Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 14

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 14

Sukie was hardly breathing any more as she listened to the Supreme Sister.

No; this has got to be a dream…! A dream…!

Her eyes lifted slowly to glance at The Supreme Sister who just kept her gaze ahead. does she know who it was?

The rest of the sisters in the hall were already mumbling amongst themselves, whispering and wondering what the Supreme Sister was talking about. Why would anyone dare to break the sacred rule?

“If you know you’re responsible for that, step out Now” Kylie continued, her eyes growing darker now. And Sukie’s breath got hitched.

She doesn’t know yet?

Oh! Bless the spirits! She doesn’t know!

“I’ll repeat myself one more time'” Kylie said.

“If you were responsible for it, step out. NOW!!”

But, no one made a move; not even Sukie who was as scared as hell!

Oh! She never wanted to do it…. But Pishan; Pishan f0rced her into this!

Oh; if she gets caught, she was dead! The Supreme Sister would spare no one!

After some seconds, Kylie finally left her seat, creating more suspense in the room.

Her red garment was always the longest and as she walked, it swept the floor like a wedding dress.

“Just incase you’re forgetting”, she said.

“I am Kylie – the only daughter of the former Supreme Queen, Queen Lura.

“Queen Lura was one of the most powerful witches of all time before she was unfortunately k*lled by her enemy. I, Kylie, took over from her. And the very day I was crowned Queen, I swore never to let this coven. So, trust me when I say I’ll do something because I definitely will” she walking in their midst and looking everyone of them in the faces.

She was looking so angry and dangerous.

“Whoever broke the rule by helping King Dakota, I, KYLIE, WILL FIND YOU. And when I do, I promise you, I’ll give you a befitting death. Have I made myself clear?”

There was no reply. Well, they didn’t need to reply because she knew she’d passed her message already and they understood her perfectly.

“You’re dismissed. Sister Sukie, come with me” she spoke icily and walked away, while Sukie’s nervousness only increased. Come with her???


“I need to see the King” Chaska spoke angrily as she got to the King’s chambers but was stopped by his guards.

Since the guards didn’t receive any orders from the King about wanting to be alone, they bowed and let her in.

And as she walked into the big King-ly chambers, her anger only increased.

King Dakota was standing in front of his closet, taking off his heavy clothings and was a bit surprised at the way Queen Chaska had walked in.

Chaska, despite the fact that she was so angry, tried not to rat it out on the King. Of course, that would be a death sentence.

“Greetings, My King” she stopped walking and bowed.

Her cheeks were holding such an unhealthy palor.

“Chaska” Dakota called and returned his gaze to his closet.

“Is there a problem?”

“Yes, My King” Chaska swallowed hard.

“Well, you might not see it a as a problem, but I do.

“I just received some unpleasant news that you’re taking in a new wife. And as we speak, she’s on her way here to the palace. In as much as my source is reliable, I’m seriously hoping it isn’t true. Please, My King. Tell me it’s not happening”.

King Dakota sighed as he removed his gold chain from his neck.

“And who is your source, Chaska? Because as far as I’m concerned, no one should know about this yet. Unless…. One of my guards doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut'” he turned to spare her a cold glance.

Chaska’s heart skipped instantly as she actually didn’t think of it.

No; she didn’t want Gina or the guard to get into trouble.

“I… I don’t think my source is important, My K….”

“But my reason for wanting a new wife is important?” King Dakota cut her off, going closer to meet her.

“My King…” Chaska’s voice wavered, he was standing so close to her now; his blue eyes sinking into hers.

“It’s going to be your fourth wife. Don’t you think I’ve had enough from your other two already?”

“A King can have as many wives as he wants, Chaska; you know that”.

“But that wasn’t what you told me from the onset” she sniffed, her gaze on the floor. .

“From the beginning, My King, you made me feel I was going to be your only wife”.

“Well, look around you, Chaska; does it look like I have a son?”

Chaska lifted her eyes from the floor to look at him. That felt more like an insult.

“I didn’t want it to be this way” she whimpered.

“You know me, My King, I never wanted any of these”.

“And neither do I. This should be the last time you ever question me, Chaska.

“Draco!” He called and the door opened immediately with one of the guards on post rushing in.

“My King”.

“Tell Manchalla to get ready. As soon as the lady arrives, he’ll be conducting the process”. He gave the order and left, walking into the bathroom.

Queen Chaska stood there with tears glistening in her eyes. .

*And does it look like I have a son?* The King’s words replayed in her head. So, he was doing all these because she couldn’t give him a son?

That’s the actual reason he’s getting married to a new wife?? Because he wants someone to give him a son????

She scoffed same time a tear came dropping from her eye, and angrily, she turned around and left the room.

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