Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 50

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 50

Shilah’s carriage rode into the palace, her eyes looking so pale and her mind not even at peace. She couldn’t think straight as her mind was drifted far away; thinking about her misfortune.

The carriage pulled to a halt at the right place and Shilah helplessly stepped out of it; her head feeling so heavy.

As she walked towards the entrance so she could get to her room, she kept thinking: Who could her parents be? Why was she dumped in that forest? Could it be possible she was actually dumped because she was useless; because she was powerless? Oh! Even her own family rejected her? She’s always been rejected.

She was trying so hard to fight back the tears and her room was seeming so far from her. She walked for a long time before she was finally able to get to the room and as soon as she got in, she bursted out in tears.

Her knees on the floor, her head on the bed, she wept profusely.

*The woman you know as your mother, was never your mother*.

*She told me she picked you from the woods*.

*I’m sorry, Shilah*.

“No” sobs racked her throat. Why does this have to happen? Why her? Why her?

She was a nobody. No wonder she was powerless. That was obviously the reason she was dumped by her real family. So, her mother was never her mother? The mother she grew up knowing and loving, was never her real mother?

Oh, no….

A knock came on her door, but she didn’t want to see anyone; so didn’t bother making a move. She just wanted to stay alone and cry all day; cry all the frustrations away.

The knock came again, but she still didn’t make a move and finally, the door went open.

“Shilah” she heard her name.

She could tell it was Queen Dyani.

“My goodness! Are you crying?” Dyani was in awe as she hurried towards her and squatted close to her on the floor.

She had seen her walking towards her room; she called severally but Shilah seemed lost in thoughts and wouldn’t hear her. So, she decided to come meet her in the room and when she knocked but got no reply, she went in on her own, wanting to make sure everything was fine with her.

“What’s the problem, Shilah?” She cooed as she held her shoulder.

“Come on; you know you can always talk to me. What is it?”

Somehow, Shilah found solace and a companion as she lifted her head from the bed and placed them on Dyani’s chest – like a child would do to it’s mother.

The action broke Dyani’s heart as she lifted her hand to her back and began palming it slowly.

“Oh, Shilah; just calm down, okay? Everything will be fine. You can talk to me” she cooed .

“I’m just too unfortunate” Shilah finally replied, her eyes producing more tears.

“I’m too unfortunate; What did I do wrong?”

Dyani’s brows arched. What was she talking about?






Shilah was sitting glumly on the bed, while Dyani collected the cup of water from the maid, and after which, she left.

“Here” she walked back to Shilah on the bed and handed the cup to her.

“You should drink enough of it”.

Shilah gulped down the much she could take before placing the cup beside her.

“Thank you” she sighed.

She had been able to narrate the entire story to Dyani. Well, she had no option; she just had to.

“Shilah dear” Dyani sat next to her, throwing her hand over her shoulder.

“I don’t want you to think much about this, okay? Don’t ever think you’re not important; As a matter of fact, you’re very special and that’s the reason you were able to survive in that forest. Do you know how dangerous it is for a little baby to be alone in the woods? Probably, all through the night? You’re special, Shilah; trust me. And that’s the reason the goddess made someone as kind as your mother to find you and abduct you. At least, you had someone to call a mother while growing up. So, stop racking your head over this, Okay?”

Her words were so comforting in Shilah’s ears. She sniffed and nodded.

“Thank you so much, My Queen” she said. “I’m really grateful.

“Oh, Shilah! I’ve told you to stop calling me Queen. I’m okay with just Dyani, okay? We’re cool now”. Dyani said warmly and Shilah let out a small smile.

Just then, they heard a knock on the door and Dyani made to go for it; but Shilah insisted.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it” she replied and stood up, heading for the door.

She was trying so hard to control her sniffles as she got to the door, and on opening it, she discovered it was Chaska.

What?? What wrong has she done again? Why was she in her room?

“G…. Greetings, My King” She greeted perfunctorily with a lowered head.

Chaska wasn’t looking pleased at all. She could notice the teary look in Shilah’s eyes like she had been crying, but hell! She didn’t care.

“What did you put in the tea you gave to the King?” She went straight to the point, looking both desperate and angry.

Shilah had never seen such coldness in the Queen’s eyes.

“I…. I don’t understand….”

“Don’t you dare play d*um*b with me, Shilah!” Chaska rasped, pointing her index finger at her.

“As you can see, I’m not here for jokes. Now, tell me what you put in the King’s tea that made him fall asleep”.

Dyani could hear them from the room and was twice surprised as Shilah was. The King slept???

Shilah’s shock and joy knew no bounds. The King slept?? He slept??? Her tea; it worked! Oh, no; it did work!

The excitement from the news crowded her mind and washed away a part of her sorrows. The King really did sleep!

Chaska could notice the new excitement that had crept into her eyes and she couldn’t help but feel more irritated.

“Answer me!” She rasped, snapping Shilah out of her thoughts as she looked at her.

“I… I didn’t do anything, My Queen”. she answered with that hint of sincerity.

“All I did was…. make the tea and pray to the spirits to help him sleep. It’s … it’s obvious the spirits answered my prayers”.

Chaska was confused.

“The spirits?” She scoffed, and Shilah simply nodded.

“So…. you’re trying to tell me your prayers on the tea made the King sleep?”

“Y…. Yes, My Queen. It seems so”. Shilah replied.

“But mountain lions don’t pray to spirits; we pray to the moon goddess” she stated ridiculously, noting every wolf honoured Selene, while the witches were the ones that prayed to the spirits.

Shilah didn’t know what to say to that. She honours the moon goddess and also pray to her; but most times, she felt more comfortable praying to the spirits.

Chaska was about saying more when a guard suddenly showed up.

“Greetings, Queen” the armoured guard bowed, and Chaska couldn’t tell if he was referring to her, or Shilah.

“Queen Shilah, please come with me. The King wants you in his chambers now”. He further said, his strict gaze on Shilah.

Chaska’s eyes widened in heavy shock. Whaaaat??? The King wants her in his chambers??? Why?

Shilah, on the other hand, had grown more nervous. Going to the King’s chambers has always been so difficult for her.

She glanced at Chaska’s face and could see the stern bitterness on it.

“O…. Okay” she muttered and dashed into the room to tell Dyani she was leaving. And afterwards, she returned and left with the guard.

Chaska stood and stared at their backs as they walked away, her heart growing heavier.

That witch; Shilah!!!

Who knows If the King was calling to appreciate her? Or have a conversation with her??? She couldn’t even recall the last time the King sent for her on his own; she was always the one going to him!

Argh! This witch!

She needed to do something about her; needed to get the King’s attention again.

Yes; she knows exactly what to do.

Tonight, she’d make him her own tea, pray on it as well and give it to him. Definitely, it’ll make him sleep. Yes! If Shilah’s prayers could work on it, she sees no reason why hers wouldn’t work. So, that was exactly what she was going to do.

But, who does she pray to? The moon goddess? Or the spirits? She didn’t know how to pray to the spirits…

Urgh! She was definitely going to come up with something.

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