Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 100

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 100




Shilah sat tiredly on the bed, listening attentively as Dyani demonstrated the points to her.

“It’s called a bl0wj0b” she said. “And it’s an act where you s*ck the manh00d”.

“M… Manh00d?” Shilah repeated, having a crumpled look on.

“Yes, Shilah. It’s another form of ple@sure. You first of all, wrap your hand around it, stroke it gently, lick your tongue around it and take it fully into your mouth. Make sure you’re careful not to bite it” Dyani enthused.

“But…it sounds strange. I don’t even think the King would let me do something like that to him,” she grouse.

“Stop kidding yourself, Shilah. The King loves bl0wj0b. That’s the reason you need to learn so he doesn’t get bored with you on bed,” Dyani said and Shilah rolled her eyes and leaned back on the wall.

“So”, she continued.

“You take it in, tickle it and pull it out from your mouth, then, take it right in again. You do it gently, and if any semen cones out, you try to gulp it down….”

Shilah felt so tired and dizzy as she listened to Dyani’s lessons. Well, for the past few days, Dyani had taken it upon herself to lecture her on how to please the King on bed. Since Shilah was a novice, she didn’t want the King to get bored with just one sèx pattern from her. So, she had taken it upon herself to be her sèx tutor.

Well, the past weeks had been really smooth for Shilah. No troubles from the other wives – even Queen Chaska had crawled into her shell when she returned from her sister’s place. And Queen Nosheba…she had just been invisible.

Most of the times, they only met during breakfasts and ate in absolute silence.

She’s grown fonder of the King – being in his room most of the time and pleasuring him. And the King had also seem to be softer towards her. She helps him out in writing, accompanied him on three occasions to take a walk. And the news was spreading really fast that Shilah was becoming the King’s favourite.

It’s just been really smooth for her.


Dyani was still talking but stopped when she noticed Shilah had dozed off with her head on the wall.

“Not again. Shilah?” She mumbled and called. “Shilah” she jolted her out of sleep.

And with tired eyes, Shilah sat up. “You fell asleep again, Shilah. I was talking”: Dyani grouse.

And Shilah yawned lightly before replying.

“I’m…. I’m sorry. I just …” She paused and sighed. “I just feel really sleepy”.

“You’ve been sleeping alot for some days now, Shilah. Are you sure you’re fine?” Dyani asked observantly.

“I’m… I’m fine. I mean, I’ll be fine. Although, I just feel a little…. sick”. Shilah stuttered and touched her neck. “I think I just need some sleep – that’s all”.

Dyani placed her chin on her jaw and stared at Shilah with scrutiny. A thought flashed through her mind, but just then, a knock interrupted.

“Who’s it?” Dyani asked instead, before Shilah.

“It’s me, my Queen” she heard that familiar voice and knew it was her personal maid. Getting up, she walked to the door and opened it.

“What’s the problem?” She asked upon seeing the maid.

“It’s your daughter, My Queen. She said she needs you” the maid delivered and Dyani rolled her eyes.

“That kid again” she muttered.

She closed the door and turned back to Shilah to tell her she was about leaving, but to her surprise, Shilah was already asleep on the bed.


She shook her head, opened the door and left.

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