Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 233

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 233 The Division

A wilder gasp left the crowd, and at that point, it started making sense to Kylie. She caught her breath and took some steps closer to Shilah.

“This. is. madness”, the words were gritted. “And may the Spirits forbid that I will stand here and watch you do it”.

“Unfortunately, you might have to, Kylie”, Shilah said back at her before turning to the witches.

“Take a look at our numbers”, she swayed her hands. “We are barely a hundred! Can’t you see? Our population is dwindling! We are hardly reproducing! What happens when we all grow old and die? Where are the younger ones to take over? There is none! None! And that’s because we hardly find the opportunity to fall in love!”

“What you are saying is meaningless, Shilah!” One of the sisters chided in. It was Remata. “The law does not forbid us from reproducing or falling in love”.

“Really?” Shilah walked to her. “So, tell me – which one of you has a lover?”

There was a stunned silence with Shilah’s eyes pacing round their faces.

“No answer?” She chuckled. “Then, I guess we cannot deny the fact that the wolves and vampires are more in population. We are talking about eleven different villages in total! The mere villagers are scared of us! I mean, no man would want to mate with a woman that has more power than him and could possibly burn him at any point! Can’t you see? For people like us, we need those that are higher! Or at least, the same! You can’t deny the fact that is difficult finding a lover among the mere villagers.

“And that’s the reason I’m here. That’s the law I want to break. We are tired of being slaves of our own feelings. We need love, we need support. We need friendship! So today, I want that limitation law to be broken!”

Deep silence followed her last word and Shilah let it p@ssso the witches could digest everything she’d said. But, Kylie’s desorted chortle ruined the silence. She laughed heartily and turned all eyes on her.

“I think I know where this is coming from”, she pointed a finger.

“You, Shilah, you know your current relationship is messed up because you are married to a Wolf King. You know your relationship is against the law. So, since you are scared of leaving it, you need to bend the law to your will. And for that, you need to convince us to agree with you”, She paused and laughed again,but the next second, her eyes snapped aggressively.

“You must be dreaming, Shilah. You and Sukie here, are betrayers to the law and are bigger fools if you think you can get us to make the same mistake you did”.

Sukie’s eyes drooped upon hearing her name for the first time. Hearing it in Kylie’s voice brought back memories she didn’t wish to recollect.

“That is your opinion, Kylie”, Shilah smirked. “The question now is – do the rest of the sisters agree with you?”

For some reasons, Kylie found herself sliding her gaze through the faces of the witches.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Shilah”, she snapped. “These laws have existed for centuries. Why do you think we’d want to break it at your word?”

“Because we are tired of being slaves”, Shilah replied.

“Do you know what it’d be like birthing wizards among us? What it’d be like loving a wolf or a Vampire? Our population would increase! We’d be everywhere and more united! We wouldn’t have to wish but never achieve! We wouldn’t be so scared of our numbers dwindling”, she turned to face the witches on her left.

“I know you want this! You’ve been wanting this for years but just didn’t know how to put it out. Well, here is your opportunity to finally get your dream life in reality. Here is your opportunity to love freely without fear of being k*il*led by your Supreme Sister”.

There was a brief silence, then Sukie’s voice was heard.

“My child would’ve been a hybrid”, she spoke softly, her gaze on the ground. Since it was her first word since they arrived, everyone was interested in hearing what she had to say.

“If it wasn’t for the law, I wouldn’t have lost it, because the Supreme Sister was angry”.

Finally, she lifted her gaze and when she did, it was filled with so much pain. She looked at Kylie and a tear slipped her eye.

“I know I was wrong for falling in love with a wolf. But the only reason it’s wrong is because the law exists. If it wasn’t for the law, I’d have had my child in the right way with the man I love. If it wasn’t for the law, I wouldn’t p@ssthrough the trauma I did. So yes, Shilah is right! We need our freedom! We need to get rid of the law”.

“Nonsense!” Kylie roared. She was glaring hard at Sukie.

“Stop trying to play victim with your foolishness, Sukie. What you did was not just a betrayer to the law, but to me as well! You know what we were together, yet you went around to sleep with another!”

“We were nothing together, Supreme Sister”, Sukie retorted, another tear slipping her eye.

“The only reason we were together was because I had no option. I mean, when you made advances at me, were you expecting me to reject the Queen of Witches? I never loved you, Kylie! And you k*il*ling my child makes me hate you even more!” Sukie broke down.

But there was a glint in Kylie’s eyes. Sukie’s words broke her. They sounded more like stabs and left her gobsmacked for a moment

“Let’s have a vote”, Shilah worded, realizing the situation was getting more complex.

“If you agree with me and believe we deserve freedom from this law, come stand with me”.

Low mumblings rolled in the crowd, accompanied with confused looks as each sister looked at the other. Kylie, who had her gaze fixed on Sukie the whole time, had to sniff it in and get a grip of herself.

“This is foolishness,” her voice was hoarse. “Shilah, Sukie, your presence here is a mistake and I’ll grant you the opportunity to walk out alive”.

“I am not at your mercy, Kylie” Shilah scoffed. “And we all know the law permits a vote to change it. The only reason a vote was never conducted was because they were all scared, and that’s the reason I’m here – to change that fear into courage”.

“I SAID LEAVE!!!” Kylie suddenly screamed, stretching a hand toward Shilah. But Shilah was lucky enough to miss.

“Your anger will change nothing, Kylie, for this is what the Spirits wants”, Shilah hissed. “Let the witches take their votes so we can know how many of them agree with me”.

Kylie was panting heavily, her eyes held so much anger and desire to hurt Shilah.

“No one would agree with this'”, Remata voiced out. “We love the law, Shilah, and are ready to abide with it till eternity. So, you and Sukie should leave because you can never be a part of us”.

Quietness followed next and stretched for a minute.

“I…I do not think so, Remata”, a voice was suddenly heard.

All eyes turned to it’s direction and discovered it was Sister Mirinda. She looked nervous, but stepped out anyways.

“I have always longed…to get rid of this law. I’ve always wanted to be free from it, to be able to fall in love with who I want and have my own family. So yes, I’m agreeing with Shilah on this one. I want this law dissolved”.

Shock was written on the faces of few of the witches, but Mirinda ignored and proceeded to stand behind Shilah.

Briefly, another sister stepped out.

“I’m… I’m sorry, but I think I’m with Shilah on this. This law makes our lives boring. I mean, all we have to do is eat, work and sleep. I honestly think I’m tired and need a change”, the sister murmured. And with that, proceeded to stand behind Shilah.

“What is wrong with both of you?!” Kylie grunted, her eyes looking sour already.

“How dare you chose betrayers over the law?!”

“The only reason they are betrayers is because of the law”, another sister stepped out of the crowd. “Shilah is considered a betrayer because her mother broke the law. Sukie is considered a betrayer because she also broke the law. Doesn’t it mean the law is so difficult and displeasing for everyone? Personally, I think we’ve endured so much for this law and believe it’s high time we make a change. So yes, I’m agreeing with Shilah on this”.

With that, she proceeded to stand behind Shilah.

And that was how it went – another sister stepped out, then another, and another, until it was over half of them.

Surprisingly, even some of the elders including Elphaba and Sarah joined Shilah. But Remata and Corrine were still with Kylie.

“NO!!!” Kylie yelled ruefully. “This is madness! And an abomination!!! We are not doing this! We are not doing it!!!”

But, Shilah chuckled victoriously. Looking at the numbers of Witches behind her, she felt satisfied.

“I think I can start with this for now, Kylie”, she drew a deep breath. “And as for the rest of you that’s decided to stay with her, I hope you change your mind soon enough”.

“You can’t just walk in here and split us, Shilah”, Remata panted. “We’ve been together for ages and you think you can just create enemity?”

“We can never be enemies”, Shilah scoffed. “You are just the ones not agreeing with us”.

Turning to the witches behind her, she said, “There is enough space for us outside this Palace. Actually, I’ve made plans already. We shall go there and do what the Spirits wants until the rest of our sisters are ready to join us.”

She got hold of her horse’s reins and began walking out.

Surprisingly, Corrine left Kylie and started taking reluctant steps toward Shilah.

“Corrine! What are you doing?!” Remata flinched. She turned to look at Remata, wearing a guilty look.

“I’m… I’m sorry, but I think I also need to go”. And feebly, she proceeded to join Shilah.

The rest of the witches followed, joining her out of the gate. And as Kylie watched them, over half of the witches leaving with Shilah, she felt her heart wrenching in her chest.

No, this couldn’t be happening. She was losing her place. Her eyes dimmed and her hand went to her chest, gripping it tight.

Then with deep agony, she looked up to the sky and let out an agonizing bellow. Her scream was like that of a banshee and made the glasses of some windows crash to the ground.

But as Shilah walked away with her new family, she created a magical veil around them to ensure nothing touches them.

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