Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 84

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 84

Shilah walked nervously to the King’s chambers, hoping she’d be fine.

After her encounter with him the previous night and the way he had kept staring at her, she just suddenly felt insecure.

She got to his chambers and awaited the one of the guards to go in and inform him of her arrival. And when the guard returned, he ushered her in.

Stepping into the cold chambers, the first sight Shilah’s eyes had caught was the tray of steaming food on the table. She swallowed hard and looked around, and there she found the King, sitting and reading close to the window. Oh… She could imagine the cold air..

“Greetings, My King” she lowered her head and greeted, but got no response from the King who was backing her.

Well, she was getting used to it.

Slowly, she lifted her head to stare at him and memories from the previous night came sparking at her. The cuddles, conversations, touches … they felt so unique.

And thinking of how the King’s wolf had felt so vulnerable in her arms, with those red glowing eyes that melted at certain points…. she really couldn’t get those images out of her head.

Finally, the King closed the book he was reading and stood up, and at that instance, Shilah lowered her gaze to the floor.

But, even with that, she could tell he was now facing her and had his hands crossed at his back.

“Shilah” he called and in that deep authoritative tone.

“How’re you doing?”

“I’m… I’m fine, My King. Thank you” She swallowed hard, fiddling with her fingers beside her.

Dakota nodded and walked away from the window, going to his table where he dropped the book he had been reading.

“I need to eat, Shilah” the words left his lips while he backed her.

“And you know what that means”.

Oh, She thought as much as.

“I….. I do, My King” she swallowed hard again and went over to the bed where she took off her clothes and laid downwards.

Maybe he might ask her to turn around, but till then….

Few seconds later and the rumpling of clothes were heard as the King undressed. Shilah remained still, face down on the pillow as she awaited his touch. Now, she felt less nervous.

His approaching footsteps were heard and the next thing she felt was his knees climbing the bed. He touched her waist, and trailed his hands down to her legs. Shilah had thought he’d ask her to turn around, but surprisingly, he didn’t.

King Dakota felt himself becoming so hard as he got closer to her. Spotting the flesh between her legs that still looked so tight and relaxed, he took his organ closer to it and teased it. Someday, he’d definitely ride her fast and rough the way he wanted. Someday – very soon.

Bringing his phallús closer to her pelvíc, he penetrated slowly and a short gasp cut through from Shilah’s lips as she lifted her face from the pillow.

He pulled out and went in again, this time around, taking his length deeper into her.

“Oh…!” Shilah let out another m*oa*n,her hands gripping the bedsheets tight.

The King’s scent was all over her – his skin, his strength. Cold shivers rushed down her spine as she felt his thighs touch her butts. The movement became steady with him thrusting in and out of her – slowly, but deeply.

She groaned, m*oa*ned softly; the hardness of his organ sliding in and out of her and hitting the walls of her vàgina.

A sound was barely heard from the King who had a lot going through his mind in that process. He didn’t want to stay long on her; just wanted to end the process quicky as he couldn’t comprehend how he felt.


Few minutes later, The King had finished on her and stepped down from the bed. And while she caught her breath, Dakota dressed up and went into the bathroom.

Shilah left the bed afterwards, feeling a little exhausted. Well, it happens most of the time and after a few minutes, she should be fine. She took her clothes from the floor, wore it on and was about leaving when the King walked out of the bathroom.

“Join me for breakfast, Shilah” He said those unusual words that made her heart stop beating.

Oh…. Turning slowly to look at him, she let out a grateful smile.

“Um…. Thank you so much, My King”.

Dakota said nothing as he walked p@ssher to the table and that was when Shilah followed. There was no reason to feel shy, right? She thought.

She sat on the other side of the table, facing the King and waited for him to make the first move. He looked so calm – unusually calm.

But thinking about it…it was really a mystery that the King gets hungry each time he had intimacy with her.

“Get what you want” He suddenly said as he dished out his own meal. Oh, Shilah rose her brows.

“T…. Thank you, My King” she smiled and waited for him to finish before dishing her own meal.

Shortly, a knock was heard on the door with a guard coming in.

“Sorry for the interruption, My King” he bowed.

“But Queen Chaska’s here to see you”.

Shilah’s eyes dimmed the moment she heard the name – Chaska. Even Dakota who had a spoon close to his lips, took it down immediately as anger sparked in her eyes.

“Tell her to leave. I don’t want to see her face” he answered grumpily and the guard bowed and left.

Afterwards,he resumed eating.

Shilah felt so bad, hearing his orders. Tho, the Queen had really done wrong, but wasn’t it extreme to push her off this way? She must be hurting so bad.

Well, she had no right to talk to the King about it. So, she just continued eating.

“How were you able to locate my cave last night?” King Dakota asked as he chewed a mushroom.

Shilah, who didn’t expect the question, looked up at him.

“Uhm…. It was… Queen Dyani, My King” she replied, hoping that wasn’t causing any problem in anyway.

Dakota went silent – for almost a minute.

“And when I luckily didn’t hurt you, why didn’t you just leave? Why follow me back to the cave?” He asked again and that was the question that made Shilah’s heart grow heavy.

Oh, no; She really didn’t have an answer to that

She bit her inner cheeks and stared down at the floor, not knowing what to say.

“You don’t have an answer?” Dakota asked, a bit surprised.

“I…. I don’t, My King” she muttered.

“But I think…when you had gone in and I didn’t get to hear a sound from you, I just wanted to make sure you were fine and that was the reason I went into the cave. Please, forgive me if I offended you”.

Dakota scoffed, Shilah had no idea why. But, goodness! She felt her heart stop beating when he moved those lips in a scoff. It was so charming and made Shilah wonder what it’d look like, seeing him smile.

Silence descended in the room with just the metallic sounds of spoons hitting plates being heard. The King not talking made her really anxious and hope he wasn’t having any negative thoughts in mind.

Finally, she was done eating and felt refilled.

“Thank you so much for letting me eat with you, My King” she bowed with a beaming smile.

“I’m really so grateful”.

She stood up, bowed and turned towards the door.

“Shilah” The King unexpectedly called, and she turned to meet his sea – blue eyes staring at her.

Those eyes ..

She clasped her palms in front of her thighs and listened to know what he wanted to say.

The King leaned back on his chair as he took a napkin from the table to wipe his lips.

“Ask me one favour” he swiped the napkin across his lips

“Just one favour you’d want me to do for you. And it’ll be done”.

A heavy thud.

Shilah’s heart summersaulted heavily in her chest as she heard the unbelievable words. What?

She creased her brows and looked at the King like he had said the most impossible thing.

“M….My King?” She stuttered.

Why would the King give her such an opportunity? What has she done to deserve it?

“Go on, Shilah” He said.

“It’s my own ay of thanking you for last night”.

Her blood ran faster through her veins – she could feel it.

He’s thanking her? Oh! Blessed Spirits!

Such opportunity was rare to come by, and it was something any Queen would k*il*l to have. How did she get so lucky?

If a King ever gives such opportunity, he’d really carry it out – even if he was asked to k*il*l someone.

And now, Shilah couldn’t believe she just got offered such opportunity.


But…. What could she possibly ask? Urgh! Of course, she had so much to ask.


Her eyes beamed, but the next second, they went cold when she remembered something….

Dyani’s words to her the previous evening.

She paused and looked at the King who was staring keenly at it, his back leaning on his chair. Those deep blue eyes being pinned on her face – it made her want to do it more.

She pinned her gaze to the floor for some seconds and slowly, walked towards him.

“My…. My King” she began, her eyes unable to stare at his face.

“I…. I can’t even express how happy I am to be given such opportunity. Thank you so much” she bowed.

“And…. For My request; I really hope it gets granted”.

Dakota’s interest was pricked. His cold gaze didn’t leave her face.

“Can you give yourself a treat, My King?” She broke the shell.

“I mean…. can you just… go out, and have some fun? Have a drink, get some sweets and fruits,play some games”.

The King’s brows were already arching in confusion.

“I want you to go out, not as the King, but as Dakota” she continued.

“No guards, just you alone…. have some fun and know what it feels like, being human without having to think of responsibilities. Please, My King. That is my request”.

The King was confounded, listening to her and couldn’t even hide the surprise on his face.

So many seconds passed with him just being silent and cogitating on it.

A Queen had the opportunity to ask for any favour, and she actually used that opportunity on him? How possible?

He scoffed and looked at her as her shy eyes got glued to the floor.

“Everyone knows me as the Alpha King, Shilah” his voice so deep.

“There’s just no way I can do what you’re asking as even the people won’t be comfortable around me”.

Shilah gave a quick thought to that.

“Uhm…My King; I think…. if you dress like a peasant, and maybe wear a hat, it’d be difficult for anyone to recognize you. It should work out”. She enthused.

King Dakota bopped his head and leaned back on his chair again like one going into deep thoughts.

This was unbelievable. Shilah… Who was this girl?

For a long time, he was silent, his fingers on his jaw.

Then, he finally spoke up:

“I’d look like a peasant” he said lowly, but to Shilah’s hearing.

“And my people wouldn’t know it’s me. Instead, there’d only be seeing a poor man with a hat, and his wife”.

Shilah had been smiling and looking happy that the King was accepting her request, but not until she heard him say the last line.

Wait, what??? She flinched and looked at him.

“My…. My King…?”

“Get ready, Shilah,” he let out a cold beam. “Tonight, we go on a date”.

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