Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 93

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 93

Shilah turned slightly on the bed, her brows arching due to the sun’s reflection on her face. It should probably be from the window. She tossed again and let out a sigh when her hand touched the soft pillow.

“Mmm” she m*oa*ned tiredly.

Suddenly, something occurred to her – how did she get to her room? Hold on… She fluttered her eyes open and gasped when she found herself lying on the King’s bed, in the King’s room! Whaaaaa???

She sat up immediately, her eyes dilating in shock. She…. she slept in the King’s room??? How possible????

Looking around in shock, she discovered she was actually the only one there. Where was the King? What just…What just happened???

The last she could recall, he had told her a story which brought her to tears, then hugged her and….Oh, no! She had slept off on his chest!

She gasped and covered her mouth with her palm. How on earth did this happen??? Why would she sleep off on his….


She brushed her fingers into her hair again, imagining how the King must’ve laid her on the bed to sleep. What was she even saying?? It’s possible he asked her to go to her room and she dizzily refused. What has she done???

“Oh, Shilah!” She shook her head frustratedly as she left the bed and just then, the door of the bathroom opened with the King walking out c

No, no. She really didn’t want to see him.

Her heart summersaulted in her chest as she watched him walking with those authoritative steps of his – dressed in royal robe, his long hair perfectly packed and his boots hitting hard on the floor as he walked towards his table.

He spared Shilah a glance but didn’t stop walking. And quickly, Shilah sprang from the bed.

“Gr…. Greetings, My King” she stuttered nervously, head bowed.

“Greetings to you too, Shilah. Trust you slept well?” His warm reply wasn’t what Shilah had been expecting.

She lifted her head slowly to look at him, then lowered it again.

“Y…Yes, I did” she lied.

Yes, she lied because she couldn’t even recall how she had slept off in the first place!

Dakota said nothing as he stood in front of his table and arranged some scrolls.

“Uhm…. My King” Shilah itched her her nape.

“I’m…. I’m so sorry. I mean, I can’t even recall how I had slept off. Please, it wasn’t intentional, My King. I had no idea I’d slept off on the bed. I’m really sorry”.

King Dakota paused and shot her a stare, then let out a scoff.

“If I didn’t want you on my bed, you’d have woken up in your room, Shilah” he turned back to what he was doing, leaving Shilah tongue-tied.

Uh…. does this mean he wasn’t angry and had no problem with her sleeping on his bed? Oh….

“Go and freshen up, Shilah and return when you’re done” he further said as he took a seat.

“I’ll be needing your help here today”.

Help? Shilah thought. What help??

“Um….Okay, My King. I’ll take my leave now” she bowed and started towards the door; but getting to the door, she paused and stared at him.

“Thank you, Alpha” she added with a genuflect and finally left, while the Alpha King stared at the shut door for a while.



Queen Nosheba smiled as she watched Raksha fixing his belt in a haste, sweat all over his neck. The room was so cold and the bed looked rough as a result of what had just happened.

“This is the perfect meal I needed for breakfast” Prince Raksha teased as he started fixing his buttons and Nosheba laughed.

“You’re always a joker, you know?” She replied, giving that seductive smile at him. She watched him dress completely, and when he was done, he went close and kissed her lips.

“Always sweet. You know I love you, right?” He cooed.

“Of course, I do. And I love you too” she smiled. He pecked her hair and finally left the room.

As soon as he was gone and Nosheba alone in the room, she sprawled her arms and legs on the bed and chuckled out. Oh, Raksha.

Few seconds later, she heard the door opening and quickly sat up to have a look. Oh; it was Nivea, holding her child.

“Are you done bathing her?” She asked as she stretched out her arms to collect the baby.

“Yes, My Queen. It’s all done” Nivea nodded and gave the calm baby to her.

Nosheba’s heart blossomed, staring at the pretty girl in her arms. Hm. With each passing day, she was getting to develop a soft spot for her child and didn’t have that deep hatred she had developed for her the day she was born. She might be a really terrible mother…but at least, she was developing a soft spot.

“My Queen” Nivea suddenly called.

“I like the plan you have with Prince Raksha, but I’m just scared for you. What if you get caught by the King? You know the penalty for adultery is death and you also know how cruel the King can be when betrayed. I wouldn’t want such thing happening to you, My Queen”.

Nosheba smiled as she placed her baby to lie on her shoulder.

“Dear Nivea” she began calmly.

“Your concern for me is alarming and I really appreciate that. But you don’t have to worry dear, because I’m extra careful. Yes, I have plans with Raksha, but I also have my personal plans to make sure nothing goes wrong” she paused and kissed her daughter’s face.

“And talking about my personal plans….” She continued.

“I think it’s time I have intercourse with the King because in a few weeks time, I should be taking in again” she concluded with a smile.

Definitely, she should get it done today.


Getting to the room, Shilah took her bath, had a change of clothes and found something to eat. And when she was done, she went over to Dyani’s room to check up on her.

Dyani had so much to discuss with her as she had wanted to know how the date went. And of course, Shilah didn’t leave any place unturned.

As they talked about it, Dyani accompanied her to the King’s room and had to stop when they got to the door.

“We’ll see later then. Bye” Dyani said.

“Yes, thank you” Shilah gave her a parting hug and watched her leave.

Afterwards, she turned towards the door and awaited the guard’s permission to go in.

King Dakota was on his usual spot, writing, when Shilah walked in.

“You’re back” he muttered with his attention still on the scroll in front of him .

“Yes, Alpha King” Shilah genuflected close to him.

And for the next few minutes, the King was silent.

Shilah stood patiently as usual, just watching as he wrote neatly on the scroll. His writing was so pleasing to the eyes; she didn’t even get tired of standing and staring.

“You said you know how to write, and read, right?” The King finally stopped and looked at her.

“Yes, Yes, Alpha” she nodded quickly.

“Good. Cause I’ll be needing your a*s*sistance today – have a lot to cover up”. He picked a big book from the table and handed to her.

“I want you to go to the fifty-seventh page, and write out the content from there, down to this script”. He pulled out a blank script and handed to her.

“Okay, Alpha. Thank you” Shilah bowed and made to sit on the floor.

“What’re you doing, Shilah?” She froze when she heard him ask, his hand touching his forehead.

“Come sit over here” he pointed to the seat facing his and Shilah smiled and went over to sit.


For a long time, Shilah and the King were both silent as they just worked dedicatedly.

It gave Shilah so much joy knowing the King had chosen her to a*s*sist him with such task, and also realizing how privileged she is to know how to read and write.

Even the King could notice the excitement on her face and it puzzled him to know how humble she was.

The silence went on for a while, until suddenly, a knock was heard on the door.

“Who’s it?” Dakota lifted his head to ask and the door went open immediately with one of his guards coming in.

“Sorry for the interruption, Alpha King; but someone’s here to see you. Queen Chaska”. He informed.

Shilah stopped writing the moment she heard the name. Queen Chaska?

“I do not want to see her” the King muttered adamantly, returning his gaze to the scroll in front of him.

“I understand, Alpha King, but she said it’s very urgent” the guard insisted and that held Dakota for a while.

Urgent? He sighed and leaned back on his seat.

“Let her in” he finally gave the approval and the guard bowed and left.

Shilah tried to concentrate on her task but couldn’t as her mind had become divided. What if the Queen gets angrier seeing her there? And what was the urgency she had?

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