Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 32

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 32

After breakfast, Shilah and Dyani were walking down the hallway when a maid walked upto them.

“Greetings, Queen Shilah. Greetings, Queen Dyani” she bowed respectfully.

“There’s a lady waiting to see you. She said her name is Ina”.

Shilah’s eyes widened in shock immediately. Whaaat??? Ina?? In the palace?? What does she want?

She swallowed hard.

“Who’s that?” Dyani asked, noting how uncomfortable she had become.

“It’s my…. my sister” Shilah replied, making Dyani wonder the more.

Why would she be this nervous towards her sister’s visit?

“Alright then. You should go check her out” Dyani said, and Shilah nodded and went ahead with the maid.


Ina was standing under a shade, looking around and admiring the beauty of the palace. She had a pretty hard time getting into the palace as she had to convince the guards she was Shilah’s sister, but they still wouldn’t believe her. And to avoid mistakes, they had to send a guard to go with her and make sure she was really there to see Shilah – the King’s newest wife.

As Ina stood under the shade with the grumpy guard behind her, she kept looking around and wondering why it was taking Shilah so long to arrive. Didn’t she get the message from the maid or something?

She huffed and just then, spotted Shilah from a distance. Finally!

But on a second thought, she stared keenly at her. Shilah was looking more beautiful – dressed in a big royal dress, hair well brushed and her face seemed like she had gotten some good meal to eat for the past few days. Hmph.

Their eyes ran into each other as Shilah got close.

“Hello, Shilah” Ina greeted with a sarcastic smile.

“Long time, no see. You didn’t even care to check up on us “.

Shilah didn’t want an argument.

“Good morning, Ina” she greeted respectfully.

The guard and maid had set back, wanting to give them some privacy.

“Yes, morning. Looks like you’re having a really great time here. Can’t even believe you’re a Queen. Anyway, not a real Queen, yet”

“Why are you here, Ina?” Shilah asked, not wanting to look her in the face.

“Well….I need your help” Ina sighed, sounding more calm.

“You know you’re my sister, right? And since you’ve become *Queen*, I need your help”.

Shilah was confused and curious. What help could she possibly want from her?

“Wh…. What help?” She asked, her brows furrowed. .

Ina exhaled deeply and looked around. Then, drew closer to her.

“It has to do with Queen Chaska” she began.

“Remember the day at the market, she slapped me. And now, I want payback; at least, make her pay a little for what she did to me”.

Shilah was still confused.

“And… what has that got to do with me?’ she asked.

“That’s the reason I said I need your help, Shilah” Ina f0rced herself not to roll her eyes.

“I can come up with a plan, with your help. Since you stay in the palace, closer to Chaska, you can do this for me”.

“I don’t understand” Shilah scoffed.

“You want me to…..a*s*sist you in having a payback at the Queen?”.

“Exactly. You should understand how I hurt I was when she hit me, Shilah. I need to…..”

“You people are actually the reason I ended up here” Shilah cut her off, her eyes still not looking at her, tho.

“You f0rced me out when the King ordered a lockdown and now, I’m locked here forever. Like that is not enough, you want to get me into more trouble?”

“What’re you talking about, Shilah?” Ina scoffed.

“I’m really sorry, Ina; but I can do what you’re asking of me. I don’t want to get into more trouble than I already am, especially not with someone like Queen Chaska”. And with that, she turned around and started scurrying off.

Ina was shocked.

“Shilah??! Shilah?!” She called, but Shilah didn’t turn back to her.



Gina, Queen Chaska’s maid was coming from a distance when she spotted Shilah talking with a lady – a familiar lady. She stopped walking and looked at them.

Of course, she could recognize her! That was the same lady her Queen had slapped at the market the other day! What??? What was she doing at the palace?? And talking with Shilah?? They know each other?? No way; she needed to tell her Queen about it.




Shilah had spent the rest of her day with Queen Dyani. Yeah, the two seemed to be bonding so well.

Shilah had gotten to see her child – just a year old and she actually looked so beautiful. Although, the thought of King Dakota not having a male child felt disturbing to her.

Prior to the hunting coming up the next day, Dyani had thought Shilah how to use a bow and arrow and other things she needed to know about hunting. Although, it wasn’t easy, she tried her best to learn.



King Dakota sat in the room, trying to reply to some messages. He was feeling so hungry as he had been unable to eat the whole day.

“Darci!’ he called and the door opened instantly with a guard rushing in.

“My King….!”

“Get a maid to get me some food” he ordered.

“As you wish, My King” the guard bowed and left immediately.

Dakota tried concentrating on the scripts he was writing on, and after a while, two maids walked in with his meal.

“Greetings, My King”. They bowed.

“Set the meal and leave”. He told them and they did just that and left.

He dumped the scripts he was writing afterwards and pulled the meal closer to himself. Tried taking in a spoon, but all he felt was the hard digestion.

With his eyes closed, he struggled to gulp down the one spoon he had taken which was almost impossible for him. He quickly took in some water.

He grunted and pushed the tray away, angrily. Couldn’t eat.

But, why is it so? When he had been able to eat so well the previous night?

Suddenly, a thought popped into his head: Something he didn’t want to think of….


He had sèx with her for the first time and had a crazy appet*ite. Morning after that, he’s gone back to normal and can’t eat anymore.

Could this just be a coincidence?




Shilah had woken up with the hunting thought being the first thing on her mind. Oh! She couldn’t help but feel so nervous. The other Queens seemed experienced and not like her who can’t even stand a c*oc*kroach. What if she ends up getting hurt? Or embarra*s*sing herself? She thought miserably.

She left the bed and decided to go take a quick shower, remembering the King had told them the hunting would be first thing in the morning. Does that mean they weren’t going to have breakfast?

After taking her bath, she sought for something nice to wear and was about brushing her hair when the door opened with a maid walking in.

“Greetings, Queen Shilah” the lady bowed with a smile.

“I was sent to inform you that it’s time for the hunting. Everyone is ready to leave”.

Her words only made Shilah more nervous.

“Um….Okay; I’m almost done”. Shilah answered and took the hair brush.

The maid stood and stared keenly at her, staring particularly at the big dress.

“Um…. My Queen” she called.

“Is this what you plan to wear to the hunt?”

Shilah looked at her with furrowed brows.

“Y…Yes. Is there something wrong with it?” She asked curiously.

“Well…. I think so. Actually….. You can’t wear such dresses to a hunt. When it’s time to run, it’s going to limit you” the maid replied and the veracity dawned on Shilah.

She was actually right.

“Can you… permit me to go to your closet and get the perfect dress for you?” The maid asked.

“Y…Yes; Of course” Shilah blinked rapidly and the lady smiled and walked over to her wardrobe.

Oh, goodness! She felt so ashamed of herself.

It didn’t take the maid very long to pull out a perfect dress for it. It was a pair of leather pants and a body hug top with it’s sleeves being long. Shilah could tell it was indeed, perfect.

“Thank you” she said to the maid after handing the dress to her and went ahead to get changed in the closet.

Shilah felt so different by the time she was done putting it on. That was actually the first time she was putting on a pair of trousers.

She brushed her hair and packed it in a fine ponytail, guessing that would be the perfect style for it. And afterwards, put on the boots the maid had brought out for her. Urgh! She really felt so different.

But looking at the mirror, she could tell she was looking…. beautifully different. Even with the fact she had no makeup on.

“You’re looking beautiful, My Queen” the maid beamed and Shilah couldn’t help but blush.

“T… Thank you” she uttered shyly and walked out of the room with the maid taking the lead.


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