Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 255

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 255 The Woman From The Camp

Dyani left the Palace as soon as she was done from the King’s chambers. She hurried down to the residential area, fathoming how happy she’d be when she finally meets Griffin.

Oh! How she couldn’t wait. How she couldn’t wait to hug him and let him know they were finally free to have each other. How she couldn’t wait to let him know she’d finally be his, and he would be hers.

From the moment the King revealed everything to her and told her of his offer, it was more like her love for Griffin had resurrected. Their old memories began flashing through her head – all the beautiful times they had as lovers and everything they had planned for the future. Griffin had always been the man of her dreams and she wouldn’t deny lusting over him a couple of times when she had visited him in the last two months. Yes, she had imagined what his touch on her would feel like again, but thank goodness she never fell to the temptation of the flesh as in the end, she had a good reward. There was only one lesson this had taught her – it pays to be good.

All the happy memories she had been trying so hard to forget effortlessly occupied her brain. And as she ran towards his house, she couldn’t help but blush sheepishly.

Finally, she got to his door and was about pounding on it when she found a lock on it. What? Her heart thumped heavily as her countenance changed and got filled with confusion. Wait, no no. She must be mistaken.

She pounded on the door regardless, but was answered by silence. Her heart was already beating louder than the chips of the birds around her. There was no way, it couldn’t be what she was thinking.

With deep heavy breaths, she ran to the other side of the house and tried looking through the windows, but the windows were shut. For goodness sake, no! It can’t possible! There was no way he’s left already.

“Griffin?” She turned around and called. “Griffin?!”

She panted heavily and brushed her fingers into her hair, ruffling it. No, it couldn’t be possible.

Suddenly, her last words to him flashed through her mind:

‘I’m truly sorry, Griffin, but this would be the very last time we’d be seeing each other. And this time around, I really mean it. There are many ladies out there, you should move on’.

A tear slipped her eye as she leaned her back on the wall for support.

“No…” She whimpered weakly, still ruffling. “No, please”.

Could it be possible he had moved on already? Did he really take her words seriously?

Her heart ached heavily as the dreadful thoughts occupied her. The only reason he had been there was to spend time with her, and for the past few weeks, she hadn’t come to visit him. What if he truly left and had found someone else already? What if he was already in love and it was too late for her? How would she even find him?

“No…!” She cried our as she reached for the ground z huddling her arms and legs together.

The birds chirped even louder, but she paid no attention to them as she cried her eyes out.

Just when she was at the verge of having her freedom, when she was at the verge of having all she’s ever wished for. Why would such misfortune befall her? Dyani couldn’t tell for how long she sat there in the quiet spot, crying painfully, but she stopped when she heard a familiar voice call her name.


In a mini-second, she zapped her head up and was startled when she found Griffin standing before her, looking surprised. He held some fruits and vegetables and depicted he was returning from the market.

Dyani’s eyes dilated with disbelief as her lips stayed open in astonishment.

“Dyani?” Griffin called again.

This time around, he also seemed confused. Like, what was she doing there? Why was she on the ground? And why was she crying?

“Are you…okay?” He squinted, and finally catching her breath, Dyani sprang up from the ground.

“Griffin!” She shrieked as she ran for a hug.

Griffin saw it coming and quickly dropped the items in his hands to welcome her. Dyani hugged him tight like she would ch*oke him, but Griffin couldn’t help but feel more confused. Was Dyani really giving him a hug?

“Oh! Thank goodness! Thank goodness”, she whimpered on his shoulders. “Thank the moon you’re back. I thought I lost you”.

And in his confused state, he wrapped his hand around her to welcome the gesture.


Nosheba couldn’t afford a smile as she watched the little baby s*ckle from her nipple. Although, she was happy and greatly relieved that at last, her womb was free. She was greatly relieved that the baby was finally out and safe. And as she watched him s*ckle from her, she wanted to smile and kiss him. Of course, she loved him so much at that point, but there was too much pains in her heart – recollecting all the evil she had done. She still couldn’t believe Raksha was executed.

Oh! Her poor baby. How would he feel when he grows up and learns she had been such a monster in the past? How would he feel when he learns his mother was a fallen queen and his father had been executed for treason? Goodness! Why did the goddess allow her to be so evil? She sincerely hated her life and wished there was a way it could be any different.

Suddenly, Shilah walked in, taking her mind off her worries for the meantime. She noticed how Shilah looked at the baby and could tell she was equally relived the whole thing had been successful.

“I trust everything is good?” She asked in that icy tone of hers, maintaining some distance between them.

At some points, Nosheba could hardly believe it was the same Shilah from the palace, the same Shilah that had been so naive, scared and easily intimidated. The same Shilah that could never talk back at anyone or even defend herself. It still puzzled Nosheba how much she changed…

“Yes. The baby seems okay”, she beamed a reply. “Thank you so much, Shilah. I know I have been saying this, but I can never thank you enough. Thank you for giving life to my child”.

Shilah said nothing, not immediately.

“You should rest as much as you can. By morning, I’ll need you to leave. Our deal is done”, she grumped and turned to leave.

She had already gotten to the door and wax about heading out when a thought struck Nosheba.

“Shilah!” She called, making Shilah turn to her with an inquisitive look.

“There is actually something… I’ve wanted to tell you”, she paused and stood up with her baby, resting him on her shoulder. “A year ago, after I was thrown out of the palace, I was seized by the hunters and taken to their camp. There in my cell, I met a woman who had been imprisoned for over twenty years. Her cell was next to mine. So, we communicated with each other. She um…told me a story – a story of how she had fallen in love with a vamplord as a witch, got pregnant but was denied by him”,

At this point, Shilah was retracing her steps back to her.

“She told me she was locked up by her sisters, but had escaped with the help of someone. Eventually, she had her baby – a girl – but the witches caught up with her, using some sort of…map, and during the process, she ended up k*il*ling the queen”, Nosheba paused when Shilah gasped.

“She um…also said she had cloaked her daughter’s powers so the witches wouldn’t find her. The next morning, when she was awake, she was in the hunter’s camp with her daughter gone. I’m telling you this because… part of what she said sounded so similar to the story I heard about your newly-found father – Lord Achlys. And this woman…I would say you have a lot of facial similarities. I… I don’t know, Shilah. But…”

“This woman…” Shilah cut her off. Her eyes were already glistening and her breath came in short and heavy. “Did she say what her name was?”

Nosheba arched her brows in thoughts. “Yes, yes. She did”, she quickly looked up at Shilah. “She said her name was Ayita”.

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