Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 212

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene 

Chapter 212 The King’s Wives

Sukie felt her hands shaking as she read through the book. It was confirmed! She was indeed, pregnant for Pishan! Oh, no …

She closed it up and stood on her feet, beginning to pace back and forth. For the first time in a very long time, she felt really scared, felt so terrified that her life was in danger. First, the baby she was carrying would be called an abomination. It would be evidence she’s had intercourse with a wolf which was forbidden and would definitely cost her life and that of Pishan’s! But she didn’t want that to happen! Oh, no… she didn’t want to endanger anyone. So, she needed to act fast.

Nervously, she hurried to her empty scripts and began scribbling on it, writing a letter to Pishan. It appeared bad as her hands were shaking:

“Pishan we have a big problem. I believe I’m pregnant. Please, we need to meet up and talk about it. I’ll be in the cave in two days time. Hurry up, Pishan! I’m so scared!”

Done, she rolled it up and placed it on the floor. Formerly, she’d have looked for a way to deliver it to him, but three weeks ago, she discovered a new trick of sending messages through invisible air.

Getting on her knees, she closed her eyes, placed her palms together and began the enchantment. It was going to take sometime, but at least, it was faster than sending it on land.

She continued with the enchantment for a long time while until finally, the letter was no longer in front of her and had vanished into thin air.




Dyani had a light smile on her face as she walked into the room with the door being held open by Griffin. The sweet smell from the burning incense welcomed her with some relief – that was actually her favourite thing in his room.

“How are you, Dyani? Hope you didn’t have a hard time coming here?” Griffin asked warmly as he locked up the door while she took a seat.

“Of course, I didn’t. And you? How have you been?” She looked at him and asked.

“Well, I’ve been fine. Although, I missed you”.

Dyani’s stomach growled. “I…I was here just a week ago” she lowered her eyes and said timidly.

“Well, a week is just like a year to me, Dyani.” He chuckled and reached for a drink.

Few minutes later and a cup of wine was placed in front of Dyani.

“Thank you” She lifted up the cup to him before taking some gulps.

“So, how is Cara?” Griffin asked as he took the seat next to her. It made Dyani cringe because he was always sitting opposite, not next.

“Uhm… she’s doing just fine” she answered a little uncomfortably and took another sip from her cup.

“That’s great. And the King? How is he doing? And… are the rumours really true about the Vampires wanting to seize power?”

“Yes, it is. The King is actually out on a meeting with them. I just hope they come to a reasonable conclusion”.

“Hm. Must be really hard for the King. Sincerely, I feel great pity for him. First, his long-awaited son went missing, then his favourite wife and now, his power being challenged.” Griffin paused and sighed. “There’s still no news about… that wife of his, right?”

“No” Dyani’s eyes drooped. The thought of Shilah always made her sad. “It’s been two months already, yet there’s been no word from her. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s necessary to continue praying for her safety”.

“Hey …it’s fine” Griffin cooed with a hand on her shoulder. “You don’t need to give up. I have a feeling she’s still alive somewhere and will be back soon”.

“B… But, how soon?” Dyani scoffed. “She went out to look for her missing son but ended up missing as well. If she was alive, wouldn’t we have heard something from her already? Where could she possibly be for two months? She doesn’t even know anyone aside the fake family she grew up with”.

“Calm down, Okay?” Griffin held her cheeks. “You don’t need to panic. I just have a very strong feeling she’s alive and will be back soon”.

Dyani sighed deeply and took her cheeks away from his hold. “I hope so, anyway” she mumbled.

They both went silent afterwards with Dyani’s face looking swollen. She didn’t even pay attention to Griffin anymore, but not until she felt his hand on her thigh. With bended brows, she looked at him and didn’t even catch her next breath before his lips came crashing on hers.

“Hah! Griffin!” She gasped and sprang on her feet, looking perplexed.

In shock, she touched her lips and looked up at him. “What do you think you’re doing?!”

“Come on, Dyani, you don’t need to act ignorant…” He was already on his feet and had tried reaching for her face.

“Ignorant?” She slapped his hand away. “How can you even say that to me, Griffin?”

He paused and brushed his fingers into his hair, desperation being so evident.

“So, simply because I decided to heed to your advice of just being friends you feel you’ve earned it all? I’m only here because I needed someone to talk to, Griffin and for the past two months, you made me feel like you’re one. So, why are you trying to take advantage of me?”

“Advantage?” He scoffed. “You call my love for you an advantage? I love you, Dyani! And each time I see you, it makes me go mad knowing you’re not mine! Is that really an advantage?.”

Dyani nearly lost her tongue for the next three seconds. “We… we’ve talked about this, Griffin. I am married to the King and nothing’s going to change that”.

She could see the hurt in his eyes, though, they flashed for just a second.

“I… I know, okay? And I’m not asking you to change it, I just want you to give me a chance as well. Please, Dyani…” He took her hand.

“Have you gone crazy?” She scoffed as she pushed him away. “Do you even know the consequences of what you’re asking? You really want me to give my body to you when it’s owned by another? What exactly do you take me for, Griffin?”

“I take you to be the first and only woman my heart has ever beaten for!” He yelled, his eyes glistening. “It’s not my fault, Dyani. From the start, I had no idea you’d be taken from me. Else, I wouldn’t have fallen so deeply for you. So please, stop blaming me!”

Staring at him, a tear slipped Dyani’s eye. But, she quickly sniffed and wiped it off.

“I’m truly sorry, Griffin, but this would be the very last time we’d be seeing each other. And this time around, I really mean it. There are many ladies out there, you should move on”. Another tear dripped her eye, and wiping it off again, she turned towards the door.

“No! Dyani, please!” He ran after her and hugged her from behind, tearfully. “Please, don’t do this to me! I’m sorry….”

No matter how determined she wanted to be, his tears broke her, she had to burst out uncontrollably. They stayed that way and wept for sometime until finally, she pushed him away and ran out the door.




Queen Chaska, filled with fear, laid with her legs opened in front of the mid-wife. Of course, it wasn’t Ahiga but someone else who was also a good midwife.

She closed her eyes the whole time, enduring all the pains and irritation that came with the woman’s hand dancing inside her v@gin@. It was so painful, it made her feel she was going through labour.

“Sorry, Queen Chaska. Just a little more ..” The midwife encouraged as she dipped her hand more. And finally, just when Chaska was about giving up, she withdrew her hand.

“Hah!” Came Chaska’s gasp, followed by a painful grunt. It had to take her sometime to get over it and have her eyes opened. And when she did, the displeased face of the mid-wife was the first sight she saw.

“S…Sara?” She called nervously as she managed to sit up. “Talk to me. What is happening? What does the test say?”

But the advanced woman was silent and just had her both hands on her waist.

“Sara, please!” Chaska groaned impatiently. “We’ve been at this for two months now, trying to know why I can’t conceive for the King. So, if you’ve found something, I’d suggest you don’t try to keep it from me. Please…!” The pain in her eyes – it made the midwife doubt if she was to add to it.

“I’m truly sorry, Queen Chaska” She said bitterly. “But…it looks like your womb is damaged”.

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