Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 42

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 42

Shilah could feel her heart splitting in her chest; every ounce of safety she felt flew away from her as she heard those words.

They were under an attack? By who??? Why???

King Dakota also looked around, wanting to see what was happening.

He could hear roars and grunts and felt whoever was attacking them had changed into their wolf form already. No; he couldn’t just sit in here. It wasn’t the typical him to shield himself while his men were under an attack.

“Stay here” he muttered to Shilah, opened the curtain door of the carriage and jumped out to the scene.

It happened so fast; he analyzed everything in the twinkle of an eye.

One of his guards were already down, Pishan and the rest were still trying to fight them off, and the enemies they were fighting, were actually rogues. Ma*s*sive in number and all shifted into their wolf form.

Raksha looked around, noticing some of his guards were also trying to shift, but the rogues attacking them would barely give them a chance.

When one of the rogues spotted him, he growled and ran towards him, but Dakota was quick enough to kick a rib and crash it to the floor.

They were too many, and it dawned on Dakota they might not be able to defeat them; not in these forms.

And for him, trying to shift into his lion, he knew it would be a disaster. It would be too destructive and he might have a really hard time, shifting back to his human form. Nj

One of his guards got injured, and two other rogues charged towards him. And that was the point that left Dakota with no other option.

So, with a deep roar and stretch, he shifted into his lion, his clothes ripping off his body.

The rogues running towards him actually halted, getting dreaded at how ma*s*sively he extended. Furs replaced his skin, fangs replaced his teeth, claws grew out of his nails, and his cold handsome face grew into that of a beast.

The rogues were surprised, because they never thought Dakota would shift, knowing how uncontrollable his wolf form was. He could end up k*lling one of his own.

The two that were close to him wanted to retreat, but others charged towards him, and with a mighty beast replacing Dakota, he gave a loud roar and welcomed the fight – cracking the bones of many that came to him.


Shilah was still seated in the carriage, fear enveloping her. She’s never experienced a bloody fight before. Oh; of course, moving around with someone like the King, what was she expecting?

She could hear the cracking of bones, pained cries. What was really happening?

King Dakota, on the other hand, was doing a great job in unleasing his beast on the men. The rogues kept coming, but he didn’t relent in cracking their bones, strangulating them and giving them a hard fling. He wanted more; wanted more blood.

He kept k*lling as many that came to him, ignoring the claws that scratched through his back, multiple times. That didn’t matter to him at that moment.

And in the process, one of the rogues headed for the carriage itself.

Shilah was right in it and when the curtain opened with the face of a beast, she gave out a frightening scream.


The wolf stretched out his hand towels her and grabbed her neck, pulling her out of the carriage. Shilah couldn’t breathe anymore as fear and horror ch*oked her.

The wolf brought her roughly to the ground and was about scratching it’s claws on her face when he suddenly felt a stronger claws dive into his back.

He let out a painful grunt as the claws hurt him so bad and brought him to it’s knees. He didn’t need anyone to tell him it was the King. The King’s claws were more powerful than anyone else’s.

Dakota couldn’t comprehend the rage he felt when he found the imbecile trying to hurt Shilah. Possibly because she was a woman.

He gave him a different kind of death as he brought his claws out of his skin and scratched them all over his face and neck until the rogue dropped the dead on the floor.

The rest of the rogues, seeing how they were being k*lled, started retreating already.

Shilah was panting heavily as she stared at the Alpha King in front of her, standing so close to her.

It was clean white; looked so pure, and so beautiful.

Of course, it was the same one she had seen the other day in the woods. The Alpha’s beauty was incomparable.

King Dakota’s wolf was so close to Shilah, his furs ended up touching her skin, and as soon as that happened, he felt an unusual calmness, one that snapped him out of his beast and looked at her with so much keeness.

Shilah could also feel it – that cold. As he turned to look at her for the second time, she could feel the blood-hunger in his eyes, melting. She could feel that deep tranquility, like something unusual had happened.

King Dakota, who had been thinking kfy how impossible it would be to shift back to his human form, suddenly found it being so easy as the feeling came on its own.

He jumped into the carriage and there he shifted, being in his nàked form.d

Raksha, knowing the King had shifted and was definitely nàked, ran to his horse and returned with a large fabric. He rushed into the carriage and that was when he discovered the King was actually bleeding from the side.

“Dakota?” He called in surprise.

Dakota grunted a little painfully, feeling the pains. It must’ve been when one of the rogues scratched him. But the claws of other animals never affects him, unless it was poisoned.

“Whoever scratched you, must have poisoned his claws” Raksha confirmed, taking a comprehensive look at the spot.

Dakota gruffed.

“How bad is it, Raksha?” He asked.

“I don’t know. But I think it might get a lot worst if we don’t get you to a healer”. He replied.

“Let’s get moving, then. Let’s head back to the palace. Mato can treat me over there” He said, but Raksha shook his head.

“You don’t understand, King. It’s still a very long ride to the palace and I’m afraid you won’t make it till then. You need a healer – now”.

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