Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 191

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 191 Too Overwhelming

“Mavy!! Urika!” Chaska screamed as she ran into the room where her two daughters laid on the bed, unconscious. Urika was convulsing, while Mavy just stayed with her eyes closed.

“What is happening???? Gina, what happened to them?!” She asked dreadfully as she carried Mavy up, shaking her roughly.

“I have no idea, My Queen. They were both playing when all of a sudden, Mavy fell down and collapsed while Urika started convulsing. I don’t know what’s happening” Gina explained tearfully.

“No!! Mavy! Open your eyes! Urika!” Chaska panicked as she shook both of them, not knowing who to carry and who to drop. Urika was already bringing out foam from her mouth while Mavy wasn’t responding yet.

“No! Her body’s getting cold! We must take them to Ahiga. Bring Urika along!” She panted and stood up with Mavy and like a pressurized woman, ran out of the room while Gina followed after her.


In the Physician’s room, Chaska knelt beside the bed as she held onto her daughters’ hands while Mato worked on them. Urika had stopped spotting out foam, but Mavy’s hands were getting colder.

“Please, just tell me they’ll be fine. Please!” She sobbed, wondering why they weren’t regaining consciousness yet. Mato said nothing as he hurriedly did what he did – taking and mixing herbs and applying them on the girls.

Gina was by the door, panting and hoping the girls would be already. She couldn’t afford to watch her Queen go through such pain.

After a while, Urika finally stopped convulsing and became still, although, her back and neck were bent. But as for Mavy, she remained as she was – non-responsive.

Chaska looked into Mato’s face and saw the expression of a man who had exhausted all his treatment. No…

“Talk to me, Mato. What’s happening?” She asked fearfully, her eyes shinning so bright.

The old man, placing both hands on his waist and taking a deep breath, shook his head morosely.

“It’s unfortunate I can’t even tell the cause of their ailment” he mumbled. “Urika will regain consciousness soon, but I’m afraid her spine has been affected”.

“Affected how?” Chaska scoffed. “My daughters has been just fine. What are you talking about?”

“I’m sorry, Queen Chaska, I honestly wish I had an answer to this. And as for Mavy, I’m so sorry there was nothing I could do for her. She was already dead before you brought her here” Mato replied and for the first time, Chaska experienced what it felt like, having a shattered heart.

Her breath got suspended as she glanced at looked at Gina who was convering her mouth, then at Mato and back to her daughter.

“What are you saying?!” She yelled fearfully. “No! It’s not possible! MAVY!!! MAVY! Please!!”

She lifted and hugged her to her chest as she wailed painfully.

“Please! Tell me it’s not true! Please, please, please! Please, look at me! Open your eyes! My baby!!!” She shut her eyes and cried, the room echoing with her agony.

Gina felt torn and tearfully ran to console her, but it was fruitless as Chaska wouldn’t stop screaming. For the first time, she saw her Queen broken to pieces. For the first time, she saw her Queen in real pain.


The atmosphere at the Palace and Mountain was filled with nothing but gloom and sadness as the bad news spread rapidly like wildfire. First, it was the newly born Prince going missing, and shortly after, the news regarding the death of Chaska’s child came second.

“How can the King lose two children in one day? It’s unbelievable!” The people gossiped.

“Could this be a curse?”

“When it rained last night during the full moon, I knew something was wrong. I sensed it”.

“That rain on a full moon was totally a bad omen! What went wrong…”

Different gossip groups discussed the topic in and outside the Palace.

Pishan stood in Chaska’s room, his fingers dipped into his hair while Chaska sobbed on the floor. Gina and few other maids were there – the environment looking so pale.

“Why does this have to happen to me?” Chaska whimpered, getting weak from all the energy she’s spent, crying. “Why do I have to be so unfortunate? Why my little girl? Just why?”

She bursted into more tears, Gina unable to do anything else rather than consoling her.

Chaska never knew she could feel so hurt before. She thought she had been getting hurt when the King got married to more wives who turned into her compet*itors. She thought she had been getting hurt when the King showed more attention to Shilah. She thought so, but how wrong she was, ’cause that pain right there was far more than she had ever imagined. Why did it have to be her little girl? Why Mavy? What did she do to deserve such ill-luck.

“She had always been so sweet” She whimpered again. “So innocent and beautiful. Oh! Please, don’t tell me I’ll never see her again. Please!”

“My Queen…” Gina sniffled and hugged her from behind and together, they wept for long.

Pishan took in a deep breath and left the wall he’d been leaning on the whole time.

“Queen Chaska” He sighed. “I… I don’t even know what to say. This whole thing, it’s just overwhelming and frustrating and… I’m sorry for what you’re currently passing through. Mavy was a sweet child and surely did not deserve to go this way. May Selene be with her”.

“Please, just leave the goddess out of this!” Chaska wept. “I’ve always been faithful to her, yet she let my daughter die! She let her die!!”

Pishan gave room for her to sob some more. And when she was calmer, he went on.

“I’m really sorry, Chaska, I feel your pain. And I’m sorry the King isn’t here with you. The truth is, he doesn’t even know about this yet as he’s been shutting everyone out since we returned. He’s been indoors the whole time and wouldn’t let anyone in. But as a matter of fact, I’d suggest he doesn’t get to know”.

Chaska sniffed and glared at him, her eyes so red from too much tears. “The King shouldn’t know we lost our child?”

“Just for now, Chaska. He’s passing through so much pain already and adding this to his knowledge would tear him more. I don’t think he deserves that”.

Chaska buried her face in her palms, crying more profusely. “So, I get to mourn my child alone? I get to bury my child alone? Oh, please!!”

Her wails filled the room and unable to take anymore of it, Pishan had to leave.


Headed back to his chambers, his face was swollen and chest heavy. He had never felt so much doom and sadness all around him before. Why were a lot of bad things happening in one day?? Did the rain from the previous night come with a curse? Or had the Moon goddess finally turned her back on them?? He needed answers! Answers to this injustice!

Approaching the door to his room, he hears som. one call him from behind but purposely didn’t turn to look as he was too weak to. But the voice kept getting persistent and angrily, he turned.

“WHAT?!” He found himself yelling at the guard he had turned to see. He felt so bittered.

“I’m sorry for disturbing your peace, Gamma” The guard bowed when he stood in front of him. “But you have a message from someone”.

That was when Pishan noticed the sealed scroll in his hand. There was a message? From who?

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