Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 57

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 57

As soon as the gathering was over, Sukie was called to the Queen’s room where she went hurriedly. She felt so angry and couldn’t wait to pounce on Remata later on.

There were two sisters at the door of Kylie’s room and knowing the Supreme Sister had sent for her, they let her in.

Sukie walked into the room and found The Supreme Sister fixing something on her table.

“Supreme Sister….”

“I need to know the truth from you,Sukie” Kylie cut in as she stopped her from bowing and walked towards her.

“The accusations Remata placed on you, they’re no true, are they?”

For a second, Sukie was tongue-tied as the Queen stood so close to her, staring directly into her eyes.

“Of course, they’re all false, Supreme Sister” she defended.

“Why would I lie to you?”

For some reasons, Kylie took in a deep breath.

“I trust you, Sukie, and I trust you’ll never cheat on me. Is that correct!” She asked, touching her cheek.

“Of….Of course. I’ll never cheat on you” Sukie replied, her heart poundings so heavily.

Thank the Spirits Kylie couldn’t hear the heartbeats.

Kylie lowered her gaze to her lips and finally reached for it, crashing her lips on hers. But just then, a knock on the door interrupted them and they had to break contact.

“You should leave now. I have something to discuss with some of the elders. I’ll send for you when I’m done” Kylie said and Sukie just nodded and turned towards the door, opened it and walked out.

She met three of the elders outside and greeted them before walking away.

Now, she had someone to see.



Remata was fuming with anger in her room.

She paced tho and fro, her hands at akimbo and her hoodie fallen off, not over her head.

This was so wrong; she thought. Why would the Queen be so partial? If it had been someone else, she was so sure she’d have carried proper investigations, and if found guilty, have such person k*il*led. But, with Sukie, she just dismissed the case like it had been brought by a toddler. It was clearly unfair!

She was still pacing about when she heard a knock on the door and stopped walking.

“Who is it!” She asked angrily, glaring hard at the door, but there was no reply.

She hissed and continued pacing round, then the knock came again.

“I said, WHO IS IT?!” She yelled this time around.

“It’s someone you’d want to see” the voice replied.

She could recognize that voice; it was definitely Sukie.

She huffed and marched towards the door, opened it and found the ingrate standing right there.

Sukie would’ve been unlocked the door herself, but it was forbidden for a sister to use powers in breaking into another’s room.

“What’re you doing here?” Remata snarled, standing in between the doorway.

Sukie gave it sometime before proceeding.

“I came to do this” and unexpectedly, she slapped Remata hard across the cheek.

Remata gasped, held onto her hurt cheek. Whaaat??

“How dare …” Before she could get the complete words out of her mouth, Sukie dragged her out and pushed her to the floor, but she didn’t reach there except for her knee which crashed on the floor.

Remata gained balance immediately, summoned a glow on her palm and tried throwing it at Sukie, but Sukie blocked it and threw her own glow at Remata, making her fall on her back.

“Argh!” She grunted, winced in pains for some seconds and got back on her feet.

Remata could see the pain and anger in her eyes and that was actually what she wanted – to make her so mad.

“You’re starting a game you can’t finish, Sukie” Remata fumed, her hands fisting.

“Oh! Trust me, I can definitely finish it” Sukie smirked and threw another glow on her chest.

Remata shrieked and fell on one knee. She quickly formed another glow and threw it at Sukie which hit her right arm, but Sukie quickly got over it and using the invisible power, lifted Remata off her feet while strangling her neck.

Remata grunted as she ch*oked with her legs dangling in the air.

“Sukie! What’re you doing???” A voice suddenly yelled out.

Sukie didn’t stop but kept her gaze fixed on Remata who was still choking.

But suddenly, a greater f0rce restricted her flow and Remata dropped to the floor, coughing.

Sukie quickly turned and discovered it was one of the elders – Sister Elphaba.

Damn it!

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Sister Elphaba queried.

Remata was still coughing, but managed to gain balance and sprang on her feet.

“Y…out animal!” She roared and tried attacking Sukie, but Sister Elphaba blocker her way.

“Stop it! Both of you!” She snapped.

Elders were meant to be respected.

“Why are you two fighting?”

“You should tell that loud mouth to always mind her business!” Sukie pointed a finger at Remata who badly wanted to meet her.

“You’re the one with a loud mouth;” Remata yelled.

She was so furious.

“I won’t warn you again, Remata. Stay out of my business because the next time you intrude, I promise you, I’ll k*il*l you. It’s a promise” Sukie glared, and with that, she walked away.




Nosheba was nearly shaken. What was the King doing in her room?

He shouldn’t see Raksha!

“My…. My King!” She stuttered fearfully, then bowed like she just remembered.

Dakota stood and watched her, two of his guards behind her.

“Nosheba” he called and paused.

“How’re you doing?”

“I’m….. I’m fine, My King. Um….Is there a problem?” She asked, still standing at the doorway.

“A problem? When has it become a problem to come see you, Nosheba?” Dakota arched a brow.

“No-o. It’s not what you think” Nosheba laughed nervously.

“It’s just…. I’m surprised because…. I can’t recall the last time you came personally to my room.

King Dakota huffed and glanced at the doorway, and getting the signal, Nosheba stepped away and granted him passage into the room.

Oh, no; Raksha!

She closed the door and quickly trialed behind Dakota, but getting fully into the room, her baby was the only one she could find on the bed. Raksha was nowhere in sight.

“I came over to see my child” Dakota said, walking towards the bed.

“Just realized I haven’t seen her since she was born”.

Nosheba was more concerned about where Raksha could be. Could he be hiding? But where?

Dakota got to the bed and took the little one up, holding her lovingly in his arms.

“She has your eyes” he complimented, staring into the pretty face and Nosheba f0rced a smile.

“T … Thank you, My King. That’s so good to hear” she said.

“What’s her name? You’ve given her a name yet?” He tilted his head backwards to look at Nosheba.

“Yes. It’s um…Anya” Nosheba answered quickly, and Dakota nodded.

He was trying so hard to concentrate on the little one in his arms, but something else was blocking his thoughts – something confusing.

He could perceive another scent – a familiar scent in the room. No; it can’t be possible. What would Raksha be doing here? Besides, Raksha wasn’t invisible, right? If he was in the room, he’d have seen him. Perhaps, it was just a mixup.

“She’s beautiful, Nosheba” he looked at the baby and said.

“And she’ll be great”.

Nosheba’s heart beamed.

“Thank you so much, My King. I am the most grateful”.

King Dakota spent a few more seconds before placing the baby back on the bed.

“Take good care of her” he turned to Nosheba and said and she responded with a bow.

Afterwards, he started towards the door.

Nosheba kept her head bowed as he walked out and didn’t release herself until she heard the door go closed.

For Selene’s sake! She exhaled deeply.

“Raksha?” She called lowly.


And the door of the bathroom went open with him coming out.

“Thank the goddess you were smart enough to hide. I was so worried”. She waited for him to get close. .

“I know. I heard when you addressed him King and knew I had to hide. That was so close, Nosheba” Raksha said.

“Yes. So close. We have to be more careful. Please, you need to leave now”. She urged him.

“Alright. I’ll go. Take care” he kissed her lips and hurried out of the room.

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