Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 189

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 189 Agony

“Have you seen my son?”

“Have you seen him?”

“He’s just a few hours old. He’s… handsome, he’s…”

“Yes. Have your seen him? Did he walk by here?”

Down different hallways, to kitchens, backyards, gardens, fields, horse stables, Shilah could be seen running around, asking everyone single person she came across about the whereabouts of her son.

Dyani and some maids followed her all the way through, but none of them could stop her as Shilah wouldn’t let it. She insanely believed the baby could be around somewhere in the Palace.

And everyone single person she asked, ended up looking at her strangely, wondering if she had gone mad. From her w*et, ruffled, dirty hair,to her w*et dress, bare feet and the way she panted.

“Please, have you seen him?” She asked the people at the horse stables. “Maybe.. he crawled around somewhere. He could be hiding somewhere.”

She tried running into the stables, but was stopped by one of the men.

“Queen Shilah, please, you need to calm down. There is no baby here” he stated pitifully.

“Then, don’t stop me!” She yelled at him, a tear dripping her eye instantly. “If you don’t want me to consider you a suspect and have your blood spilled, GET OUT OF MY WAY!” The anger in her voice was like nothing any of the men had expected. They had to get off her way.

With limping steps, she ran into the stables, checking through the hays and horses, but could find nothing.

“No! He has to be somewhere!” She covered her face and cried out. And shortly, she felt a hand touch her from behind.

“Shilah, please” It was Dyani. “Stop hurting yourself”.

“No, no! I need to find him! I need to find my son!”

“And you will! You will, okay? Are you forgetting the King and some guards are out there, looking for him?”

“But I need to do something as well. Maybe, I’m the one who gets to see him. What if he’s still here and not out there??”

“That is not possible, Shilah. Do you really think a few hours baby can crawl all by himself? It’s not possible…”

“Then, WHAT IS POSSIBLE??” She yelled angrily. “Do you know how painful it is? Coming home to realize your son is missing?”

“Trust me, I perfectly understand. And I blame myself so much for it. I… I can’t believe I couldn’t be there when you needed me the most. My daughter was sick and I completely had no idea you were in labour, Shilah. I didn’t know until this morning”.

Shilah sniffled and tried walking p@ssher, but Dyani held her back.

“Please, we need to go back to the room. Everyone’s already looking at you like you mad. They’re gathered and…”

“And I don’t care!!!” She growled. “None of them could save my son – even you! So, I don’t care what anyone thinks!!”

There was a flash in her eyes and for the first time, Dyani saw anger and revenge reading from her. She had never seen that part of Shilah before.

Shilah ignored and walked outside to find a lot of people gathered from afar, watching and whispering amongst themselves.

“What are you all staring at , huh???” She pointed a finger at them and yelled out. “Do you think this is a performance??? Are you enjoying my pain??? None of you could save my son! None of you were there for me when I needed you the most! Even the Spirits! They’ve always done what I asked, but the most important thing I ever needed, they ignored me!! They couldn’t protect my son!” She bursted into agonizing tears.

The crowd had gone quiet and staring intently at her.

“And why are you still standing??? GET LOST! ALL OF YOU BEFORE I BURY YOU ALIVE!” They gasped widely and just like the wind, ran away.

Shilah looked around, finding herself dejected. Her head was banging repeatedly, her heart beating painfully. She she didn’t even know what to do with her tears – cry sorrowfully, or cry angrily.

“Please, bring him to me” she cried feebly and fell on her knees. “Please….”

She stayed that way until she passed out.


Chaska stood at her favorite spot – in front of her window – with Gina behind her. And together, they watched Shilah showing her insanity to the people. The very reason Chaska loved her room – she could see anywhere, anything, at anytime in the Palace.

“For Selene’s sake, has she lost her mind?” Gina asked, while Chaska chuckled.

Her agony was giving her so much joy.

“Alas, who would’ve thought the Almighty Shilah would go down to her knees this way?” She smirked. “After stealing the King and becoming his favourite, it feels so good to see her in so much pain”.

Gina said nothing. So, Chaska continued.

“I need to go look for Raksha to be sure he got rid of the baby”.

“Okay, My Queen” Gina bowed and watched her leave.

Then, quickly, she looked out the window and noticed Shilah had passed out. She had never seen someone in so much pain before, never. And that very instance, she felt a little string of guilt.


Chaska knocked on Raksha’s door for the fourth time before it was finally opened,her heart feeling very heavy.

“What took you so long to answer the door, Raksha?? You risked me being seen by someone!” She glared as she walked into the room and shut the door.

Raksha who was looking a bit drunk, ignored her and poured himself some more drink.

First, Chaska scoured her eyes through the room to be sure the baby was in nowhere, around.

“Hey! Why are you drinking yourself up?” She scoffed, but he gave no reply still. “Are you ignoring me?”

“What do you want, Chaska?” He asked snappily, not looking at her.

“Hmph” Chaska huffed. “Anyways, I wanted to make sure you’d gotten rid of the child. Did you k*il*l him?”

“I didn’t” he answered bluntly as he drank from his cup and Chaska’s eyes dimmed immediately.

“What?? Are you joking??” She flinched.

“I am no comedian, Chaska. And believe me when I say a word.”

“What are you saying, Raksha??? If you didn’t k*il*l him, then what….”

“I made sure he went far away, Chaska. You have nothing to worry about” He cut her off.

“But that wasn’t the agreement! You were meant to k*il*l him!”

“THEN, WHY DIDN’T YOU DO IT YOURSELF?!” Raksha turned to her and yell raucously. The anger in his voice made Chaska shiver a little.

“Why didn’t you just go into the room, Chaska, and k*il*l him yourself?? You always need a watchdog to carry out your dirty jobs, don’t you? Admit it – ” He marched closer to her. “Your heart is dark and evil, but you DON’T have the balls to carry them out yourself. In as much as you wanted the baby dead, you couldn’t do it yourself. So, you needed someone to do it for you. You’re worst than what anyone thought Nosheba to be!”

“You have gone mad, Raksha…”

“Have I?” He gripped her neck, choking her badly.

“And tell me one reason I shouldn’t just k*il*l you right now, Chaska. Tell me why I shouldn’t make you feel what you want for others?”

“Rak…sha!” She struggled to groan, touching his hands to let her go, but he wouldn’t. Raksha gritted and threatened to strangle her to death until finally, he let her go.

“This should be the last time you ever set foot in my room, Chaska” He spat at her and walked away, leaving her to cough there on the floor.

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