Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 41

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 41

Walking into the hall, Shilah was amazed at how big and capacious it was. There were no much designs, just a very big table in the middle with chairs arranged all around it. It really did look like a meeting hall.

A lot of men had occupied the chairs and Shilah could tell they were probably the Alphas of Ventrues of the other packs. And she noticed each man had a pretty looking woman beside him. Hm.

But as Dakota got near, they all stood on their feet.

“Greetings, King Dakota” they greeted with a bow.

It amuses Shilah how such huge looking and powerful men could bow down to just one person. King Dakota was indeed, a legend.

Dakota said nothing until he had gotten to his seat which was just at the head of the table, while Shilah’s own was right beside him. Thankfully, she was smart enough to know it was hers and went right to sit next to him.

“Greetings to you too” Dakota finally said.

“Please,take your seats”.

He waited for them to sit before taking his. And so did Shilah.

The women in the room were all stealing glances at Shilah. Probably, they had heard the news as well about the King’s new wife.

Shilah noticed how beautiful and sophisticated they looked, having that air of royalty around them and even on their faces.

She tried counting the number of men present and discovered they were eleven. Obviously, six from the Mountain Lions and the remaining five from the Vampire clutches. Dakota was the twelfth man. And their total number was multiplied by the number of women there. So you could imagine how full they were round the big table.

“Hope you didn’t have a rough ride, King Dakota!” One of the men asked.

Somehow, Shilah could tell he was an Alpha.

“Not at all, Alpine” Dakota adjusted on his seat.

“My ride here was awesome”.

“That’s good to hear’.

“It looks so good to see you again, King Dakota”

“Yes. And everyone of you. Now, can we move to the business of the day, please….”




Sukie could be seen with one of the elders as they did some decorations in the garden. The elders shouldn’t be working, but those two particularly – Sister Elphaba and Sister Zarah have always loved works that had to do with decortications. And that day, Sukie was helping them. And not just Sukie, but the troublesome Remata as well.

“This would definitely look so good” Sister Elphaba said as she showed Sukie a purple flower.

“Definitely. It’s so perfect”.

“How about we make it blue?” Remata snapped her fingers and the color of the flower changed immediately, turning it to blue.

Sukie glared at her.

“Thank you, Remata; but I prefer purple” She hissed and muttered some words and the flower changed back to purple instantly.

“It’s okay, Remata. I’d also go with the purple” Sister Zarah said and Remata simply rolled her eyes.

The four witches continued working meticulously until someone walked in – one of the minor witches.

“Greetings, sisters of the red coven” the lady greeted beamfully with her palms placed together.

She had something in a small tiny box with her.

“Greetings to you too, Mirinda. How’re you doing!” Sister Zarah asked.

“I’m fine, sister. Thank you” the lady replied and walked closer to Sukie.

“Someone just delivered this. It’s a gift from the woman you healed last week” she stretched out the box to Sukie who stood straight and collected it.

Oh, no…

“Um. Thank you, Sister Mirinda. I appreciate”.

“Oh. You’re welcome”. She bowed and left.

Sukie stood, staring at the box in her hand and Remata came close immediately.

“This same woman?” She scoffed.

“Why does she keep thanking you? First, she had sent you some fruits, then a letter. And now, she’s sending you a gift? Doesn’t she get tired of showing her appreciation?”

Sukie smiled and turned to look at her.

“Not everyone is as ungrateful as you are, Remata” she answered and walked away, telling the other sisters she’d be back.

She walked hastily, all the way to her room. And as soon as she got in, she leaned on the wall and took in a deep breath.

Her eyes were dwindling as she opened the box and found a glittering necklace in it. Oh, no…. Pishan!

She chuckled and took it out. What on earth is wrong with that boy? Hasn’t he apologized enough? Why sending more gifts?

A small smile touched her lips as she admired the beauty of the necklace. Hm. It wouldn’t be so bad keeping it as a gift anyway.

Oh, Pishan; he was so unbelievable.


As soon as Sukie her left the garden, Remata also left, going after the sister that had delivered the gift.

“Mirinda! Hey, Mirinda!” She called as she ran and Mirinda finally heard her and stopped.

“Sister Remata. Is there a problem?” She asked with concern as she turned to look at her.

“Of course, not, Mirinda. I just need a little favor from you” Remata smiled.

Well, most of the witches in the camp knew better than to disobey her. Besides, Mirinda doesn’t have a reason not to hell her.

“What favor sister Remata?” She asked politely and curiously.

Remata hesitated for two seconds.

“Who delivered that gift?” She finally asked.

“It was from a woman. She claims Sukie had healed her last week” The lady replied almost immediately, looking like she really had nothing to hide.

“I see. Well, I want you to trace that woman; find out everything you can about her and know if she was really sick” Remata said, and Mirinda showed her surprise.

“Okay, sister Sukie. But why, if I may ask?”

“I have my reasons. Just do as I say, okay? There’ll be a reward” Remata smiled and walked away.




It’s been several hours already and Shilah couldn’t deny being bored. Probably because the men had been the only ones talking. At some point, she was beginning to wonder why they were in the first place. Just to sit beside the men?


Some ladies had come in a while ago and poured out some drinks for them.

She listened to their conversations anyways, and enjoyed how the disputing packs laid their complaints and almost got into a fight; but of course, Dakota was there to calm the situation. After much arguments and deliberations, he was finally able to resolve the issue and reconcile the two Alphas.

They had other discussions about the Vampire community and Lord Ryder had done most of the talking. Hm. Lord Ryder; he seemed to be the one in control.

He was a tall elegant man, but had some tricky looks in his eyes.

The meeting was a very long one as the men had a lot to talk about and resolve. And when the meeting finally came to an end, Shilah couldn’t help but feel so much relived. She felt tired and could wait to get home and grab some rest.

“Thank you all for coming” Dakota said in conclusion as he stood up.

“I hope to see you all next time”.

“We hope so, King Dakota” Alpha Cleo beamed.

“Have a safe ride home”.

“Ride safely, King Dakota”.

Dakota nodded once, then turned around and started walking away. And as Shilah made to turn as well, her eyes caught the sight of one of the women, smiling at her.

She lowered her gaze and went after Dakota afterwards.

With Raksha and the other guards behind them, they got to the carriage and walked in.

Dakota noticed how Shilah heaved a huge sigh as soon as they entered the carriage. He shot her a glance before turning away completely. And Shilah’s cheeks got heated up, not wanting to believe the King had actually noticed her.

Prince Raksha came up to Dakota’s side of the window.

“We’re ready to move, My King” he said.

“Let’s get out of here” Dakota answered gruffly and in a short while, the carriage started moving.



Shilah’s eyes were pinned on her own side of the glassas they rode through the woods. Well, she didn’t know where else to look. Dakota was the only one in the carriage with her and she definitely couldn’t look at him.

“Where did you say you come from, Shilah?” She suddenly heard that cold familiar voice ask.

Her eyes darted open in surprise as she wanted to believe the King didn’t just say those to her.

Hold on; King Dakota was speaking to her???

She gasped and looked at him, but his eyes were elsewhere, just staring into the space in front of him. Goodness! He asked her a question!

She swallowed hard and looked away.

“Um….. I come from this pack, My King, and so do my parents. The place you had found me, was where I was brought up in” ” she replied timidly, her heart playing some party drums.

Hearing the King speak to her when it doesn’t have to be a command to get on his bed, was something else.

But, she was a little curious tho. Why was he asking her that?

King Dakota went into thoughts.

This lady…. Who was she?

There was something about her; something he couldn’t understand.

Suddenly, there was a loud grunt from outside, followed by the screeching of horses and his carriage screeching as well.

Shilah shook forth and back due to the rough screeching of the carriage. What’s happening?

King Dakota also looked around, not understanding a thing. And just then, he heard roars and yells.

“We’re under an attack!!” That was Raksha’s voice.

“Protect the King!” Another said.


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