Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 162

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 162 At The Public Square


The Fallen Queen – Nosheba – dragged her legs along as she looked around and kept hoping she’d find some help.

Her feet were aching, muscles weak and tired, her entire bones felt like they had been beaten to nothing. And to think she’d had nothing to eat for days….

The life of a banished Queen wasn’t blending too smoothly for Nosheba as she had to cover her face and avoid public gatherings all the time. She had been a Popular Queen – unlike some other Queens who’s faces had not been seen by a lot of people. She had wanted so much fame and power and struggled to be on everyone’s lips. Little did she know she was going to get banished and hunted by her own fame.

How does she mingle with crowd that had once worshipped her as the Alpha King’s wife? How does she ask them for help when they would probably see her as nothing but a wicked Queen who was banished for setting up her co-wife? Definitely, they wouldn’t want someone like her in their midst and that was just the very height of Nosheba’s frustration. She was used to being a Queen – not some helpless woman that had been rejected by her own people.


The rays from the morning sun glinted harshly on her face, causing her some heat and discomfort. But since it was something, she had been experiencing for two days now, she managed to ignore it.

She wiped her elbow across her forehead, walking aimlessly in the woods and wondering when she was ever going to get some help or settle down. She couldn’t remain this way forever – walking hidden in the woods without food or water. She needed something to do – to earn her money. She needed food, needed more clothes, needed shelter! Dear Selene… And to think she was pregnant…

She stopped walking and placed her hand on her tummy, caressing the still flat surface. Why did she even have to get pregnant? Now, she needed to think of herself and another child.

She sighed pathetically and continued walking. And shortly, she found something different.

She stopped on her tracks when she noticed some horses in front of her. Quickly, she ran and hid behind a tree – trying to comprehend what was going on. And then, she discovered the horses had some goods stacked on them. Oh…

She guessed it might be travelers and scoured her eyes around, trying to see if she’d find them, but she could only find one man some distance away from the horse. And he was backing them.

Her eyes dimmed immediately. Could it be what she was thinking? Those horses had some food on them – same food she had been looking for. Was she really going to let it p@ssby?

She looked around again and was almost sure the man was the only one around the horses. Although, they were four horses in total and she was so sure just one man wouldn’t be able to handle all four of them. But she concluded the rest of the travelers were probably away for some food or rest. .

So, making up her mind, she began tip – toeing towards the horses. She walked so carefully, praying earnestly that the man wouldn’t turn around and get her.

Her weakness legs got strength from nowhere, until finally, she got to the horses.

With her heart panting so heavily, she tried freeing one of the bags on the horses, but when she tried touching the first bag, she discovered something disturbing… She saw a gun! And not just any gun, but one being used by….

She flinched immediately and suddenly felt a heavy wood hit her so bad at the back of her head.

A painful scream cut through from her lips as she cried out and fell on the floor. Oh, no!

Her hand was resting at the back of her head and seeing the face of her attacker, she confirmed her fears. It was a hunter!! A wolf hunter!! Oh, no!!

The other man had already turned and was surprised to see what was happening. He had no idea Nosheba had been trying to steal from them.

“And look who is trying to steal from me” Nosheba’s attacker taunted with a smirk, still holding the wood she had used in attacking her.

It was a lady – a young fearless looking lady dressed in an all-black leather pants and shirt. And had two men behind her.

“I am so sorry, Rissa” the first man came rushing towards them. “I had no idea she was trying to steal from…”.

“Oh! Shut up, Lucas! You’ve always been so stupid” the lady cut him off with an eye roll.

“Do not worry, I will make sure to report your GOOD PERFORMANCE to Magdalene”. She added and watched the man froze.

“Please…” Nosheba crawled back on her butts. “I….I mean no harm. I just needed some food, please. Let me go…”

“Hmph” The lady chuckled.

“Why do I have a feeling you are a wolf? And why do you actually look so familiar?” Using the stick she had used in attacking her, the lady pinched Nosheba’s nose with it.

“Anyway, I will leave that to my superior to decide”. She concluded and turned to the men behind her.

“Tie her up and bring her along”. She gave the order and started walking away so dauntlessly.

“No!! Please!! You don’t have to do this!! Just let me go! Please!!” Nosheba screamed, but it was all to no avail as the men were too strong for her.




Sukie had spent the entire morning with the Supreme Sister – from having breakfast with her – to watering the gardens, trimming her nails for her, and changing her hair style. It was a pleanat morning, and when it was noon, Kylie suggested they went out like they had done the previous day.

They had someone from the village who was in charge of taking them around the nicest places in Great Oaks. And that very day, the man had decided to take them to their biggest public square.

Of course, Remata and one of the other sisters had to accompany them, and it made Sukie so uncomfortable. If only there was a way she could kick that lady out of her life….

They were all dressed in their usual red garments, except their hoodies were not over their heads this time around.

Riding on their horses, they attracted a lot of attention from the villagers who kept staring at them like they were some goddesses. Well, the witches had the blessings from the Spirits to be extremely beautiful and charming. It made it so easy for people to adore and worship the witches.

After a short pleasant ride, they finally arrived at the Pubic Square – a place Kylie liked as it had so many fun places around. There were taverns, brothels, and a lot of game centers. Oh! kylie could not wait to explore every part of it.

“Come on, Sukie” she giggled.

“This looks like so much fun’.

She held Sukie’s hand as she stepped down from her horse and together, they began walking – aimlessly.

“Which would you want to trying out first, Supreme Sister?” The man in charge of them asked respectfully – with a bow.

“Oh! I do not even know” Kylie chuckled.

“Wait! I think I want to watch that” she pointed to a field where some men were wresting.

“Uhm. If you wish” The man bowed and led the way.

Kylie had a bright smile on her face as she walked towards the field with Sukie beside her. Her smile was contagious – Sukie thought.

Some villagers surrounded the field as they watched and cheered the men wrestling. It was obviously a gambled match as many could be seen grumbling while the others cheered happily.

“Come on, Roberto! Bring him to his knees already!” One of the grumpy men yelled out in frustration.

“He’s being such a weakling!” Another supported.

When the villagers noticed Kylie and Sukie who were already getting close, they got a little cringy and moved away. Well, Of course, who wouldn’t recognize the famous Queen of Witches? The one that was always adorned in a red glittering garment and had her powers screaming all around her? It was so obvious they were witches.

“Oh, no! You do not have to afraid. I am only here to have fun like you are” Kylie tried to calm them down, and after much conviction, the Villagers were able to stay still and continued watching the fight.

It seemed so much fun to Kylie – watching the two men wrestling so hard to bring the other to his knees.

“Who do you think is going to win this fight, Sukie?” Kylie asked excitedly.

“Uhm… I do not really know, My Queen. But… I’m guessing the man with the longer hair” Sukie shrugged.

“Urgh. Then, I’d go with his opponent. Let’s see who wins” She giggled and continued watching.

Sukie was surprised with how excited the Queen was at that noon. She had never seen such happy mood on her before. Hmm.

She looked behind her and found Remata – keenly watching the fight interestingly. The intruder!

And when she tried looking elsewhere, she found a person that made her heart skip heavily. Pishan!!!

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