Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 49

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 49

It was Shilah again! Dakota thought as he stared at the tea cup in front of him.

She made the tea for him, told him it should help him in putting him to sleep. He doubted it just like every other person’s; but hers was different! Hers worked! Who the hell was that lady?

He bent his head towards the floor and shook it in sheer confusion. Shilah. She was powerless; yet special. Innocent, yet different. Sèx with her made him hungry, and her tea put him to sleep. Who was that lady?? Where does she come from?? How does she manage to have such uniqueness around her?


Shilah ran out of the house in tears, her heart tearing apart.

*Carlie only loved you as a mother, she was never your mother* her father’s words replayed in her head.

Oh! What was she even saying?? He wasn’t her father!

The agonizing tears dripped down her cheeks as the voice replayed in her head. She doesn’t have a family. No wonder they never liked her; no wonder they always treated her like a slave .

She was running towards the carriage when she suddenly heard Vanessa’s voice:


And she turned quicky to see her coming towards her, having a glum look on.

Shilah stopped walking, but the tears didn’t stop flowing. She had never been the type to be able to control herself.

“I’m sorry, Shilah” Vanessa cooed, standing in front of her.

“I’m sorry you had to learn the truth in the hard way”.

Shilah looked at her with surprise. She also knew about it?

“I had gotten to know the truth just few years ago” she continued. “But it never changed the way I felt about you, Shilah. You were and will always be family to me. You’ll be always be a sister to me. I’m so sorry”.

Shilah’s heart splitted into two, hearing those words from her. Oh, Vanessa…

She sniffled and rushed towards her, pulling her in a hug.

“Thank you so much” she whimpered, her tears dripping on her shirt.

“Thank you so much, Vanessa. Thank you”.

Her fingers were clenching tight onto her dress and Vanessa lifted her hand to palm her back.

The hug didn’t last for long tho, as Shilah just couldn’t stay in that environment; it was tormenting to her already.

“I…. I need to go” she sniffled, holding Vanessa’s hand.

Vanessa wanted to ask about her appearance at the palace, if she was being maltreated or anything; but seeing Shilah’s mood, she decided to just gulp it down.

“Take care of yourself, Shilah” she answered in a mutter and Shilah nodded and turned around, going into the carriage.

She could spot Ina and her mother watching from the window.


Chaska had been completely restless the whole time.

*The King is asleep* that guard’s words wouldn’t stop replaying in her head.

Or, could it be possible he was just lying to her??

Ah! Of course, not. The last thing any guard would do was lie to her! It wasn’t possible!

Honestly, she felt happy for the King, but she couldn’t help but feel so anxious and wonder how he had fallen asleep in the first place. Oh! She really wanted to know.

She stood up from the bed where she had been sitting and started walking out of the room, heading for the King’s chambers. She really wanted to see him; Maybe he was awake already.

It was a long walk but finally, she got there and met the two guards at the doorposts as usual.

“The King should be awake right? I need to see him” Chaska demanded and one of the guards nodded and went in, then returned shortly.

“You can go in now, Queen” he said and Chaska heaved a huge sigh of relief; at last.

The hard door was opened and she went into the room to find the King standing in front of his wardrobe and fixing his belt. It looked like he had just taken his bath.

Well yes, King Dakota had to freshen up and increase the calmness he felt. He had so much to do and needed to set to work immediately.

“My King!” Chaska beamed, her big dress flowing with her as she walked towards him.

“You’re awake”

Dakota gave a short silence as he connected the holes in the belt.

“How’re you doing, Chaska?” He asked when he was finally done, walking towards his table.

“I…. I think I’m fine. Just a little curious, maybe” she chuckled and watched him go to the table.

She didn’t follow behind.

“I was amazed when the guard told me you were asleep” she continued.

“Or was he just lying?”

“It wasn’t a lie, Chaska. Why would any of the guards lie?” Dakota’s voice was intense.

He took his seat and started bringing out some scrolls.

“Wow! I’m…. I’m in awe, My King” Chaska scoffed, now going closer to him.

“You were able to sleep? That’s….. That’s great news. But, how possible? How did it happen?”

Her ears were longing to hear it.

And Dakota, taking hold of his feather replied:

“It was Shilah. She made me some tea and I was able to sleep”.

There was a loud thud in Chaska’s head as cold vibrations ran through her.

Oh, no..

Her eyes went cold, her brows furrowed with a muddled feeling creeping into her face. She couldn’t understand a thing

Shi… Shilah?

“M… My King” she stuttered, soughting for quick words.

“Are you sure? I mean, are you sure to was….”

“She told me it’d make me sleep once I drink of it, and it really did work. If feels so good having to sleep again after so many years.

“If you wouldn’t mind, Chaska, I’d love to be alone. I’ve been asleep for so long and have a lot to do”.

His tone wasn’t authoritative, but Chaska didn’t need anyone to tell her it needed to be obeyed.

She felt so cold and weak, enfeebled.

Shilah made the tea that put the King to sleep? How possible? What tea did she make?

Oh! Blessed Selene; this is not possible; this can’t be happening!

Her heart was burning heavily as she walked out of his room.

Dakota allowed some seconds to p@ssafter Chaska left, then he stopped writing.

“Darci!” He called and the door opened immediately with one of the guards coming in.

“My King .!”

Dakota turned to look at him:

“Inform the rest of the guards. As soon as Shilah is back, I want her brought to my room”.

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