Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 99

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 99

Shilah sat on the King’s bed, watching admirably as he worked on some letters. She had come into the room about an hour ago and the King had asked her to just sit and wait for him.

Well, sitting that way wasn’t a problem for her as she derived ple@sure in admiring the King – the way he worked and wrote almost effortlessly.

Her chin on her palm, she suddenly recalled the dream and thought of how happy the King would be to have a son. Dear Spirits, she sincerely hoped that dream would come to pass. It didn’t matter which of his wives would bear the child, all she wanted was the dream to come true.

After a longer while, the King rounded up his work on the table, stood up and started walking towards the bed and that was when it dawned on Shilah – it was time.

But his meal wasn’t there yet – she thought. Or .. maybe the maids would bring them once he was done and hungry.

“On your feet, Shilah” he gave the order when he stood in front of her.

It might have been a harmless word, but it sounded like an order to Shilah.

Standing up, she made to undress herself but was surprised when the King held her hand and turned her around. Huh?

She stayed still, wondering what he had in mind. And to a bigger surprise, The King got hold of her neck rope and started un-tieing it.

“My…. My King” Shilah stuttered, trying to tilt her head to look at him.

“Stay still, Shilah” but his grumpy voice shut her up.

Gulping hard, she steadied her head and awaited him to do as he pleased. And in a short while, her dress was falling over her shoulder. It dropped to the floor, leaving in her nature state. And with the King standing behind her, he crawled his hands upto her neck.

Shilah was still in shock, knowing the King undressed her himself, but she was in greater shock knowing he was touching her that way.

Hot shivers rushed through her, feeling his hands on her neck. What exactly was he doing?

“Get on the bed, Shilah, on your knees” he whispered into her ears.

Nodding once, she got to the bed and knelt, hands and legs down. Her breath was hitching, if only the King could hear. And few minutes later, she heard the rumpling of clothes and could tell the King was taking off his clothes. It was so fast and eager, few seconds later, she could feel his weight on the bed behind her.

Her waist shook a little when he touched it, but she tried as much as possible to stay still. She awaited the King to penetrate as usual, but was surprised when she felt a hand touch her vàgina. What? She shook and turned slightly.

“Stay still, Shilah” he urged.

She swallowed hard and tried doing as he said, but it was almost too difficult for her as the King continued caressing her and ended up pushing a finger in.

“Ouch” She released a soft m*oa*n, finding it strange.

What is he doing?? The King withdrew the finger and pushed it back in again, then steadied the movement by moving it in and out.

Shilah shook mercilessly in front of him as she felt herself dripping w*et. Whatever he was doing to her…was so so strange.

Finally, the finger pulled out completely and the next thing she felt was his big hard cóck, sliding into her.

“Oh….” Her tone was soft and calm.

But she noticed it felt less painful. Riding her from behind has always felt so different – she thought.

She tightened her grip on the bed, clamped her lips and shut her eyes as she took in the e*cstasy. Pulling back a bit, the King banged into her again, this time around, pushing his full length in and touching the end of her cl*t.

“Mmh..!” Another m*oa*n left her.

The King had already prepped her and made her w*et. So, this time around, it was less painful indeed and felt so different.

Having his full length in her w*et, tight vàgina was something that could run her insane as she could feel the impact on her navel. She felt so full – painfully full, and the King felt so tight. Her warm vàgina clasping him tight was pulling him to climax.

Getting hold of her hair, he yanked hard on it and started banging into her, fast and hard. His thighs slammed so hard on hers and echoed round the room while hitched whimpers left her lips.

He was riding her to the moon – she thought. The feeling…it was just extreme.

Her brèasts bounced hardly on her chest as she was f0rced to move back and forth, her scalp hurt a little from the King’s harsh grasp, but there was nothing compared to what she was feeling down there – in between her legs.

There were tiny droplets from her v@gina as the King dug deeper into it, going in and out and making sure to hit the mouth of her womb on every end. The walls of her v@gina were stretching and screaming for more, and the King’s c*oc*k was ever ready to give it to them.

He freed her hair and reached for one of the bouncing brè@sts instead, cupping it tight in his arms.

“Ah!” Shilah grunted sharply, having a mixed feeling of both pain and ple@sure.

She moved a little but the King put her back in place and spread her legs wider to settle in between.

“Too good” she heard him grunt for the first time.

Using his second hand, he reached for her second bre@st and cupped it like the first. And having the two bre@sts in his hand, he increased his pace and banged so hard on her.

“Oh, please, please!” Shilah cried out, saying words she didn’t mean.

The heat became too much, it was driving the King mad. And shortly, he pulled out of her, but that wasn’t the end of it.

He turned her over and laid down on the bed, his heavily erécted d*ic*k standing up straight and crying for more.

“Come up, Shilah” he urged, his tone sounding really rasped.

Shilah was confused. Come up? She didn’t know of that style.

Feeling so shy of seeing the King’s size, she slowly crawled upto him, crossed her legs over and sat on him. What was he doing? She thought.

King Dakota, knowing she was clueless about it, lifted her butts and helped her push the díck right in.

“Oh…” Shilah m*oa*ned in amusement.

Taking it in that manner, she never knew of it.

The King slowly pushed it in, loving how the walls sat milk-ly on him. And when his full length was inside of her, he pushed her closer to lean on him.

“Come on, Relax” he gruffed.

Shilah nodded painfully and leaned on him, her chest touching his as she lied. And with the King’s hands lifting her butts, he began thrusting in and out of her from that position .

“Oh, please!” Shilah cried out, her breath touching his face due to the close position.

Her both hands were helplessly on his shoulders, holding him tight as she wondered how strong he could be to sèx her in that position.

He was grunting lightly, his balls hitting her cl*toris as he pounded hard and fast while Shilah cried on his chest.

And suddenly, he stopped.

He stopped moving in her, but still had his organ inside of her. And when Shilah lifted her head to look him in the face, he took the most shocking move. He took her n*pple into his lips!


Her eyes widened in shock, watching him wrap his lips around her left n*pple and s*ckling from it.

“Oh, goodness!” She threw her head backwards and m*oa*ned, unable to contend the tingling sensation.

Then, rhythmetically, the King resumed thrusting in and out of her with his lips still s*ckling from her.

“Oh, My King!” Shilah cried out, unconsciously brushing her fingers into his soft hair.

What was he doing to her??? Her entire body was shaking, the nipple s*ckling and hard thrusting was just too much for her, just too much.

A tear came rolling out of her right eye – tears of ephemeral ple@sure. Oh! She’s never felt this way before – the Spirits would bear her witness.

He left the n*pple and moved onto the right one, rolling his tongue on it and bringing out the 0rg@sms in her.

Her m*oa*ns echoed repeatedly, her fingers shook in his hair. And at some point, she let out a very sharp cry.

It struck the King to climax, her w*et vàgina gripped him so tight and milked him dry.

“Damn it! Shilah!” He grunted under his breath, his lips freeing her nipple, and his hands falling from her butts.

“My King..!” Shilah whimpered, her head falling restlessly and resting on his chest. She bawled on him.

King Dakota was silent for a while, trying to catch his breath with his fallen organ still inside of her.

He could sense her tiredness. Having her sob on his chest, melted something inside of him.

And after a while, when she was calm, he turned over to lie on the bed.

Her eyes were looking so heavy, but she still wanted to get up to dress as usual. But, the King stopped her.

“It’s Okay, Shilah” he crooned.

“You can spend the night here”.

Shilah could hear him, but could hardly react.

“T… Thank you” she muttered feebly and closed her eyes in sleep.

The King, after a while, stood and stared at her face – the innocence, calmness. He’s never seen her kind of person.

So naive, yet sweet.

He shook his head and lifted the bed duvet to cover her properly.

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