Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 46

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 46

King Dakota had just finished taking his bath and was dressing up when he heard a knock on the door. He didn’t bother answering since he was still dressing up and of course, the knocker wouldn’t dare knock again. .

Finally done, he said:


And the door opened with a guard taking a few steps p@ssthe door.

“Greetings, My King. Queen Shilah demands to see you”. He said with a bow and Dakota spared him a glance – something he rarely did.

Shilah? That would be the first time Shilah would be making an attempt to see him, and not him calling for her. It must be important.

“Let her in” he replied and the guard bowed and left.

Shortly, the door opened again with a nervous Shilah coming in and by this time, Dakota was already taking his seat.

Shilah walked in with the cup of tea placed on a small tray, her head lowered and her cheeks turning all red.

“G… Greetings, My King” she stuttered as usual, standing in front of him.

Dakota was taking up a book, his eyes not looking at her.

“How’re you doing, Shilah?” He asked anyways.

“I’m… I’m fine, My King. Thank you”. She replied, noting the strong scent around him; a scent she liked.

“Um…. My King” she continued.

“Sorry to disturb but… I actually made some tea for you”.

Her heart was pounding so fast as that was actually the moment she was scared of. What if he rejects it?

“Some tea?” Dakota paused to look at her – for the first time since she walked in .

“Why, if I may ask?”

Shilah gulped hard, she could feel her cheeks flushing already.

“Um…. it’s nothing personal, My King. I just…. I just thought it was necessary to…. help relax your nerves and get you to sleep. I’m only trying to be of help, My King. But…if you feel upset about it, I can leave right away” Shilah said, trying to sound as innocuous as possible.

Dakota said nothing, only leaned back on his chair and gave her those cold stares.

It got to an ineluctable point, Shilah started feeling uncomfortable and felt she had made a grave mistake coming in there in the first place. But….he wouldn’t punish her, would he? Of course, not. He wouldn’t punish her simply because she made him some tea.

“You can set it down and leave” he finally spoke in that wintry tone of his and that was more than a relief for Shilah as she gazed up at him.

Thank the spirits!

She bowed and went closer to the table where she dropped the tea and took some steps back while Dakota went on to begin reading his book.

“Um…. My King” Shilah called, remembering she had one more thing to do.

“Sorry for disturbing, but … I need your permission. I um…. I actually need to go home and see my father. It’s very important, My King, and I’ll be really grateful if you grant me this request”.

As usual, her heart was pounding heavily in her chest. It just wasn’t easy standing in front of someone like the King.

Dakota hesitated a little before looking up at him.

“Darci!” Dakota called and the door opened with a guard running in.

“My King….”

“Get two guards to accompany the Queen when she’s going home”.

“As you wish, My King” he bowed and left and Shilah felt a hard skip in her heart.

Two guards were to accompany her home? Okay….

Now, she couldn’t tell if he was just being protective or he was trying to make sure she doesn’t run away.

“T…. Thank you, My King. I’m grateful” she bowed and left the room.

As soon as she left, Dakota dropped the book he was reading and took up the cup of tea instead.

It was still a wonder that Shilah had made some tea for him. Of course, he could recall such herbal tea never works for his health. But somehow, he just felt like taking it.

Taking it closer to his lips, he took a sip and confirmed it tasted so good. Hmm.

He took more sips and placed the cup back on the table to continue reading.


Pishan was walking down the balcony when he spotted Raksha coming his direction. His guts told him Raksha would want to have a word with him, but he put on a non challant mood anyways, and tried walking p@sshim.

“Pishan” Raksha called and he stopped to look at him.

The reserved Pishan said nothing, only stared at him. And Prince Raksha was a little surprised he didn’t show some respects by greeting him. Pishan has always has some nerves.

“The list you talked about” he gruffed.

“The one you said the King wants both of us to work on; I’ve changed mind and I’m ready to do it. So, where’s the list?’

Pishan scoffed, then stared down at his legs.

“The list is in my room, Pishan. I’ll have someone bring it to you soon” he turned around to leave.

“Don’t you think you’re forgetting to pay some respect, Pishan?” Raksha called back his attention and Pishan stopped on his tracks immediately, turning around to face him.

“You claim you’re being neglected and want to carry out the major tasks in the pack” Pishan was taking some steps towards him.

“The King takes you with him to a meeting and you couldn’t even protect him; he returned home, wounded. Truth is, if I had been the one with him, I’d have never let that happen”. And with those strong words said, Pishan turned around and left, leaving Raksha in consuming flames of scepticism and vexation.


The tea had already gone down to half quant*ity in the cup and Dakota was still reading. Not reading; but trying to read.

He couldn’t explain it; his vision was blur and heavy, light in his eyes were getting dim and the more he tried forcing them open to read, the more they itched and burnt him. His muscles were aching so bad, he needed to stretch them. His nerves became too calm and relaxed and it got to a point, he couldn’t control it anymore.

He dropped the book and staggered on his feet, reaching for the bed. He plonked his tired self on the bed and an unexplained wave blew over him; it was heavier than the wind; heavier than nature could give.

He couldn’t explain it; all he could feel was an unusual calmness.

And for the first time in over ten years, King Dakota closed his eyes to a peaceful sleep.

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