothing, anyways.

“I’m giving you one more chance” Dakota gritted.

“Who sent you to attack me?”

And after a little hesitance, the rogue finally mumbled:

“No one”.

“Hmph” Dakota huffed.

“I’d have k*lled you, anyways”.

And with that, he slashed the sword through his neck and watched as his head roll off to the ground.

“Hah!” Shilah gasped in fright and quickly looked away, her heart racing so fast.

Oh, no….

Irritation sizzled through her, she felt like throwing up. And as she looked away in deep breaths, her eyes ran into her – the healer’s daughter.

She was standing at a corner, having some woods in her hands like she was just back from the forest. She stood and was staring at Shilah, but the moment Shilah made eye contact with her, she turned around and walked away.

The irritation died off from Shilah immediately as she ran after the lady, headings for the corner she had seen her take. She got there and found the lady breaking some woods there at the back. Yes, the place seemed to be the back-yard with the woods all over, some pots on the ground, a water guard and a fire spot.

Zoe noticed Shilah was behind her, but didn’t turn to look at her as she just concentrated on the wood she was cutting. And Shilah, after staring at her for some seconds, took some steps closer.

“Hi” she uttered almost inaudibly, but Zoe didn’t turn to look at her.

She had this mean face.

“Are you a witch?” Shilah brought her self to ask, noting she didn’t have much time.

“If I were a witch, the sisters of the red coven would’ve come for me a long time ago” she scoffed, drawing out a piece of wood from the one she had broken.

“I’m only gifted with foresight”. She added, giving only a second glance at Shilah before hitting her axe on another wood.

She answers afterall – Shilah thought with relief.

“Um…. I have a question, please” she cleared her throat.

“The things you said yesterday, I…. I don’t understand. What did you mean by them? Because as far as I know, I was born without the powers of a jackal”.

“I do not have the answers to your questions” Zoe answered gruffly, hitting her axe hard on the wood again.

It split it into the part she wanted and she pushed it away and took up another.

“But you….” Shilah got interrupted when Zoe hit the wood hard again.

“But, you sounded so sure” she continued.

“Please, if there’s something I need to know, you should tell me”.

“I know nothing, Queen. You’re wasting your time” Zoe answered brusquely, taking another hit.

“Please….” Shilah was persistent.

“You have the gift of foresight, right? You should be able to see through this….”

“My abilities are limited. I only see what the spirits wants me to see. And what I saw about you yesterday, was what I was permitted to see” She said.

Just then, a guard showed up.

“Queen Shilah, everyone’s set. It’s time to go” he informed her and left, and Shilah could feel her heart in her throat.

“So…. there’s nothing you can do to help?” Shilah asked ruefully and Zoe stopped working and took in a deep breath.

“Where’s your mother” She asked, looking at Shilah with those dark eyes of hers.

“She’s…. She’s dead” replied Shilah, her curiousity quelling up.

“And your father?” Zoe asked.

“He’s still alive – lives in this mountain”.

Zoe took in a second deep breath.

“Go to the man you call your father, and question him”.

She lifted her axe and continued working.

Shilah was stunned. Her father? Could he have the answers she needed?

She looked at Zoe who had already gone back to work and looked like she wouldn’t be saying anymore word to her.

“T…. Thank ” she sighed and turned around to leave.

“Queen” she suddenly heard her call and turned swiftly to find the lady staring at her with some bundled woods in her hands.

She had something else to say?

“Stay close to the King. He needs you” Zoe said in a slightly softer tone and walked away.

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