Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 33

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 33

“What’re you doing, Gina? Be careful!” Chaska hissed as her maid tried fixing her shoes for her.

“I’m sorry, My Queen. The hole’s just being stubborn” Gina said apologetically as she slid the rope through the last hole, then started tieing it.

When she was done, she bowed and stood up.

“You’re looking so good, My Queen” Gina complimented, and that was one thing that could make Chaska smile.

“You’re doing a great job, Gina” she said and stood up, going to the mirror to take a look.

Hmm. She was purposefully looking so hot – hoping to get the King’s attention. Well, of course, she’s always been the one to get the King’s attention.

She loved how young she looked; the body hug trouser and shirt was bringing out the pretty youthful look in her.

She smiled at her own beauty; the makeup she had done was of great help to her hotness.

“My Queen” Gina moved closer to her.

“There’s um…. something I need to tell you”.

“What is it?” Chaska asked, staring at her from the mirror.

“It’s um….Do you recall the day Queen Nosheba had put to bed? You had gone to the market yourself to get some fruits. And getting there, you slapped a lady. The lady you had….”

“Yes, I remember” Chaska cut her off.

“What about her?”

Chaska was never the patient type.

“My Queen, yesterday, I had seen the new Queen, talking with the lady here in the palace. They seemed like they know each other”.

Chaska’s eyes dimmed as she turned to look at her.

“Shilah?” She asked and Gina nodded repeatedly.

Shilah knows the lady?

“Did you happen to know what they were talking about?” She asked, her both hands at akimbo.

“Not at all, My Queen. I only saw them from a distance”. Gina replied

And for a few seconds, Chaska was silent.

“Work on it, Gina. I need you to find out who that lady is”. She instructed.

“As you wish, My Queen. I’ll work on it right away”. Gina answered delightfully with a bow and finally, they left the room, with Chaska being in front.


Shilah with the maid who had led her to the spot where the horses were already waiting for them. Queen Nosheba and Dyani were already there and Chaska was just on her way and could be spotted from a distance.

“Shilah” Dyani beamed and waved at her. She was standing in front of her horse, holding onto it’s reigns.

“Wow. You looking good”.

“Thank you. Good morning, My Queen” Shilah answered with a shy smile.

Nosheba, who was fixing her horse, huffed and rolled her eyes.

Shilah could tell the other Queens were dressed almost like her. Where was the King, by the way?

“Nosheba” Chaska called, just as she was arriving.

“Don’t tell me you’re also coming along. Don’t you have a week old baby to take care of?”


Nosheba scoffed and looked at her.

“My baby should be none of your business, Chaska. And I’d advise you to stay out of my lane else, I might mistake you for an animal and use my arrow on you”. She hissed and turned back to horse, while Chaska glared at her with a smirk.

Her eyes found Shilah who quickly looked away, not wanting any trouble. Afterwards, Chaska went ahead to pick her horse and that was when it dawned on Shilah; she needed to pick a horse….But she didn’t know how to ride one! Oh, no….

“You always have great choices, My Queen. I love this horse” Gina praised Chaska for her choice and Chaska simply smiled.

Just then, they all spotted the King coming.

Ah…. Finally.

Shilah’s mind was more troubled on the fact she couldn’t ride a horse. She was actually the only one amongst them who was that inexperienced. What does she do?

Nosheba stared at the King with admiration. He was a fine young man; but too bad, he didn’t care about her.

Chaska on the other hand, smiled beamfully as she stared at him. Her first choice, the man after her dreams.

Oh! She was ready to do just anything; anything at all to make sure she ends up as his favorite. And that was because the King was hers and hers alone.

King Dakota marched towards them with Pishan behind him and two other guards who held a bag of arrows and some bows.

His heavy steps were one thing that announced his supreme presence; A King so handsome, yet hard. Neither of his wives has ever seen him smile, and they were beginning to think it wouldn’t look so good on him when he finally does. Well, they were just thinking.

“Greetings, My King” they all greeted in unison when he got close.

Chaska’s smiles were beginning to fade away when she noticed the King wasn’t looking at her; instead his eyes were somewhat pinned on Shilah. Pretty makeup – free face.

What the hell???

The guards fixed the arrows in the bags beside each horse and handed a bow each to a Queen.

“If you’re ready, you can get on your horse” Dakota said coldy, as Pishan got his ready.

Although,he wasn’t staring at Shilah anymore, but Chaska was still uncomfortable at the King’s earlier actions.

They all started climbing onto their horses, except Shilah who remained standing like some w*et chick.

“Shilah?” Dyani called.

“What’s the problem?”

All eyes were now pinned on her.

“I…. I don’t know how to ride a horse” the words left her lips shamefully, her head lowered towards the floor.

“Woah…” Chaska laughed.

“This is so funny”.

Nosheba chuckled.

*Well, what do you expect from a commoner?* Nosheba wanted to spat out the words, but she didn’t know how the King would react.

King Dakota – he said nothing but only stared at the face.

“Um…. You can ride with me. Come on” Dyani offered, looking at the King for some kind of permission.

But, Dakota said nothing and she figured he was fine with it.

Timidly, Shilah walked towards her and climbed onto the horse, sitting in front of her and feeling like a baby.

Now, they were all set. Pishan wasn’t going with them, so stood and watched.

“Listen up!” Dakota’s voice echoed coldy as he spoke, gaining their attention.

“There’ll be a reward for anyone who gets to k*ll a catch. So, it’s a game”.

A catch; Shilah thought in her mind. That was obviously not for her. She couldn’t even k*ll a c*oc*kroach, not to mention an animal.

“What’s the reward, My King?” Chaska asked excitedly.

And with a gruff, Dakota replied:

“We’ll know when we get a winner”.

He kicked his horse and it neighed and started riding out, while the others followed.

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