Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 45

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 45

The ride back to the palace was a very long one and the whole time, Shilah was silent and in deep thoughts. It wasn’t like she had anyone to talk to anyways as the King was always reticent.

The lady’s words kept replaying in her head, over and over again. She just couldn’t get rid of them.

First, the things she had said about her. Although, she had planned on resting as soon as she gets home, but with the look of things, that wouldn’t be possible as she needed to see her father right away. Yes, she needed to ask him questions and know what the healer’s daughter was talking about.

Secondly, the King. What did she mean by: “he needs you”?

How on earth does the King need her? How? Someone who was that grumpy and rarely even looks at her?

Urgh! There were so many flying questions in her head; so many flying questions and she wished she could just get the answers to them already.



As they rode into the palace, guards began running around, getting ready to welcome the King.

The horses in front of them stopped moving before their carriage was pulled to a halt and the curtains went open with two guards showing up. They stood at alert as King Dakota made his way out of the carriage. Then, Shilah followed.

“Greetings, My King” every head was bowed.

Dakota served a pause, his hands behind his back, then commenced walking while Shilah followed.

Queen Chaska was standing at the balcony and had a huge smile on as she watched the King alight his carriage.

“Oh! Bless the spirits, he’s safe” she exclaimed beamfully.

But her smille died off when she noticed Shilah following behind him. That brat! It was so annoying to know she was actually the one that accompanied the King. If it had been Nosheba, she wouldn’t really complain. But to think it was that commoner that just showed up about a week ago, it was just too annoying.



Shilah stopped following the King when she got to the path leading to her own room. She started walking down the hallway while the King proceeded to a different path.

“Shilah!” Queen Dyani suddenly called, running towards her.

“Greetings, My Queen” Shilah greeted when they stood in front of each other.

“Oh! Shilah, how many times will I tlel you to stop calling me Queen? Anyways, what happened? I was beginning to think something bad must’ve happened”. Dyani cooed, touching her shoulders.

“Um …We were attacked on our way back yesterday. The King was hurt and we had to take him to a healer”.

“What???” Dyani shrieked immediately.

“The King??”

“Yes. But, he’s fine now” Shilah added and Dyani heaved a huge sigh of relief.

The King might not really be the perfect caring husband for her, but she sure cares about the King.

“Come on, then. You should be tired. Let’s get you freshened up” she held Shilah’s hand and started walking away with her.

Well, Shilah was indeed tired, but she knew she couldn’t rest at that moment as she had some things to do.


Nosheba’s baby had slept off just after br*astfeeding and she was just covering her up when she heard the door opening and turned swiftly to see it was Raksha.

“Raksha!” She called in surprise as she sprang on her feet.

“My love!” Raksha cooed, running to meet her and pulling her into a tight hug.

Nosheba sniffed on his shoulders which smelt of sticky sweat and dirt.

“You’re back”.

“Yes. And I missed you”. Raksha palmed her hair and withdrew after a while, but he didn’t move away from her as he cupped her pretty cheeks in his palms.

“I… I was so worried about you, Raksha. Thought something might have happened to you”. Nosheba said, her eyes staring into his.

“I know. We were attacked on our way back and the King was wounded”. Raksha explained.

“Oh. How’s the King?” Nosheba asked.

“He’s fine now”. Raksha replied and left her cheeks.

“And how’s my baby doing?” He asked as he walked over to the little one on the bed, sleeping so innocently with face like her mother.

He sat on the edge of the bed and ran his little finger on the smooth red cheek.

“She’s so beautiful” the words left his lips in a passionate whisper.

Nosheba just stood and watched blankly.

He leaned forward and kissed the baby’s cheek.

“Oh, Nosheba” he sighed, shaking his head.

“You don’t know how much I want this; how much I want this family. I can’t wait for the day we’ll be together with you by my side as Queen, and our babies playing around. The imagination alone is overwhelming”.

He turned to look at Nosheba and she let out a smile.

“I’d also want that, Raksha” she said.

“So, why don’t we get to work immediately?”

Raksha stood up and went to her, palming her cheeks.

He moved his hand down to her chest and touched the clothed nipples.

“When will you be strong for sèx again?” He asked, his tone going darker as his eyes trialed down to her thighs.

“I spoke to the midwife about it and she told me to wait two weeks. So, that means by next week, I should be ready”. She replied and Raksha gave a satisfactory nod.

“Let’s wait for next week then. This time around, I’ll make sure it’s a boy”. He said.

“You better be sure, Raksha, because I don’t don’t want to go through another stress of carrying a woman for nine months”

“Don’t worry, Nosheba; you’ll carry a male child this time around. It’s a promise”.

He pulled her close and kissed her.


When Shilah entered the room, she took a bath first and told Dyani she wanted to make some tea for the King. Of course, Dyani was surprised and asked what it was meant for.

“The King is very exhausted and needs a lot of sleep” She began as she walked with Dyani to the kitchen.

“While we were at the healer’s place, I noticed how he had troubles falling asleep and with the injury he sustained, he really needs to get some. So, I only want to make an attempt; to see if my tea would calm him down’.

“The King has tried so many remedies. Even Queen Chaska prepares tea for him, but they’ve all been futile and never make him sleep”. Dyani said.

“Um…Well, I only want to make an attempt” Shilah shurgged.

She also informed the queen she’d be going to see her father that morning, although she didn’t tell her the reason. Of course, she couldn’t tell anyone what the healer’s daughter had said.

They finally got to the kitchen and Shilah getting the herbs she needed, set to work immediately. She smashed the leaves and added some heated water to it, stirred the greenish content and filtered it out afterwards. To tame the sour taste from the leaves, she added some sweetener and sighed in relief as she stared at the ready cup of coffee.

Then, she lifted it up and closed her eyes.

“Dear spirits” she began.

“I pray for an effect on this; that as the King drinks of it, may it overwhelm his problems and put him to sleep. May his muscles be f0rced to relax, his eyes too heavy to stay open, and may the strongest wave of dizziness hit hard at him. May my prayers be heard” she lowered the cup from mid air.

Dyani stood aside, watching in sheer curiousity.

“Um…. Is it possible….to deliver this for me?” Shilah turned to Dyani and asked.

“I don’t understand. Why should I do that?” Dyani scoffed, but Shilah couldn’t reply. She was probably just scared to give it to the King herself.

“Don’t tell me you’re scared, Shilah” Dyani noticed.

“Oh; come on; The King might be grumpy, but he doesn’t bite. You should hurry up and give it to him”.

“Are you….Are you sure?” Shilah stuttered.

“What if he rejects it? Or gets angry?”

“Of course, he won’t get angry. Just take it to him, okay?” Dyani advocated and after a little more while, Shilah finally left the room with the tea.

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