Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 56

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 56

Shilah stepped away from the door and Dakota walked in, his boots hitting hard on the floor.

Dyani gasped when she saw him; but she was more compoted than Shilah and knew how to hide her surprise.

“Greetings, My King” she bowed.

“Dyani” the voice was calm.

“How’re you doing?”

“I’m doing just fine, My King. Thank you”. She answered warmly.

Dakota wouldn’t say he was surprised Shilah and Dyani were in the same room as he had actually been hearing rumours off their good bonding.

“Um…. I’ll take my leave now, My King. Thank you” Dyani bowed and left and Dakota didn’t try to stop her.

Well, that was because he really wanted her to leave.

With the door shut behind him, he became the only one in the room with his nervous wife.

Shilah still couldn’t believe the reality. The King in her room? What could be happening?

She wanted to offer him a seat; but hell no! He was the King and didn’t need permission to do anything. She just couldn’t understand why he had to come to her room, instead of sending for her like he always did.

Well, Dakota had been returning from the training field when he decided to come over to her room and deliver the message.

“There is something we need to talk about, Shilah” he began, turning slowly around the room, like he was surveying it.

It wasn’t entirely the best Queen’s room, but it was sure comfy. Had a big comfortable bed, a closet, dressing table and some decorations. It was comfy enough.

Shilah could feel her heart in her throat. Something to talk about? What could it possibly be?

She looked at the King as she stood behind him, wanting to ask what the problem was, but decided to gulp it down. Besides, he seemed to be admiring the room.

“It’s not really a discussion, but something I need to tell you” he continued, paused and turned to look at her.

Their eyes got locked for a second as Shilah had been staring at him before he suddenly turned around. She quickly lowered her gaze to the floor.

“There is something about you, Shilah” he went on.

“And I just need to tell you the truth.

“For a long time now, I’ve had the inability to eat, and the inability to sleep

But, for the past few days, each time we have intercourse, it makes me hungry, and gives me the ability to eat. And that tea you make, it helps me sleep as well. And for that, I’ve come up with a resolution”.

He paused, purposefully, giving Shilah sometime to digest what he had just said.

Well, Shilah knew about the tea and sleeping aspect; but the hungry part? Hell; she had no idea.

But…. what resolution is the King talking about?

“I’ll be needing your support, Shilah. Every morning, you’ll come to me for intimacy to enable me eat; and every evening, you’ll make the tea for me so I can sleep. Is that understood?” He turned to look at her.

Shilah could hardly believe it. Every morning??? Like… every morning, she was sure of being in his bed??

Oh, no….

She swallowed hard and stared away from him, unable to keep up. How does she cope with this?

“Shilah” Dakota called calmly, going closer to her.

“You don’t have a problem, do you?”

“Of…. Of course not, My King” she f0rced herself to say.

But Maybe she really did have a problem. Like….. being in his bed every morning? She actually didn’t see it coming.

“Good. So, every morning, I expect to see you in my chambers. And every night, I expect a cup of tea from you”.

Shilah’s head was bowed as she listened to him speaking in that cold authoritative tone of his. It still felt like a dream to her. But, all the same, she felt glad she was actually being of help to the King.

“I’ll… I’ll be glad to do all of these, My King” she answered humbly, but nervously.

“Good. Starting from tonight”‘ Dakota added and left.

As soon as he left, Shilah released the breath she never knew she had been holding. She breathed in heavily, covered her face with her palms and plonked herself on the bed m

For real? How does she cope with this?


Queen Nosheba was in her room, br*astfeeding her little one and watching as the baby s*ckled from her nipple.

Over time, she had created a bond and learnt to love the child as her own. Although, it still hurt her greatly to know it didn’t come as a male like she had expected. But, all the same, she couldn’t k*il*l herself for it or hate her own flesh and blood.

A small smile touched her lips as she watched how the baby’s tiny lips moved around her plump nipples. It was so beautiful – like it had been with her first child. Her first child that she had sent to her mother. Well, not really her mother; but step mother.

After the demise of her mother, her father had gone ahead to marry another woman; and although, the woman wasn’t the harsh type and actually loved Nosheba, Nosheba never seemed to like her. Probably because she wasn’t comfortable with the fact the she was taking her mother’s place. That d*um*b father of hers….

The door of her bathroom opened and she turned to see Raksha walking out.

Oh! Raksha had been in the room with her and had actually gone in to use the bathroom.

“You’re done. Took quite sometime” Nosheba said with her eyes following him as he walked towards her.

“Yes. Sorry about that. How’s my baby doing?” Raksha cooed as he sat close to her on the bed and touched the baby’s cheek.

It gave him so much joy to see his first s*eed, breathing and looking so beautiful.

“I can’t wait for our girl to have a baby brother” he added excitedly and Nosheba blushed.

“Same here”: she said.

“I love you, Nosheba” he leaned forward and pecked her cheek.

Just then, there was a knock on the door and it interrupted the moment.

“Who’s it?” Nosheba looked at the door and asked, but there was no reply.

“Do you think I should check it out?” Raksha asked.

“No. Don’t worry; I’ll do that” Nosheba placed the baby on the bed, fixed her br*ast into her dress and stood up.

The little one whined a little, but Nosheba ignored it and got to the door. And opening the door, she was shocked to the teeth to find the King standing in front of her.

Whaaaat??? The King?? What was he doing in her room??

Hell, no! He shouldn’t see Raksha!




The hall looked almost full and lively; suspenseful.

Some of the sisters were there – including the elders. Queen Kylie was present, already having her position on her throne. Remata was there as well, standing in front of the throne, and Sukie had just arrived.

Kylie gave room for the mumblings and side talks to subside, and when that was achieved, she proceeded:

“Sister Sukie”, she called.

“Please, step forward”

Tho, Kylie was a young pretty lady, but that aura of power and authority was so fervent around yet. She had that strict look of leadership and was no doubt, just like her late mother.

Sukie stepped forward as ordered, her eyes on Remata. She stood beside her and faced the throne – faced the Queen.

“Sukie” The Supreme Sister called.

“An accusation has been laid against you. Sister Remata here believes you lied to us about going to heal a woman in the Sambona Village two days ago. She claims you didn’t heal anyone and there was no woman involved. Hence, all the gifts you’ve been receiving didn’t come from them. She thinks … you’re breaking one of the sacred rules”.

Sukie’s eyes dimmed. She whipped her head sideways and glared at Remata, but Remata wasn’t looking at her. That snake.

“None of this is true, Sister” she defended, bowing her head to Kylie.

“I really went out to heal someone. It’s just obvious Sister Remata has been too poisonous towards me” .

“Poisonous?” Remata scoffed.

“And why would I be poisonous towards you?”

“Because I’m in a position you wish you were” Sukie snapped.

“That’s enough!” Kylie cut in before Remata would say something else.

She allowed a few seconds p@ssand could notice how Remata took in heavy breaths, probably because Sukie’s words had hit her hard in the chest but she wasn’t allowed to do same.

“Remata” Kylie continued.

“If she didn’t heal the woman, where do you think she went for two days?”

“I don’t know. Maybe mingling with someone she shouldn’t be mingling with” Remata shurgged.

“What’re you trying to insinuate?” Sukie flared up.

“It depends on you, Sukie. Why would you lie to us in the first place?” Remata fired.

“I didn’t lie to anyone. Your envy is just blinding your subconsciousness. I’ve always known you were jealous of me; I just never thought you’d stoop so low and try to frame me….”

“Let me do the talking!” Kylie cut in, earning silence from them both.

But the rest of the sisters around were already mumbling amongst themselves.

“Remata, what evidence do you have to back this up?” Kylie asked.

“How are you sure Sukie really didn’t go to the village?”

“I….. I made my findings, Supreme Sister. I have my source”. Remata replied.

“And what or who is your source if I may ask, Remata?” Kylie asked and that was the point Remata got hooked.

She couldn’t expose Mirinda.

She stared downwards, unable to say a word.

“I await your response, Remata”.

“Su… Supreme Sister, is it possible to leave my source out of this? I promise not to implicate them” Remata said.

“Then, your accusation is baseless” Kylie said. “What? You don’t just expect me to believe you and go ahead to punish Sukie, do you? I don’t work based on a*s*sumptions. And for that, this issue is dissolved” she stood up.

Remata was in shock.

“But Supreme Sister, you have to…..”

“If you’re trying to say Sukie is having a secret affair and doesn’t want us to know, then you’re wrong” Sukie said.

“I trust Sukie; She doesn’t have a lover outside”

Her eyes were pinned on Sukie, having that soft and a*s*suring look. And with that, she walked away.

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