Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 92

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 92

Shilah held the steaming cup up in her hands and muttered her short prayer before taking it down and walking out of the kitchen.

The few maids she came across in the dark passage greeted her with so much respect and admiration, and of course, Shilah reciprocated the gesture.

She felt so relived and had smiles all over her face as she returned to the King’s room. And getting to the door, the guards didn’t bother informing the King about it but just let her in.

King Dakota was sitting on his usual spot and reading a book in the faint flame from the lantern. Well, he was already used to reading in very poor conditions.

Shilah walked in and noticed her heart gave a mighty leap the moment she saw him. Urgh! They’ve been together the whole evening…why was she feeling this anxious?

“I’m done, Alpha King” she placed the cup of tea on the table beside him.

And Dakota simply nodded with his gaze still focused on the book. Shilah bowed and turned towards the door.

“Stay back, Shilah” she halted when she heard the King’s voice. Oh…

She turned to face him and just stood patiently with her hands fiddling in front of her. Now, he was looking more of King Dakota and less of the man she had been with at the market place.

When they returned, he had taken his bath and changed into a night outfit, while Shilah did same as well. And decided to make him his tea to put him to sleep.

Thinking of the fun time they both had at the market, it brought tears to her eyes and made her wish such moment never had to end.

She smiled as she stood and waited patiently for the King to say whatever he wanted to say to her. But it took a really long time. And she was feeling so dizzy… Not just dizzy, but drunk as well.

“Some men could be so selfish, hm” he suddenly said, but it was a comment on his book as his gaze was still fully on it. “Had twelve sons, yet wanted more….”

The last statement pricked Shilah who wanted to know what it was all about. Well, she wasn’t the one reading…

King Dakota finally bobbed his head and closed up the book. And heaving deeply, he took the cup of tea from the table and sipped from it.

Shilah stood and watched silently as he swigged down the tea and unexplainably, a small smile touched her lips.

Why was she even smiling? She thought.

Perhaps, because she was thinking of their time at the market place. Or… because she enjoyed watching him drink her tea. King Dakota sipped from his tea again and still having half remaining in the cup, he stood up with it.

“Come with me, Shilah” the tea in his hand, he walked to the bed and sat on it.

Shilah was confused. Go with him? But, he still had his tea in his hand.

Taking a hard gulp, she went over and slowly sat beside him on the bed. Not so close – she kept a reasonable distance between herself and the King.

Dakota swigged from his cup again and held it down when he was done. And for a long time, silence danced around them.

But sitting next to the King, Shilah enjoyed it. The lantern on the table wasn’t bright enough to shine through to the bed area. And for that fact, the place on which they sat was a little shadowy.

It was so dim and cold plus Shilah was crazily enjoying the King’s scent. It smelt of power, royalty and a natural perfume. Why did he ask her to sit next to him by the way?

“Tonight reminded me of a lot of things, you know?” Dakota finally broke the silence, taking another sip from his cup.

“It reminded me of the man I used to be, before I became this. This. This cursed King”.

Something struck Shilah’s heart as her interest got crazily high. She turned and stared at him with rapt attention. King Dakota paused and drank from his cup again.

“While my father was still King”, he continued, the shadow of the curtain above them reflecting on his face. “I used to be a happy prince. Always minding my business and being loved by my mother. My mother – Queen Nana – was all I had in the world, and the only one I called friend. I’d never let anyone hurt her and go free – not even my stepmother. That was the reason… Raksha and I were always at loggerheads back then. His mother and mine were always fighting, and I was always there to make sure my mother doesn’t end up being the loser. No one messes with her and ever goes free…. because she was all I had.

“Growing up, she trained me to be the man I am. Knowing I’m the first son and my father’s heir, she trained me so well in preparation for the future. She always told me… I’ll be a great King; and I always told her – I’d rule with her by my side”.

He paused and sighed, and somehow, Shilah could sense a tragic story already.

“Day and night, when we have nothing to do, she’d read books to me and tell me books always have a lesson. She was all I had – was there for me when my father was too busy to care, was there for me when I needed a friend. She was my weakness….and they used her against me”.

His cold voice was beginning to get melted.

“They used my weakness against me – my weakness of not being able to handle betrayal and accept heartbreak. They used it…. when they took her away from me”. He paused, allowing some seconds and Shilah had to fill it in.

“T…. Took her away?” She stuttered, staring intensely ate him.

“Yes. They k*il*led her” the last line came in a whisper. Shilah’s jaws dropped at that. Oh, no…

“My mother never died a natural death; she was taken… k*il*led right in front of me”. His eyes had gotten so sore.

“I can remember vividly, holding her in my arms while she bled to death and I couldn’t do anything. That very night, I died, Shilah. Everything in me died when my mother left me while I could do nothing. I died”.

He paused and took another deep breath.

“I saw who k*il*led her – saw the lady’s face. She was dressed in black and covered her hair with a green fabric. Hair so long and dark, eyes white and glowing….

“She watched me holding my mother in my arms and ran away. And a while later, I stood up with my sword and ran after her.

“I wasn’t thinking… wasn’t Dakota. That night, I was a dead man, trying to avenge a death.

“I ran after her, into the dark woods and kept running until I’d arrived at what looked like a temple. And there I found her, kneeling and praying. She was dressed in black, hair long and dark, but I couldn’t see her eyes because she was backing me.

“My anger increased, seeing the lady that k*il*led my mother. And to think she even had the guts to pray…” He paused and scoffed.

“I ran to her with a yell and slashed my sword through her neck and with a swift gasp, she fell on the floor, heads up. And when she fell, that was when I realized I just made the worst mistake of my life. Because…. I looked into her face, and discovered she wasn’t the lady I was running after. She wasn’t the lady that k*il*led my mother. Instead, it was a worshipper of the goddess.

“She was coincidentally dressed like the k*il*ler and I was too angry to even think. Whoever k*il*led my mother, had set me up so I’d k*il*l that worshipper. And…. that was how I became cursed.”

“Oh, no..” Shilah gasped as she lifted her palm to her lips, covering it in shock. A tear slipped her pale eye immediately. This isn’t happening.

“They k*il*led my mother, and set me up,” The King continued, the pain becoming so obvious in his voice.

“For k*il*ling Selene’s sacred servant, I became cursed – never to sleep, never to eat, and never to have a male child. And from that day onwards, I never knew what happiness felt like again”.

“My King..!” Shilah’s voice cracked, her heart bleeding heavily.

“Oh! I’m so…. I’m so sorry”.

Dakota huffed and drank the last of his tea.

“The scars on my chest..” he continued.

“I got them when my father had ordered his powerful guards to whip me for k*il*ling the goddess’ servant. He called me foolish for letting my anger get the better part of me. They whipped me mercilessly, and left me covered in blood. That day, was the worst day of my life…. and it happened on a full moon. I lost my mother, took an innocent life for the first time, got cursed by the goddess, and while I was still mourning, got whipped and scarred by my father. So many things made me this cold-hearted, Shilah. And that’s the reason the full moon is always my greatest enemy.

“The lady that k*il*led my mother… I never got to see her again; but I’ll never forget her face. And I swear on my mother’s memories, I’ll k*il*l her. Even if I only get to see her in my next life, I’ll make sure I k*il*l her. It’s a promise”.

He paused and sighed again.

“For over fifteen years, I’ve been an unhappy soul – a King full of pains and regrets. But today, I got to taste what happiness felt like again. I got to have a glimpse of what I had enjoyed with my mother…. before she was taken from me. Thank you, Shilah” he turned to look at her and smiled when he found her in tears.

The smile happened in the dark, Shilah couldn’t notice.

“I’m so sorry” She whimpered, tears rolling down. “You didn’t deserve it; didn’t deserve it at all”.

Her heart was just too weak for it. To think he’s been passing through such pains for over fifteen years? Who could’ve done this to him?

Dakota sighed and pulled her close, making her head rest on his chest.

“It’s fine, Shilah” he crooned.

“You don’t have to worry, I’ll live p@ssthis pain”.

His hand caressed her hair as she wept and sobbed like a child on him.






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