Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 70

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 70




Pishan climbed down from his horse and spotted Sukie at the river bank, already waiting.

She was dressed in her usual red garment, her hoodie over her head and looking young and beautiful as ever. She probably knew Pishan had arrived, but didn’t turn away from the river to look at him.

“Hey” he cooed as he walked towards her and that was when Sukie turned to look at him. Her eyes produced some sparkles.

“Pishan” she called, taking her hoodie down from her head.

“You kept me waiting”.

“Yeah, sorry about that. It wasn’t easy riding out of the mountain” Pishan replied.

Finally, they were both standing in front of each other at a close distance. Pishan spotted the necklace she had on. It was the necklace he had sent to her and his heart gladdened as he stared at it.

“It’s a good thing you got my letter” Sukie further said.

“Was scared you wouldn’t get it”.

“Yes. You told me you wanted to meet with me. What’s the problem?”

“It’s your King. What he says about us isn’t true. My Queen didn’t and would never authorize such act. She didn’t know about the poison. So, you need to talk to your King just incase he’s trying to make a drastic decision”. Sukie said, and Pishan’ sighed, going silent for some seconds.

“The King doesn’t have plans of launching an attack” he replied. “But, I’m not so sure he’d be this patient if another attack comes from your people”.

“I just told you; we don’t know anything about this….”

“Then, it only means it’s being done in private” Pishan cut in, calmly. “Whether or not your Queen knows about it, the poison came from one of the witches and I really hope it doesn’t get to repeat itself because I wouldn’t know how else to stop the King. I was able to convince him not to launch an attack the first time, but if it happens again….”

“I understand” Sukie chipped in and silence descended afterwards.

Then, Pishan’s eyes went to her neck.

“You didn’t let me know if you got the necklace or not” he spoke calmly, and Sukie stared down at it and touched it.

“Sorry, I couldn’t write to you” she said. “But I really did appreciate it”. She looked up at him.

“I almost got caught about a week ago, Pishan. One of the sisters had gotten to know the letters and gifts you sent were coming from someone else and not a woman like I claimed. She tried exposing me to the Queen, but I was lucky enough to escape that. So please, from now on, you don’t write to me anymore. If I want to communicate with you, I’d write to you instead as that would be safer”.

“I understand” Pishan nodded. “Sorry for almost getting you into trouble”.

“It’s fine. That’s in the past now”. She took some steps backwards as she lowered her gaze to the floor. Pishan admired her; she’s always been a beauty.

“I need to leave now” he suddenly said.

“The King is embarking on a journey in few hours from now and I need to help him out with some things”.

“Alright then. Thanks for coming as I requested” Sukie said as she lifted her gaze to look at him, and when she did, their eyes got interlocked.

Everything went mute as they just stared blankly at each other , and for a second, Sukie could swear she caught him staring at her lips, like he was going to kiss her the next second.

She broke the contact by stepping backwards and walking towards her own horse, then finally climbing on it.

“Bye, Pishan” she said as she got hold of the horse’s collar rope.

“Bye” Pishan muttered and watched her leave.




Shilah sat in front of the mirror, watching as the maids worked on her face and hair.

They were doing a great job – as requested by the King – and all Shilah could do was sit and watch.

Hm. It’s been four days now. Four days since she started recovering from the arrow shot.

Well, not so much had happened in the space of that four days as all Shilah spent her time doing was trying to get better.

She had only seen the King twice in that space of that four days, and she couldn’t tell why, but she noticed the King was becoming reserved and preferred being secluded. Somehow, she felt it had to do with what happened to him the other day in the room, four days ago when they had finished haven’t sèx.

She could recall how he grunted and hit the walls angrily, like he had been in so much pains. And when she called his name, she could recall how he replied her – in a harsh, grumpy manner. He looked and sounded so angry. What could be wrong with him? She thought.

She took in a deep breath, still staring into the mirror. Sincerely, she liked what the maids were doing to her face. Well, they were about embarking on a journey.

There was an Alpha from a distant mountain who lost his mother about a month ago, and King Dakota felt like paying him a visit that very day. It might sound too late to do something of such, but that was Dakota for you. He preferred acting off schedule in most cases.

He only wanted to spend a day with the Alpha and decided to go with his wives as well. Unfortunately, Dyani would be unable to go as her daughter had fallen ill sick two days ago which warranted her to stay back and care for her. Shilah was unhappy with it as she wouldn’t know how to cope with the presence of the two hostile Queens. Well, it was only going to be for a day, right? And she’d be back. Hopefully, she’d just try as much as possible to stay out of trouble.

“My Queen, we’re done”. One of the maids suddenly said.


“Just make sure you take good care of her, Nivea” Nosheba instructed.

“Try as much as possible to prevent her from crying so it doesn’t get to affect my brèasts”.

She was standing in front of the mirror, adjusting her hair and ready to leave for the journey to the Red Moon Pack.

“As you wish, My Queen” Nivea replied.

Nosheba was beautifully dressed in her firefly path dress and had a replica of a crown round her head. Of course, only the true Luna could wear a crown and command respect – something she was definitely going to be someday.

She was about walking away from the mirror when the door opened to Raksha coming in. The heck; why would he just enter, unannounced?

“Leave us” she said to Nivea who bowed and left immediately. Then, returned her gaze to Raksha.

“My love” he cooed as he ran into her warm arms for an embrace.

“I’ve told you, Raksha, you need to be careful with the way you come into my room. I wouldn’t want us to get….”

“You have nothing to worry about. I’m always very careful” he cut in and gave her a head – to- toe stare. “You’re looking gorgeous, Nosheba. But I still didn’t expect you to embark on this journey. How can you leave our child for days?”

“It’s just two days, Raksha” she rolled her eyes. “Besides, if you’re so concerned, why don’t you stay back and take care of her instead?”

“Oh, come on Nosheba; you know I can’t. The King has chosen me to accompany him on the journey as well”. He sighed and pulled her into a hug, moving his hand to her b*tts.

“It’s been weeks already. You should be ready for sèx right?” He whispered into her ears. It tingled Nosheba.

“Yes. I think I’m strong enough”. She replied. Raksha pulled away from the hug with a smile and pecked her neck.

“I really can’t wait to have a taste of you again” he lowered his lips to her nipples and bit it, with the cloth on.

“You’re not just having a taste of me, Raksha. You’re making me have a male child” she stated sternly.

“And for your own good, you had better made sure it’s a male child. Else, you wouldn’t like the outcome of my reaction”.

Raksha laughed and kissed her palm.

“You have nothing to worry about, my lady. This time around, you’re definitely carrying my son” he stated rea*s*suringly.

“Good. Now, you’d have to wait till I’m back from my journey because I have to leave now”. Nosheba told him and walked away.



She walked out of the room with her daughters beside her and her maid behind them.

Her red glittering dress was perfectly long, but not long enough to sweep the floor. She had a heavy makeup on with her hairstyle looking amazing. And as she walked with her daughters beside her, she felt some sort of peace.

“Will you be away for long, mother?” Urika – her youngest daughter – asked.

“Of course not, honey. I’ll only be away for two days”. Chaska replied with a sweet smile.

“But, why can’t we come along?” Mavy asked.

“Well… that’s because your father doesn’t want you to. Remember he doesn’t want you getting into danger, right? So, you just need to stay back and take good care of your sister, okay?” She said and her eldest daughter nodded willingly.

Chaska thought about him – the King. He’s been acting strange for the past few days and she knew exactly why. Well, it was the full moon. It was happening in three days’ time and the curse was already having effect on the King.

Poor Dakota. She kind of pitied him. Well, something else made her more excited. Shilah.

The little witch thinks she could become the King’s favorite. Well, Chaska couldn’t wait for them to get to the Red Moon Pack. Shilah doesn’t know what’s waiting for her over there.

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