Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 52

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 52

Her eyes went shut as she threw her head backwards and tried gulping down the pains.

Oh, goodness! Why does it feel this way? Why?.

Dakota withdrew out to the tip, staring down at the vàgina and noting how dry it was. No wonder it hurts that way. ..

Well, Dakota was the strict kind of man and couldn’t bring himself to please a woman, unless it was someone he was very familiar with.

Shilah winced as she felt him sliding right into her again, tearing up the walls of her vàgina and creatine an immense pain. Her fingers clung tight onto the bedsheets beside her, wishing they could hold onto something else.

Dakota groaned as he felt the warm vàgina clothing and squeezing him tight as he f0rced his way in. It was always different; always felt different.

His teeth gritted as he pulled out to the tip again, then went right in to the hole which had become more w*et and welcoming.

Shilah let out a whimper, trying to take it all in…

Her legs were wide open as the King rested in between, thrusting in and out. Dakota wasn’t the type that m*oa*ned in bed, but this time around, he couldn’t help but grunt from the ephemeral ple@sures he felt.

His hands were right beside her hair, holding onto the bedsheets for balance and as his hard organ slided in and out of her warm soothing vàgina, they sent more shivers down his spine. He could feel his system grumbling already; the hunger was beginning to set in.

Shilah’s breath was beginning to hitch as she winced with her eyes still closed. But the pains…. the pains were beginning to melt into something else; bit by bit.

Dakota’s pace naturally increased, his thighs slamming with hers so fast, so hard. His hand reached for her left knee and roughly, he lifted it up so he balances in a different way in-between her legs.

He could feel it; his cravings were getting tripled for her; He just wanted her more; wanted to bury himself deep into her all day. But his grumpy side was never going to let him a*s*sociate that way.

He paused and stared down at her vàgina and noticed how sore it had become. She was still too tight for this; too tight for prolonged sèx. If he proceeds any further, he’d definitely make her bleed. And for that, he needed to restrain his beast.

So, he changed direction and decided to release already. He could feel that intense hunger building up and invisible hands squeezing him tight as he headed for climax.

Shilah noticed the sudden increase in his pace and at that moment z the feeling became bitter – sweet. He was moving too fast and nearly bruising her.

“Ah!” She shrieked when she felt him hit her pelvíc so hard while trying to thrust back in.

The pain overwhelmed the sweetness at that point as she felt hurt.

Dakota noticed but didn’t stop; No man heading to climax would ever stop.

He lifted his right hand to her hair and grabbed it tight. And Shilah’s hands, unconsciously, left the sheets and moved up to the sides of his chest. Luckily, they didn’t touch his scar.

Dakota yanked hard on her hair, his teeth gritting as he felt himself so close to the top.

“My King….” Shilah let out a faint whimper, the roughness too much for her.

He finally hit climax and his entire body jerked as he poured himself inside of her; every damn thing.

The relief came rushing in immediately, even Shilah could tell as she felt his manhoód melt inside of her.

“Oh….” She muttered softly.

Dakota stayed that way for sometime, trying to get a grip of himself. And finally, he pulled out of her and left the bed immediately, taking up his clothes from the floor.

Shilah, who was still undergoing some little pains, tried not to look as the King dressed up. There was so much heat on her chest and she couldn’t help but feel exhausted from the activity.

As soon as Dakota was done dressing up, he walked away – into the bathroom without saying a word to Shilah. He was already hungry and needed to get the maids to make a meal for him.

When Shilah noticed he’d left, she stood up weakly from the floor, took her clothes from the floor and left the room after dressing up.




Chaska stood anxiously in the kitchen as she made the King’s tea. Yes, she was anxious because she was really hoping it was going to work.

Her maid, Gina, was right behind her, watching with e*cstasy.

Shilah; whatever sorcery she was trying to use was definitely going to fail her. She had worked so hard to keep Nosheba and Dyani away from being the King’s favorite. Now, never was she going to let that little powerless thing try to reap where she’d never sown. Never.

She heard footsteps from the door and turned to see one of the maids trying to walk in.

“What’re you doing here??! I thought I ordered everyone out?!” Chaska yelled, her eyes flashing with terrible anger.

“I’m so sorry, My Queen. I just needed to get something very important…” The maid was nearly genuflecting.

“Is it more important than your life?? Get out, you fool!” She said raucously and without further hesitation, the maid turned around and left.

Chaska hissed as she glared hard at the door and finally returned her gaze to the tea she was making. Gina said nothing or did nothing, but only washer her Queen.

When Chaska was done with the tea, she took in a deep breath and lifted it up.

“Dear Selene” she began.

“Protector of the mountain lions; the invisible one who rules every mountain and guides every Alpha.

“I come before you today with a plea; As I take this to the King, may it bring an unusual calmness and put him to sleep. May he find rest and feel refreshed. This I ask”. She had a small smile as she concluded the prayers and brought the cup down from mid-air.

But she wasn’t done.

She gave it a few seconds before lifting the cup again and channelling her next prayers to the spirits.

“Dear Spirits”, she began.

“I make this plea to you today, to touch this tea and make it unque as I hand it over to the King. I pray; make him feel relaxed and fall into a deep sleep so he feels refreshed. I’ll definitely return with my thanksgiving as soon as this works for him. This I ask”.

Her heart was practically beaming as she lowered the cup down to the table. She couldn’t tell why, but she felt this a*s*surance; felt this relief that the tea was definitely going to work. Finally, she’d be of help to the King.

“Wow! I’m so sure your prayers will be answered, My Queen” Gina said from behind and it only made Chaska more happy.

She smirked as she took up the cup and turned around.

“Thank you, Gina. Let’s go”she walked out the door while Gina followed.



It was a long walk to the King’s chambers, but when she finally got there, it felt worth the walk.

“I need to see the King” she said to the guards, having this air of confidence around her.

The first guard walked in to inform the King and returned shortly.

“The King is ready to see you”. He said, and Chaska beamed and walked in.

Gina had to wait outside for her.

Her eyes found the King looking really busy in front of his huge table. He was writing on some scrolls – like he mostly does. Well, what do you expect from a man who was the Overall Leader of seven different mountains, and five different clutches? He was bound to be very busy.

“Greetings, My King” Chaska lowered her head a bit, unable to take the smiles off her face.

She held the cup of tea so delicately in her hands, like it meant the world to her.

“Chaska” Dakota called, not sparing her a glance.

“What brings you here? It’s almost dark and I still have a lot to do”.

“I… I understand, My King. I just…I made you some tea” Chaska replied and Dakota stopped writing immediately as he looked at her.

He actually had plans of telling Shilah to make him some later on.

“I know what you’re thinking, My King” Chaska chipped in immediately before the King would discard her.

“And I a*s*sure you; it’s not what you think. This is different from the others I’ve been making and I’m a hundred percent sure it’s going to put you to sleep. Just trust me on this one, My King”.

Dakota sighed and continued writing.

“What makes you think it’d be any different, Chaska?” He asked, his hands moving freely on the scroll.

Chaska was almost tongue-tied.

“Well, I…. I used the method Shilah had used. Just trust me on this, My King and see the wonders” she sounded so sure, Dakota spared her another glance.

“Alright then. You should drop it and leave” he told her and with excitement, she walked closer to his table and set it down.

“I’m always available, My King; just incase you need me” she touched his shoulder which freezed him for a second. And afterwards, she left.




It was so late already, but Dakota was still working. Although, he was almost done.

He felt so tired, but the dizziness wasn’t forthcoming. How does he get to sleep?

His eyes found the empty cup of tea Chaska had made for him. Yes, it was empty because he had drank every drop of it; but it’s been hours already, yet the dizziness wasn’t forthcoming. He couldn’t feel a single thing.

He sighed and leaned back on his chair, thinking of what he could possibly do. He could remember how good he felt, sleeping earlier that day.

Oh…..If only he could have that opportunity again.

He glanced at the window. It was so dark and no doubt, everyone would be asleep already – including her.

But, he didn’t have an option and needed her.

“Guard!” He called and the door opened immediately with one of the guards rushing in.

“My King..” he went down on one knee, head bowed.

Dakota hesitated a little before letting out the command:

“Go get me Shilah”.

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