Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 15

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 15

He must be joking if he thinks whoever he was bringing in would be able to give him a son – Chaska thought angrily

Never! That was never going to happen; not under her nostrils. Whoever it was, she was going to make life so unbearable for her, she’d be f0rced to leave.

On her way, she ran into the third Queen – Queen Dyani.

Dyani had a tray of sweets with her which she was taking to *goddess knows where* and her eyes were fixed on the Queen who wasn’t looking really fine.

“Greetings, Queen Chaska” she greeted when Chaska got to where she was.

“Hold your silly greetings to yourself!” Chaska snapped as she stopped walking.

“I don’t need your worthless greetings to survive, okay?? So, just stay away from me!!”

And with that, she walked away.

Queen Dyani wouldn’t say she was really surprised at the Queen’s att*itude as that had been her normal way of life. And the whole time she’s been there, she’s tried her best to avoid her.

But obviously, it looked like something else is really wrong with her. What could it be?

Anyway, it wasn’t her concern.


Shilah had to ride on the same horse with Pishan, her heart wouldn’t stop beating the whole time. She was doomed; she was doomed; something in her guts wouldn’t stop yelling it at her.

If only this was a dream; she was really hoping it would end up being a dream so she could wake up and never have to go back to it – never again. How does she escape this?

Pishan was a fast rider and after a pretty long ride, they got to the palace and rode straight in.

Shilah’s eyes dimmed as she stared at the wonders of the palace. That was actually the first time she was setting eyes on the palace, and that was because only privileged people get to see it.

So unfortunate she wasn’t going there as a privileged, but as a tool for punishment.

The palace was a mansion and looked just like castles – like some Shilah had read in books.

The floors were concrete and everything looked so expensive.

Men, women, boys and ladies could be seen moving about, some carrying loads, others carrying swords, no doubt they were workers of the palace.

Pishan and the rest of the riders got to the horse stable and after climbing down, he helped Shilah climb down as well.

One of the messengers were there at the stable and hurried to Pishan.

“Pishan. The King asked me to wait here and deliver a message to you” he said.

“He wants you to take the lady to the fifth room”.

“Alright” Pishan nodded and started walking with Shilah behind him.

Fifth room? Shilah thought in fear. What the hell was the fifth room?

Queen Chaska stood at the balcony and watched as Shilah walked with the guards – the new bride.

Anger boiled through her, she felt like strangling someone dead.

That…. good for nothing!

Why did she have to disobey the King’s orders in the first place?? Why was she so d*um*b?? Who knows If she actually disobeyed his orders so he can make her his wife?? Foolish thing.

She bit her inner cheeks as she noticed how beautiful she looked. Damn it!

If she didn’t let Nosheba and Dyani take her place, no one would. Not when she was still alive.

“Gina'” she called on her maid who was standing behind her.

“I want you to find out everything you can about that lady. Everything”.

“As you wish, My Queen”. Gina said with a bow.

And when Shilah was out of sight, Chaska turned around and left.



Shilah felt so scared as she walked with the guards, wondering where they could possibly be taking her.

They came across a lot of people who didn’t really stare at her, probably because they didn’t know her reason for being there yet. They’d perhaps, think she was a new maid or something.

Her head was bowed the whole time as she walked behind the huge guy in front of her, and finally, they got to the door of a room.

“Get in” Pishan stopped walking and said, but getting Shilah more anxious.

She swallowed hard and walked into the room and discovered it was empty; totally empty. Why was she brought here?

“You should rest while you still can. The King will be here soon”. Pishan said and left, making sure he locked the door.


Sukie’s heart was still in her throat as she followed the Supreme Sister to the room. Why did she request her? It can’t be possible she was suspecting her, right? Of course, not. It can’t be.

She walked with her gaze on the floor until they finally entered into the refurbished room. That was Kylie’s room.

“Lock the door, Sukie” she ordered, and slowly, Sukie turned around and locked the door so no one would be able to open it from outside.

Then, Kylie stood with her both hands on her waist as she awaited Sukie to get closer.

“For the past two days since you rode out to the village to heal that woman” she began, covering up the remaining distance between her and Sukie.

Sukie was so paranoid as she brought up the topic.

“Those two days you were away, made me realize just how important you are to me. Your touch…. it’s always unique, Sukie”.

She paused and held her cheeks, their eyes interlocked.

“I thank the spirits for making you be a part of the coven” she added with a smile and finally, crashed her lips on Sukie’s.


The kiss was intense as their tongues waggled, Sukie releasing her breath into Kylie’s mouth as she felt so relieved it wasn’t what she had been expecting. If she actually knew that was the reason Kylie was taking her to the room, she wouldn’t had panicked; not at all.

Afterall, it wasn’t something new.

Still in the deep kiss, Kylie’s hand trailed down to her b00bs, while Sukie lifted hers to hold her waist.

Kylie had always been a good kisser as she bit Sukie’s bottom lip at intervals while s*cking the life out of it.

They moved simultaneously to the bed and stopped just at the edge. Then, Kylie unlocked with a smile and turned around to back Sukie, signalling her to loosen her dress.

With all ple@sure, Sukie helped loosen it and the upper part of the big garment fell from her chest.

Kylie turned around to face her again and this time, kissed her more deeply and tempestuously, Sukie was almost finding it so hard to breathe.

“Oh! I want to s*ck you so hard, Sukie. I want to lick you up” she said in deep breaths in her mouth, giving Sukie a lot of arousal.

Swiftly, she pushed her to the bed and Sukie gasped as her back landed roughly on it..

Kylie took off what was left on her body until she was stark nak├ęd and went to the bed afterwards to join Sukie.

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