Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 94

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 94

The door went open with Queen Chaska walking in. But instead of having that expected happy expression that the King had finally agreed to see her, she was looking all moody. And it got worst when she found Shilah there as well.

What?? Shilah at the King’s table? Writing? Hold on…was she really writing?? No way!

Shilah could notice the clear surprise on her face as she couldn’t stop staring at her. She looked really pale. Casually dressed and pale. It was obvious she’s been going through a lot.

“Greetings, Queen Chaska” she lowered her head and said, and that was when Chaska realized the mistake she had just made.

She should’ve greeted the King already!

“Greetings, My King” She turned to Dakota and bowed, hoping it was not too late.

Her head was just occupied with the confusing thoughts of finding Shilah with the King. That was the least thing she had expected. And to think she was writing??? Someone like Shilah shouldn’t know how to handle a book since she comes from a poor family. What is happening?

“Go straight to the point, Chaska. Cause I have to get back to work” the King’s tone was strict as he rolled up the scroll in front of him and took out another.

Chaska gulped hard and for once, took her gaze away from Shilah.

“Uhm…. My King, I… I actually wanted to speak to you alone”. She stated lowly. Shilah stopped writing, and so did the King who turned to look at her.

“Whatever you have to say, Chaska, say it here” he answered plainly.

And as he glared into her eyes, Chaska could see nothing but hate in them.

How did it get to this point? The King who had been so loving towards her, suddenly despises her? And now, the new wife from the slum gets to be treated specially? What humiliation??

Shilah felt unnecessarily guilty as she lowered her gaze to the table and resumed writing. She was trying so hard to focus. Chaska, having no option, decided to go on.

“Uhm….” Her gaze was fixed on the floor. “First, I want to thank you for letting me in. Secondly, I really want to apologize for….”

“I don’t want your apologies, Chaska” The King cut her off. “Just go straight to the point”.

The pain was like a stab on Chaska’s face. She glared hard at Shilah, this was all her fault. Taking another gulp, she returned her gaze to the floor.

“I’ve decided to go to see my sister … for a couple of days” she spoke out.

“Lady Cami from Lord Ryder’s clutch”.

For a minute, the King was silent and just worked on the letters in front of him. But, Shilah was interested.

She wanted to go see her sister? It was obviously out of shame as she couldn’t face her people anymore. But she wouldn’t be able to stay long our there, would she?

Chaska on the other hand, was really hoping the King would approve he request because she really needed some space. The trauma was just becoming too much for her. First, she had to deal with the King’s anger towards her, then last night….

Seeing Shilah and the King play those games the previous night had torn her apart. Everything….she just needed some space away from the palace to clear her head.

“You can do whatever you want, Chaska. But make sure you don’t stay more than five days” the King gruffed, his cold voice stinging

Chaska’s chest.

“Y…Yes, My King. Thank you” She bowed, turned around and left.

Shilah noticed the deep breath the King had taken before resuming word. And as she studied his expression and att*itude towards Chaska, it only reminded her of how dangerous she heard he could be when hurt or betrayed. And it made her hope she never gets to hurt or betray him to arise such anger.


Chaska sniffed and wiped the tear that rolled down her cheekbone.

Her hands were crossed below her chest as she faced the window and gazed outside while Gina packed up her bags.

No matter how hard she tried, the memories from the King’s chambers just wouldn’t leave her head.

Recalling how Shilah had been sitting close to him and helping him out, it was something she couldn’t understand.

The pain cracked her heart and made her realize how much of a loser she had been in the past few days. She was suddenly losing it. What was happening to her?

“My Queen, I’m done” Gina said from behind and the tired Chaska turned to see her truly done with the bags.

“Thank you, Gina. You can take them to the carriage” she muttered and turned back to the window.


Gina picked up the bags and turned towards the door. But for a second, she paused and turned to face the Queen.

“My Queen, are you sure you don’t want me to accompany you?” She asked, and for the next few seconds, silence was Chaska’s only response.

“Don’t worry about it, Gina. I’ll be fine” she muttered with a deep breath.

Gina knew better than to argue with the Queen. So, with a bow, she turned around and left.




Shilah and the King had been working for such long hours and although it was laborious, Shilah still saw it as an honor and felt happy.

Shortly, she noticed the King had stopped writing and was just staring at her. Yes, She could tell he was staring at her; she just couldn’t understand why and didn’t want to look either.

King Dakota, leaning his back on his seat and in a relaxed mood, couldn’t help staring at the lady as she worked diligently.

It didn’t even matter to her that she had been writing for so many hours without rest. Instead, she wrote with that satisfying expression on her face.

“How do you feel, Shilah?” He suddenly asked, making Shilah stop writing as she looked at him.

“My…. My King?” She didn’t understand.

“How do you feel…. enjoying this privilege of writing when you know others can’t?” He explained more and a nervous smile touched Shilah’s lips.

Dropping the inked feather on the table, she itched the back of her neck.

“Well…. My King, I’ve always felt lucky and… privileged. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone from my cl@ssthat can read and write just like me. So, it’s a privilege”. She answered with a warm smile that triggered the King.

He thumb was touching his bottom lip. And after a split second, he stood up.

“Come with me, Shilah; I think it’s high time we took a break”. His hands crossed at his back, he started towards the door.

A break? Shilah thought.

She stood up enthusiastically and followed him out of the room. One of the guards from the door accompanied them, while the other remained there at the door. And as they walked down the hallway, the passing maids kept greeting them with so much respect and admiration.

Walking beside the King, Shilah felt so honored as usual.

And to notice…. he’s been a little softer with her. Although, he was still cold and grumpy, but there was a softer side of him she’s noticed, especially after the previous night. She fiddled with her nails as she walked beside him like a new bride. And finally, they came out to the open and started towards the horse stables.

“My… My King, are we going out?” Shilah had to ask as they had gotten close to the King’s special horse – white and had a royal scarf around it’s neck.

King Dakota said nothing at first as he touched the horse and scrutinized It to be sure it was in good state.

“No. I’ll be teaching you how to ride a horse” he finally said. And holding onto the collar rope, he started walking away with it.

While Shilah followed.

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