Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 213

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene 

Chapter 213 The Agony

Hearing those words for Chaska, were the worst words she’s ever had to hear. She felt her heart split into two, together with the last drop of happiness she’s ever had. And for the first time, she wished she was d*um*b and had heard wrongly.

Staring at the woman, it took her some time to find her tongue and words and more importantly, comprehend what she had just heard. The midwife could obviously feel her pain and felt more terrible for her.

“Are…” Chaska opened her lips to speak, but the words were not forthcoming. So, she closed them right back as a tear slipped her eye.

“I’m sorry, Queen Chaska” the midwife consoled, tenderly touching her shoulder. “You’ll be fine”.

“How?” Her shaky voice came in a whisper. “How will it be fine? I’ll never be able to carry a child again. How…how are you even sure this is correct? Did you check it properly? I can’t just…lose my womb so easily”. Tears dripped her eyes effortlessly.

“I’m truly sorry, Queen…”

“No!”. She suddenly yelled hysterically. “Don’t tell me you’re sorry! This cannot be true! I still need to carry a child! I can’t stay this way!!”

The midwife went mute as she realized no amount of words would be able to calm the poor woman. She watched her cry heavily for a long time and struggled on her feet.

“I cannot believe you” She whimpered. “I believe you’ve been sent by an enemy to bring this badnews to me. So, I don’t believe you!”

With her hand on her tummy and still in tears, she headed for the door.

She cried all the way to her carriage, her hand still squeezing her tummy tight. How could this be true? How could her womb be damaged? Yes, she’s been unable to get pregnant for some years and has been having missed cycles, but that was no reason to damage her womb! It was no reason to seize her ability to bare a child. How would she survive? Just how?? Mavy was dead and now she had just Urika. She needed more children! How could this possibly happen to her?

The guards by the carriage noticed how tears but felt reluctant asking what the problem was as they knew the kind of person she was. She could get aggressive and send them all away, it was only on a very few times she could act normal.

So, they all just kept mute as she walked towards them and entered the carriage.


Chaska’s hurt kept increasing as they rode all the way to the Palace. Her heart kept getting weaker.

She didn’t even realize they had gotten to the Palace when the carriage stopped moving until a guard had to call repeatedly.

She shuddered out of thoughts and looked at him with a little fright.

“We’re at the Palace, My Queen.”

She closed her eyes and sighed, wiping off the tear that stained on it. And feeling she was calm enough, she stepped out.

She walked like a semi-ghost, having her head bowed and seeming lost in thoughts. Even the maids could notice it especially when she didn’t respond to their greeting or act like she could hear them and as a matter of fact, she really couldn’t hear them. Her ears had been blocked by the hurtful words of the midwife and at so many points, she was moved to tears.

She fought so hard to control it and approaching the door of her room, she could overheard Urika’s whimpers.

“Please, my princess, you need to eat up. You haven’t had a thing for some horus now and it’s bad for your health” She could overhear Gina’s risen voice.

“Mmh! Mmmh!” Came her daughter’s mumbles next. Whatever was left of Chaska’s heart, splitted totally at the hearing of that as she realized that would be the only daughter she would have for the rest of her life.

With shaky hands, she opened the door and confirmed what she had heard – the imbecile Urika on the bed with Gina trying to feed her.

“My Queen!” Gina gasped and stood up when she noticed her. “You’re back!”

But the broken Chaska could say nothing as a tear slipped her eye while staring at her once pretty daughter. Neck bent, hand twisted, everyday of her life, she found it so hard to believe that was her own child.

“My… My Queen, how did the meeting go with the midwife?” Gina was already looking worried, considering the look on her face. And it took Chaska some time to utter some words.

“She said my womb is damaged” Her eyes were still fixed on Urika.

“What?” Gina placed her palm over her lips. For the next few seconds, she was gobsmacked.

“My…My Queen! Is she sure?! I mean… could there be a mistake somewhere?”

With a sigh, Chaska moved forward to the other side of the window.

“I know I did wrong, Gina” She sniffed. “I know I did wrong by conspiring to take Shilah’s child. But this – this is just too much” she paused and sniffed again.

“I only took a child, but whatever curse she’s placed on me has taken more than I did! First, it took Mavy, turned Urika into an imbecile and now, taken my ability to bare more children. What else will it do to me? Take my life?!” There was so much pains in her voice as she spoke, it broke Gina completely.

“All I did was take one child, but it has taken three things already. Wherever she is, I hope Shilah is dead! And just in case she’s not, I’ll k*il*l her the very moment I set my eyes on her! I’ll k*il*l her and take the blame”.

Another bittered tear slipped her eye and still staring out the window, she found the King riding in.


Pishan was right behind King Dakota as they rode into the Palace with the rest of the guards. Halting the horses, Dakota stepped down and grumpily began walking in, ignoring the courtesy of the guards coming to welcome him. From every indication, it was obvious he was angry and Pishan was the only one free enough to go after him. He tried as much as he could to do hasten his steps and meet up with him, but the King’s angry steps could never be compared.

He’d thought the King was headed for his chambers but was surprised when he took a different turn. He followed him, regardless, and it became clearer to him when they started approaching Shilah’s room. Oh…

The King still looked aggressive until he’d opened the door and walked in. With the door left opened, Pishan was able to go close but stopped at the doorway. The sight of the King stranding and staring at Shilah’s room tore him apart. He watched the way he stared at the bed, then at the wardrobe,the window, every corner of the room from just one spot. No doubt, her memories and that of their son’s were getting a hold of him again.

He looked up at the ceiling and sullenly, sat on the bed.

“Go away, Pishan. I want to be alone for now” he muttered with his head bowed into his palms.

Pishan, being a man that had served the King for so many years knew his limits and when the King really needed to be alone. So, without arguing it, he lowered he gave a bow and retreated from the room.

He walked with slow relaxed steps to his room, wondering if and when things would ever get any better. For the past two months, it’s been pain and gloominess and it was already above frustrating. The King that was beginning to find some light, had gone back to the broken man he used to be. When would things go back to normal? Soon? Or never?

His mind lingered on the thoughts all the way to his room, and getting in, all he had in mind was to take a cold bath and grab some sleep.

He was already undressing when the sight of a note on the table gripped his attention. His brows furrowed as he stared at it. It wasn’t there before he left..

Curiously, he budged forward and his eyes beamed when he saw the name “Sukie.”

It was Sukie! She must’ve sent it using her newly – found trick.

He quickly took it up and ran his eyes through it’s content and the moment he spotted the word “Pregnant”, he felt his heart stop working.




Sukie never knew she could stare for so long at the mirror in her room. As a matter of fact, she’s had that mirror for over five years but could count the number of times she’s paid attention to it.

She wasn’t just looking at her face, but her tummy which her hand caressed.

It made her feel so strange knowing she was indeed, carrying a little one inside of her. Being a mother was something she had never imagined and to think the baby was actually an abomination….she didn’t even know what to think.

She’d continued staring at the flat tummy until suddenly, there was a knock on the door and for the first time, she was frightened by a knock. She didn’t even know what she was thinking, her insecurities were heightened as she felt her condition might get discovered at any time.

She took in a very deep breath, looked round the room to be sure she wasn’t keeping anything carelessly and satisfied, she went for the door.

She had been expecting it to be one of the sisters as usual, but when it turned out to be the Supreme Sister herself, she felt everything in her spin.

Whaaat???? Kylie was standing in front of her door for the very first time?? What was she doing there??!

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