Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 203

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene 

Chapter 203 Bounty Hunters

The fire was different and uncontrolled, it spread carelessly from Shilah’s palms to the air, making some of the witches take cover. But Kylie and a few others stood by to fight her off.

Using their own powers, they tried to block off and seize Shilah’s fire, but it was totally impossible and wasn’t working. And Shilah was still seated on the ground, confused at what was happening to her palms.

“It’s not working?! What do we do??” Remata inquired, worriedly.

“Then, we burn her too!!” Kylie yelled and angrily released fire from her both palms, but the moment it got to Shilah, it reverted and came back to her, hitting her heavily on the chest.

“Arghhhhh!!” She screamed as she bounced hard on the floor, making the rest of the sisters run to her for support.

Shilah stood up in confusion and feeling so scared of herself. The fire wouldn’t stop – they just kept coming out carelessly as much as her hands were opened.

It hit right at the walls of the cave, burnt some bags and nearly burnt the dresses of some of the witches.

Kylie groaned on the ground, her back aching from the painful fall. She reverted her eyes and flinched when she found her bag burning.

“NOOOO!!!!” She screamed aggressively, f0rced herself up and ran to it.

“No! No! The Map!!!” She cried out as the fire from the bag burnt blue.

Shilah, seeing all the confusion she was creating and realizing she had enough time to save herself, started running out of the cave.

The rest of the witches were confused – contemplating if they were to go after her, or go to Kylie who was going insane from the burning map. But somehow, trying to stop Shilah would’ve been impossible as the fire still came from her palms.

So, Shilah ran out of the cave without being stopped, she ran out of the cave still emitting fire.

“Please! Please! Don’t go!” Kylie wavered as she struggled to put out the blue fire, and when she finally did, she discovered the map was destroyed.

“NO!!!!” She lifted her head and cried out, holding the burnt remains of the map to her chest. “NO! IT’S GONE! IT’S GONE!!”

“Supreme Sister” Sukie called tenderly and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“NO! I want that lady dead! I want her dead!!” With tears in her eyes, she stood up and turned to where she thought Shilah would be. But, when she couldn’t find her there, she figured she must’ve escaped.

Her eyes turned darker. “We’re going after her!!!” She roared and ran out of the cave with the rest of the sisters. But getting outside to where their horses were tied, she discovered all their legs has been burnt and crippled.

“What?? She burnt their legs?” One of the sisters asked, benumbed.

“And one of them is missing. She must’ve taken that with her” Another noted.

“Oh, no. There’s no way we can catch up with her on foot while she’s on a horse. It’s impossible”.

“So… does it mean we’ve lost her?”

Kylie stood there, apoplectic with rage as the drizzling of the rain fell on her. The anger and hate she had previously felt, multiplied and all she could think of at that moment was having Shilah k*il*led. k*il*ling her and nothing else.

She fisted her hands as she held the remains of the destroyed map, and that alone pierced her heart.


Shilah’s tears got mixed with the rain as she rode as fastly as she could on the horse, her palms fisted. She had to fist them ’cause that was the only way to control the fire. She had to fist them ’cause she was tired of being destructive.

She didn’t stop riding, not until she was sure she had gotten far enough, and finally, she pulled to a halt and bursted into more tears there in the rain.

She wept like her life was about to come to an end, she wept like she had lost everything good in the world. How did she become this way? Few weeks ago, she was a Powerless wolf who was married to the Alpha King and about birthing a son for him, But now, she was an hybrid who was emitting uncontrolled fire from her palms. How and why did it come to this? How did she become the daughter of Ayita and Achlys? How did she become what she was?

She lifted her head to the rainy clouds and stared into it – wishing she could get answers. But, all she got were rain drops falling into her eyes.

She lowered her head and sniffed, and gathering up enough strength, she continued riding.




Ora crooned a lullaby as she tried feeding some milk to the baby crying, but it was difficult since the baby wouldn’t take any.

She ma*s*saged his back, played with his hair and did everything she could to stop the cries, but none was working.

“What’s the problem, sweetheart? What do you want me to do for you?” She cooed worriedly as she tried spilling some water on his head.

“I think I know what the problem is” she paused when she heard a familiar voice scoff from behind. c*oc*king her head, she found Zinnia by the door.

“Zinnia? What are you…”

“Please mother, stop pretending like it hasn’t occurred to you why the baby has been crying non-stop for three days” she left the door, taking some steps closer to Ora. “You know it – that child needs his mother”.

Ora sighed and returned her gaze to the child. “Go and find something to do, Zinnia”.

“Why? Because all of a sudden, I’m saying the truth? How would you feel if this was happening to your child?”

“Will you just keep shut? Why would my child go missing in the first place? I believe whatever reason this child went missing was because the Guardians wanted me to find him”.

“The Guardians? Will you just stop defending yourself with that? The Guardians wouldn’t let another woman carry a child for nine months, go through the pains of delivering him, only to make him go missing just so you could find him. The Guardians are not as selfish as you are”.

“Watch your tongue, Zinnia!” Ora stood up with the baby, her eyes glinting with anger as she faced her step – daughter. “What do you think you know? You’re just thirteen. So, don’t stand there and give me motherly advice. Now, go out and find something to do”.

Instantly, Raviv walked in and finding the two females in that state, he figured something was wrong.

“Hey, what’s going on?” He asked with his palms apart, but the two females didn’t look at him as they kept their gazes on each other.

“It’s not anybody’s fault that you’re barren” Zinnia uttered, looking directly into her eyes. “You didn’t feel the pains this child’s mother felt, and while you’re here, petting him, she’s probably out there crying day and night. You have no right to claim a child you didn’t conceive”

Unexpectedly, Ora slapped her – hard. “How dare you?” She gruffed, her eyes getting filled with so much rage.

“Ora! Zinnia! Will both of you stop it?!” Raviv flinched and held Ora while Zinnia touched her hurting cheek.

“Hey, Zinnia, Go outside. Now!” He ordered, but Zinnia didn’t leave immediately.

“I hope someday”, She said to Ora’s face. “you get to lose something important and believe the Guardians wanted it to happen. Stepmother”, and with that said, she walked away.

“I can’t believe that daughter of yours. How dare she talk to me like that?” Ora gritted, trying so hard to fight back her tears.


“You better talk to her, Raviv. Talk to her not to do anything stupid else, I’ll forget the fact that I call her my daughter”.

Bitterly, she returned to her seat while Raviv shook his head and walked out.


Shilah walked into the market with her horse – her hands still fisted even as she held onto the horse’s reins. The rain had made the ground w*et and muddy, but none of that was a concern to Shilah as she walked coldly with her head.

Her heart was shattered, her legs nearly too heavy to carry her. At that moment, all she wanted to do was find a place to lock herself up and sleep all day. She wanted to have a deep sleep so by the time she wakes up, she’d be in the King’s bed and realize everything had been a nightmare.

With heavy eyes, she found what she wanted and stopped in front of the woman’s table.

“Hello, dear. What do you want?” The advanced woman asked – dressed in a heavy coat and rubbing her palms against each others.

“Gloves” Came Shilah’s mumbled reply. She had her gaze to the floor and acted so weak.

“Oh…You must be so cold, right? It’s no wonder – the rain was quite heavy” the woman chuckled and quickly, reached for the best she had. “It’s just two coins”.

“I don’t have money” Shilah stated blankly. “I lost everything a while ago”.

“What?” The woman cringed. “Uh… Well, I’m sorry, but it’s for sale”.

“Please…” Finally, Shilah lifted her dazed eyes to look at her. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t important. Help me with it, and someday, you’ll be rewarded”.

The woman looked down, confused. “Fine, you can have it”. She sighed and gently, wore them on Shilah’s hands. “Just take care of yourself, okay? You don’t look too well”.

“Thank you” She muttered feebly and began walking away.

She stared at her hands which were fisted in the gloves and stretched them. Thankfully, it didn’t bring out any fire.

She suddenly stopped walking and returned to the woman who had been staring at her the whole time.

“Uh…do you need something else?” She asked, leaning forward.

And in that unusually calm tone of hers, Shilah reverted: “Yes. Do you know someone that can buy my horse?”




Kylie and eight of the sisters sat in the cave as they awaited the two sisters that had left to find some help – a means of getting some horses.

The eight sisters kept talking amongst themselves – still awed and perplexed at what had happened a while ago. They had never seen a thing like it – they said – and wouldn’t stop talking about.

“I still cannot believe our powers couldn’t penetrate her” One of the witches – Corinne – said in amusement.

“Same here. We were like … five or what? Yet, we couldn’t even seize it” Another commented.

“That lady is indeed, very powerful. She disobeyed us by running away and I can’t wait for us to find her again”.

The whole time, Kylie was quiet and just stared into space. But, when they started making emphases on how powerful Shilah was, she couldn’t take it anymore.

“SILENCE!” She roared, making their lips go shut. Her eyes which had gotten red from anger, stared onto blank space. “You all failed me” she growled. “We should have all been together to fight her, but some of you hid like fools!!”

She stood up irately, turning her back to the Sisters who were already bowing their heads in shame.

“Eleven witches” She hissed. “Eleven witches, yet we couldn’t fight one enemy. How do we go back and tell our people that just one witch escaped from eleven of us and even burnt our magical map to ashes?!”

Fiercely, she turned to glower at them. “That map has been in existence for centuries, but today, the daughter of that fallen witch DESTROYED IT! That, on it’s own, is an offense punishable by death!”

She sighed heavily and turned away again, giving them her back. “I will not rest until I’ve found that lady. With the map destroyed, we cannot track her anymore and it would take months to create a new one – or years! We must find that lady. Corinne” She c*oc*ked her head and called.

“Supreme Sister!” The lady stood up swiftly and ran to her.

“You have a photogenic memory. You still remember her face, right? Can you draw it?”

“Y… Yes, Supreme Sister I think I can” she bowed.

“Stop thinking, Corinne, be sure!”

“Yes. I’m… I’m sure”.

“Good. Now, I need you to draw a picture of her. Make sure it looks exactly like her, Corinne. You wouldn’t want me to vent my anger on you”.

“Uhm…” Sukie stood up. “What do you want to do with her picture?”

And with a smirk, Kylie responded: “I’m trying to get help, Sukie, in looking for her. As soon as Corrine is done with the picture, we’ll duplicate it, as much as we can and send them flying to every part of the world. Our aim is to attract bounty hunters and make them help us with the search. We’d place a very appetizing prize for whoever finds and brings her to me alive. Such a person would be rewarded beyond imagination”.

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