Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 31

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 31

Next Morning,

Shilah turned on the bed, opened her eyes and groaned, still feeling slight pains on her vàgina.

She breathed heavily as she laid there on the bed, staring up at the ceiling and recounting what had happened the previous night.

Oh, the pains, the new feeling, the penetration… she still couldn’t believe she’d finally lost her virginity, to a King she barley knew.

She sniffed and looked in-between her legs, having a glimpse at the thick semen that spurred through her thighs. Urgh! She needed a bath.

She left the bed and went into the bathroom afterwards, for a bath.




“Ina, are you being serious about thist? You really want to go to the palace?” Mrs Walter queried as she watched her daughter fix her shoes.

“I just told you, mum. I need to have a talk with Shilah”. Ina replied.

“A talk about what exactly? About getting revenge on Queen Chaska? Don’t forget it’s the King’s first wife we’re talking about here. Are you losing your mind??” Mrs Walter snapped, but Ina said nothing until she was done with her shoes and stood up.

“I’d advise you not to worry about it, mum. I’ll handle it; I and Shilah” she said and turned towards the door.

“It’s always Shilah, huh?” She suddenly heard another voice and turned to see Vanessa standing at a corner of the room.

“You’re always using her, even when she’s already in a bigger trouble because of us”.

“You should learn to mind your business, Vanessa; so you don’t get into trouble someday”. Ina snapped with a glare.

“Really?” Vanessa scoffed.

“I just wish the Queen discovers your plot and punishes you for it instead” she hissed and walked away, while Ina decided to ignore her and left the house.


Shilah came out of the bathroom with a fabric round her body; she was dripping w*et,from her hair which had become slim and relaxed. She was about going to the wardrobe to get something to wear when she heard a knock on the door.

“Wh…. Who’s it?” She asked, her hands on her chest.

“Queen Shilah, it’s me”. The voice replied.

Oh: it was Queen Dyani.

She hurried towards it immediately and opened it, and there she found the Queen, dressed beautifully with a small smile on her face.

“Good morning, My Queen” Shilah bowed.

“Oh! Shilah, you shouldn’t bow that way when greeting me. You’re also a Queen, you know? Anyways, how’re you doing? How was your night?” Dyani spoke so calmly.

“It was um…fine” Shilah gulped hard.

Why would she want her to stop bowing when greeting her?

“That’s good to hear. Can I come in?”

“Of course; of course”.

Shilah moved away from the door, creating enough space for her, and Dyani walked in.

“Actually”, she turned to look at her.

“I just came over to check up on you. You know, about last night…. Since you said it’s your first time. But, it looks to me like you’re doing okay”.

“Yes, I…. I think I’m fine” Shilah nodded.

Hmm. Dyani could clearly remember her first night with the King; he had been so rough on her, she couldn’t leave her room for two days.

“It’s obvious the King decided to be easy on you” she said to Shilah with a smile.

“You’re lucky”.

Shilah didn’t get what she meant.

“You should dress up. It’s breakfast time”. She added.

“Alright; I will”.


Shilah went ahead to check for something suitable to wear and soon, she found it. She went behind the curtains to put them on and stepping out, she really looked like a Queen.

“You should brush your hair” Dyani reminded her, and she nodded and walked over to the mirror to brush it.

In no time, she was done.

“Come on; let’s go” Dyani tilted her hair and together, they left the room.

The two pretty Queens walked down the hallway with the various maids they came across, bowing to them. Although, Shilah felt less of a Queen, no matter how hard she tried.

“Do you have a child?” Shilah suddenly asked one disturbing question she’s always had in mind.

She just wanted to know why Queen Dyani wasn’t looking as troublesome ad the others.

“Oh! Of course, I do” Dyani smiled. “Just one – a girl”

Shilah arched her brows as the thought suddenly dawned on her. She was almost just realizing it; the other Queens….. they also have females. She’s never heard of the King having a male child.

“The…. The King doesn’t have a male child?” She looked at Dyani and asked.

“Yes, sadly. All three wives, females. Queen Chaska has two daughters, Queen Nosheba has two. And me, just one. The King doesn’t have an heir yet”. Dyani explained and Shilah couldn’t help but being amused.

“Wh…. Why’s it so?” She asked.

“I wish I had an idea, Shilah. The King’s issue is kind of .. complicated. He barely has appet*ite to eat; doesn’t sleep. Yesterday at the dining, if you noticed; he couldn’t even eat with us. He had to leave right away”.

Shilah’s mind drifted to it immediately. That was very true. She could remember being confused about it. The King doesn’t have appet*ite? But, why? Abs also can’t sleep? Could that be the reason he was always reading?

“I don’t even know what is wrong with him, and what the causes are. But, I do hope he gets better and things change” Dyani adderall and at that time, they’d already gotten to the entrance of the dining room.

But unfortunately, they ran into Queen Chaska.

“Wow” Chaska chuckled.

“Looks like someone’s having friends already”.

Shilah lowered her gaze to the floor – as usual.


“I think you two are a perfect match” Chaska cut her off from talking.

“You’re both low llves; so stick together”.

She huffed and walked in.

“Just remember what I told you, Shilah” Dyani turned to Shilah and said.

“To survive here, you just mind your business”.

Shilah nodded and they walked in together.


King Dakota stood in front room with Pishan behind him as he wore on his robe.

“You’re having breakfast today?” Pishan asked, watching him from behind.

“Yes. I’m not really hungry tho. But, Just feel like eating”. Dakota said.

He walked over to his jewelries and slid his gold ring into his finger.

“You’re not hungry?” Pishan asked, sounding surprised.

“Yes. I was able to eat enough last night” Dakota said, relaxing his hair with his palms.

“I don’t understand” Pishan scoffed.

“What do you mean you were able to eat last night? Eat what? How?”

“I know it’s surprising, Pishan. I’m equally surprised; but yeah, I did eat. I’d call it….a miracle. Maybe my appet*ite is okay now” Dakota replied, leaving Pishan amused.

Although, seeing the King recovering from his curse would be the happiest thing for him, but he just couldn’t help but feel amused.

“Let’s go” Dakota told him when he was done with his looks, and they left the room together.



He walked all the way to the dining room, with Pishan taking a turn afterwards since he couldn’t join them for breakfast.

Two guards had been behind him and stopped at the entrance of the dining, while Dakota walked in.

His family were all present – all four wives, His step mother, and step brother.

“Greetings, My King” they all greeted respectfully with a bow, and Dakota simply waved his hand before taking his seat at the head of the table.

Shilah found herself staring longer at him than expected, but the moment he looked at her, she quickly stared away.

“How was your night, Dakota?” Queen Jadis asked, taking some flaumpens.

“It was fine, mother. Thank you” he answered and reached for some water.

The maids quickly served him his meal, and afterwards, he tried eating.

Shilah observed him as he scooped in a spoon of soup and tried gulping it down, but couldn’t.

King Dakota, on the other hand, was confused. Why couldn’t he eat anymore? The previous night, he had eaten like his problems were over, but this morning, he couldn’t anymore. What could the problem be?

“Dakota” Queen Jadis cooed with her hand on his.

“Are you alright? Should um…. the maids make you something else to eat?”

“There’ll be no need for that, mother” Dakota gruffed as he dropped his spoon and drew his chair backwards.

Shilah lowered her head. So, the King really doesn’t eat? That was so awful.

“Chaska, Nosheba, Dyani, Shilah” Dakota suddenly and they all looked at him, with Shilah feeling the more nervous.

“You should get ready. Tomorrow morning, we go hunting”. He stood up and left.

“Hunting?” Nosheba muttered as he walked away, while Chaska had a huge smile on her face.

Oh! She’s always loved huntings.

As for Shilah, she was stunned. Hunting?? With the King and the three Queens??

She doesn’t know a thing about hunting! What if she ends up getting hunted herself?



Pishan was around the door when Dakota walked out, looking really displeased.

“You’re out so early” Pishan said, trying to get answers from his expression.

“Couldn’t eat. Didn’t have the appet*ite” Dakota said.

They both started walking together, with the two guards behind them.

“But you told me you were able to eat last night. What happened?” Pishan asked, looking displeased.

And in deep thoughts, Dakota muttered:

“I have no idea, Pishan. I don’t know what happened last night”.

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