Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 34

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 34

Pishan stood and watched as the King rode out with his wives, with two other guards following them behind. Gina was also standing beside him, watching and smiling.

“They look so beautiful, right?” She said with her palms on her cheeks, wanting to start a conversation with him.

But Pishan said nothing nor even spared her a glance.

If there was one thing the entire mountain knew about Pishan, it was the fact that he was very rude and grumpy. And most people believed it was because he spent more time with the King. Perhaps, the King’s grumpiness was also influencing him.

Well, that attribute was hurting Gina a lot as she’s always loved this guy.

When the King and his wives were out of the gate and out of sight, Pishan turner around to leave, but just then, a man came running towards him.

“Pishan! Pishan!” He called, having a smile on his face and holding a wrapped content with him.

Pishan stopped walking as he turned to look at him.

Gina knew that man too well. He was one of the omegas in the pack; just like she was.

“I got what you wanted. It’s as beautiful as you requested” he said with a grin, handing the content to Pishan who collected it and unwrapped it.

Gina’s eyes dimmed when she discovered it was a dazzling necklace.

“Thank you, Belik” Pishan said with a nod of satisfaction.

“Follow me to my room so you get your balance”

“Oh! Of course; of course!” The old man chuckled happily.

And with that, Pishan started walking, while the happy man followed.

Gina stood there in confusion. Pishan bought a necklace?? For who??? Why???

She gasped and shook her head in disbelief. This isn’t possible. The Pishan she knows … doesn’t have a lover in the Wind Walker Mountain. Could it be possible…he had a lover elsewhere? Someone outside the pack? Maybe from another mountain?

Oh, no…!


Riding on a horse was something that felt extremely new to Shilah and at some point, she felt so greatful she was riding with Dyani as Dyani had served as a wedge to prevent her from falling off.

The experience was so…. new, funny and interesting. Having to see yourself moving up and down on something that beautiful, while it rides you like you’re soaring… she liked it.

Although, she had climbed a horse before – Just once – when the King had chosen her as his wife and Pishan was riding her to the palace. That day, she had been so scared and couldn’t even feel the horse she was riding on. So, this was actually the first time she was feeling the impact of riding on a horse.

“Are you okay?” Dyani had asked from behind and Shilah only nodded nervously.

It was a very long ride, but when they finally arrived in the woods, they all slowed down their horses.

O….kay. This should be the main hunting ground, right?

Shilah looked around and her eyes caught Chaska’s, who was just beside her horse.

Chaska let out a smirk, then stared away while Shilah gulped hard.

She looked around and her eyes caught with the King next who was riding in front of him.

His elegance was something Shilah could never comprehend. His shoulders were so relaxed as he held on the lead rope of the horse.

Staring at how huge and powerful he was, suddenly reminded Shilah of the night they had gotten intimate. Her cheeks reddened in shyness. The memory just wouldn’t leave her head as she recalled all the King had done to her – tearing off her under-wears, pushing her to the bed and penetrating her afterwards. She just never thought she’d be someone’s wife in such a short time.

Finally, the King stopped his horse and jumped down immediately and so did the other Queens, including Shilah who went down after Dyani.

The two other guards behind also jumped down, but they were not to interfere in the hunt. Their only job was to look after the King and intervene in cases of immediate danger or threat.

King Dakota drew out his sword, while the three Queens reached for their bow and arrows.

“Remember the hunting rules” Dakota said.

“Be careful while you hunt”.

The hunting rules – Shilah thought.

Oh, well; Dyani had filled her in the previous day. And one of the rules was…. Silence should be observed in the woods, cause the animals are very sensitive and can run away from sound.

Taking a deep breath, she followed them deeper into the woods.


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