Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 263

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 263 At The Balcony

Shilah felt cold shivers as she stood in front of Bastet who stared back at her. The unreadable look on the woman’s face made it difficult for Shilah to understand what she had running through her mind.

Since the awful experience with Jael, Shilah had been praying she doesn’t get to meet Bastet. But now she was there, she didn’t know what to think. Was it possible the woman had gotten to know King Dakota was her daughter’s murderer? Was she there for revenge? |

Bastet finally took some steps towards her, her eyes not leaving her face. She wasn’t with her walking aid. Shilah, on the other hand, stayed frozen and watched in awe.

Finally, the old woman stood in front of her and cupped her cheeks, to Shilah’s bewilderment.

“My great Shilah”, she chuckled, her old eyes crinkling up. “Oh! Dear, I am so proud of you”.

Shilah’s heart skipped a beat. She was flustered and didn’t even know how to react.

“Look at you,” Bastet placed her hands on her shoulders as she gave her a head – to – toe look. “You are looking all powerful and beautiful – being the exact woman the spirits wanted you to become”.

“Ba… Bastet”, Shilah called in a frail tone. “You’re here”.

“Oh! Of course, I heard about the party and could not miss it for anything. It gives me so much joy seeing how much you’ve accomplished – bringing the witches together. I am so proud of you, Shilah. So proud, I wish I was actually your mother”.

Shilah’s heart cracked at the mention of that. With the way Bastet acted, she couldn’t decipher her purpose for being there. Did she know the truth about her daughter or not?

Bastet took her hand and started leading her to the door, away from the party.

“I know you have a lot to do, and I actually have no intentions of keeping you for long. I just wanted to come here and show my excitement. It’s so beautiful, to be honest”.

“Thank you”, Shilah lowered her head and said.

It was obvious the old woman was oblivious about her sin. Now, Shilah was left to battle with her conscience on telling her about it or not.

‘She doesn’t know about it, Shilah. Just let it go. Telling her might brew unnecessary trouble’, her inner mind whispered.

‘You should tell her and be free from guilt’ another countered. Shilah was truly confused. Wasn’t she supposed to let sleeping dogs lie?

“How’s your son? And your mother as well?” Bastet asked when they got outside to the field that was still busy.

“They are both fine”.

Shilah thought of introducing them to her, but somehow, she felt scared to.

“And how have you been, Bastet?” She looked her in the eye and ask. Bastet let out a pained sigh. They were both facing themselves.

“I believe I will be fine. I returned home some weeks ago to find Jael dead – just outside the house. It was painful, believe me. But I guess I will be fine. Afterall, I am used to a lot of pains”.

That was the reply Shilah feared – the reply that shattered her cold heart. A tear slipped down as she looked at Bastet straight in the face. Then dolefully, her gaze fell as another tear came rolling down.

“Oh! Dear, don’t cry. I’ve cried enough”, Bastet held her cheeks up and wiped off the tears, although there were still traces.

She clicked her tongue. “I shouldn’t have come. Now, I’m ruining your mood for the party. I should probably go now”.

She pulled Shilah into a hug and turned to leave. “Bastet”, Shilah called soberly.

The old woman stopped walking but didn’t look at her. “We k*il*led her”, the words came out faintly.

“The King…k*il*led her. He discovered she was the lady that k*il*led his mother, set him up and got him cursed. He was furious when he saw her and….and I tried to stop him. Oh! I swear by the spirits, I tried to stop him. But, his urge for revenge was just extreme, I couldn’t help him. I’m so sorry”, her words came in cracks as her voice wavered.

Bastet remained backing her for some time, and Shilah made no attempt to move. No, she just remained there – awaiting every consequence to come to her. She was ready for it. She deserved it.

Slowly, Bastet turned to her. Shilah’s head was bent downwards as she wept profusely. It felt like a shock when Bastet’s hands held her cheeks and lifted them up so she could look into her face.

“I know”, came the calm words. It hit Shilah so hard like a rock,the confusion was blinding on her face. Shilah looked into Bastet’s face with so much bafflement, she wasn’t sure if she heard right.

“I prayed, and the spirits revealed it to me,” she added in clarification.

Shilah’s face crumpled up. Her eyes moved left and right in confusion. What was she talking about? “I don’t…I don’t understand”, Shilah muttered.

A light smile cornered Bastet’s lips. “You wonder why I didn’t come for revenge, right? Why I am so calm despite knowing what I do?”

Bastet paused and sighed.

“That is just it – Shilah. This is the reason the world finds it difficult to grow. Revenge. Everyone wants revenge. If we keep going round the circle of revenge, then our hands will never stop being bloody, our hearts will never stop being heavy, and we’ll never stop creating enemies.

“I blame Jael for the evil she did, but as my daughter, I cannot say she deserved what she got. It’s extremely painful that the Alpha King had k*il*led her, and badly, I would want my revenge. But if I were to k*il*l him, wouldn’t you come for me as well for revenge? And where would that end us?

“I won’t deny, it is not easy letting it go, but I have decided to. And I wish a lot of people get to act this way – letting go could be the best option sometimes. That revenge in the end, might just not be worth it. So, warm up, girl, and enjoy the party”.

Silence descended afterward as Shilah tried to stomach everything Bastet had said. Her letting go was alarming, it was something Shilah would’ve never done.

“Oh! Bastet,” she bursted into more tears as she fell on the woman’s chest.

Bastet chuckled and stroked her back. “It’s fine, my dear girl”, she cooed. “It’s just fine”.

She walked out to the balcony and stood beside him, a smile tapping her lips as she joined him in staring at the beautiful galaxy of stars.

The party was still ongoing, although a lot of the distinguished guests had gone home, leaving just the villagers who wanted to stay back and drink more.

But there at the balcony, it was just both of them – quiet and dark like they wanted. Shilah drew in a deep breath of the atmosphere, attesting it smelt so good. So peaceful.

Elated, she wrapped her hands round the waist of the man beside her, hugging and placing her head on his chest.

“Is he asleep?” King Dakota asked calmly.

“Yes. If he wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here”, Shilah bobbed and chuckled.

Then, she went back to resting her head on his chest, her face being all smiles.

“It’s so peaceful”, she cooed, her eyes closed. “Everything is so accomplished; I feel it’s unreal”. King Dakota lifted his hand to her hair and planted a kiss on her.

“You made it all possible; only you, Shilah” he replied.

They stayed that way for a long time, her head on his chest with his hand on her hair. The king’s curse had also been broken with the air of Kylie. Everything was going just fine.

Suddenly, Shilah pulled away to look into his face. “There’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you, my King”.

Dakota listened.

“It’s actually going to be a favour and I really really hope you can do it. It’s about Nosheba”.

Dakota’s hand fell from her hair at once. There was a drastic change in his mood, even his eyes turned cold instantly.

“What does Nosheba have to do with us?” He grumped. “Hold on, is she asking for some kind of reward for helping you find your mother? Just incase she wants her banishment lifted, tell her it’s never going to happen. Never”.

Shilah quickly placed her hand on his chest, trying to sooth him. It wasn’t surprising how quickly he got angry at the mention of her name, considering all the despicable things she did.

“She is not asking for that, my King,” Shilah stated calmly.

“All she actually wants is a chance to be with her children. She accepts the banishment, but she simply wants her children to go along with her – the ones she had left behind with her father and stepmother”.

Dakota looked at Shilah and scoffed. Then, he stayed silent for a while.

“That woman”, he took in a deep breath. “She slept repeatedly with my brother under my very nose. She had a child for him, got pregnant for the second time and had the guts to pin it on me. Her request is not that difficult, but I am not doing it, Shilah. I am not giving her that satisfaction”.

Shilah was disappointed. Although, she had seen his refusal coming, she had hoping for something different. She recalled how Nosheba wept while laying the request to her:

“They are all I want, Shilah”, she had whimpered. “I… I have a little house in the village. There’s… there’s also a little business I can run as well. It’s not much, but they can survive with me. Please, talk to him. I just want my family together”.

Shilah looked at the King, contemplating on bringing back the topic or not.

“Not one more word about her”, Dakota cut her off like he could predict her.

And not wanting to get his mood more ruined than it already was, she decided to let it go. Perhaps, she could bring it up again later on.

She took hold of his hand and squeezed it lightly in hers. “We’ve come a long way, you know”, she beamed.

“About a year ago, who would have thought I’d be standing next to you in this way? Goodness! You had been so scary, especially when you rode to my house to punish me”.

Dakota c*oc*ked his head at her, his brows furrowing in pretence. “I was scary? How can you even say that? I was a good man”

“Oh! I wish you were”, Shilah laughed.

“Tell me, when was the first time you had a good impression about me?” She leaned on him, while Dakota squinted his eyes for a second, trying to think.

“Well…” he exhaled deeply. “Remember that day you had calmed my wolf in the cave? I had given you an open offer – telling you to request anything from me – no matter what it was – and it would be done. Honestly, I had expected you to ask for a material thing – gold, a royal position or a privilege you’ve been wanting to have.

But you, Shilah, you had asked for nothing for yourself. All you wanted was to see me have a normal evening. You convinced me to dress like a peasant and go into the village, but urgh…! It was disastrous. It didn’t take the villagers anything to know it was me”.

Shilah laughed hard at the memories. Those good times! She turned to him and hugged him.

“I am thankful to the Spirits for making me break that lockdown order, my king. That was the only reason I got your attention and the only reason you asked to marry me”.

“And I am grateful to have found a soul like you. If our paths hadn’t crossed, I don’t want to fathom the mess my life would have been right now”. Dakota responded. He cupped her cheeks and kissed her passionately. “I love you, Shilah. I cannot wait to grow old with you”, he cooed.

“I love you too, my King”.

She leaned on his chest again. And so they stayed, for as long as they could.




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