Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 125

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 125

Laying on the cold dirty floor was Shilah – tired, hungry, weak.

Still wrapped in the bed sheet that could only manage to cover just the vital parts of her body, she laid there on the floor like a lunatic, her hair spread all across her face and touching the floor. Her hand was still holding her lower abdomen which continued receiving light cramps at intervals.

What has happened to her? How did she get here?

She could hear the distant voice, screaming and pleading with the guards. Was it really screaming?? Or it was just her illusion?

Oblivious of what was going on around her, all she could think of was the pain she had seen in the King’s eyes. That feeling of betrayal.

Dyani’s words came flashing back at her, words from some months ago:

*You just need to be very careful around the King, Shilah*

*You should try never to upset him or get on his bad side because… the King can be very very dangerous when he’s hurt*

“Who could’ve done this to her?” She thought ruefully. Why would the guard want to… humiliate her this way? What has she done? A weak tear came strolling down her cheek to the floor but she sniffed it in.


Dyani, on the other hand, had been the one at the entrance, pleading with the guards to let her in.

“Please, I beg you!” She pleaded. “Just let me in. I need to see her, please!”

“That is not possible, Queen Dyani” the first guard replied. “We don’t have orders to let anyone in”.

“And you don’t have orders to keep anyone away, right?” She asked.

“Please, Sarcoma. I promise I won’t take long. I just need to see how she’s fairing. Please, have some heart. Please”.

After an everlasting conviction, the guard finally decided to let her in and gratefully, she ran in to meet Shilah lying on the floor.

“Shilah!” She gasped, going on her knees and holding onto the bars of the cell.

Of course, she couldn’t go into the cell but could only talk to her from the bars.

The sick Shilah could only lift her head from the floor to glance at her as her entire body was immoveable.

“D… Dyani?” She called weakly.

And when she spoke, that was when she realized just how hot her breath was. She returned her head back to it’s position, backing Dyani.

“My goodness! Shilah!” Dyani bursted out in tears, seeing how terrible she looked. “What happened to you? How could you do something of this nature?”

Shilah managed to shake her head – pathetically.

“I didn’t… do it. I….know nothing about this”.

“But how do you mean?” Dyani was muddled. “He was in your room, Shilah! In bed with you, nàked!”

“It’s a set up” she muttered. “Late… at night, he knocked on the door, and told me the King wanted me in his chambers. I thought it was true because… there had been a time the King really did send for me in the middle of the night. I went to answer the door but, he pointed a knife at me the moment I did. Next thing, he put a napkin over my nose and I ended up passing out.

“I woke up this morning to find the King in my room. I…. I don’t know what happened”.

It was almost impossible for Dyani to hear what she was saying due to how weak and low they sounded, but she strained her ears to get every bit of it.

“Oh! Blessed Selene!” She whimpered.

“Did he…. Did he take advantage of you?” And Shilah shook her head sideways. She had checked herself and was sure he didn’t penetrate her.

“Then, why would he stay with you that way till the morning? How could this happen, Shilah? This is not good for you at all”.

The guard walked up to her immediately. “You need to go now. Please”.

“Oh! Please, please! Just spare me some minutes, I beg you”. Dyani pleaded.

“We don’t have any more minutes to spare, Queen. Please, I wouldn’t want to lose my head getting caught”. Holding her gently by the shoulder, he began lifting her up.

“I’m so sorry, Shilah” she whimpered.

“I’ll do everything I can to get you out of this”.

But Shilah could say nothing as heard her being taken away.

All hope was lost – she thought. There was just no way she could ever vindicate herself from this. Just no way.



With tears strolling down her cheeks, Dyani ran into the room and threw herself on the floor, crying profusely.

Her maid had been in the room, tidying it up, but stopped when she saw how disorganized her Queen was.

“My Queen….”

“This shouldn’t be happening to her” she cried out. “What has she done to deserve such set up from anyone?” The maid, Anya, was really confused. But definitely, she knew it had to do with Queen Shilah.

“What’s the problem, My Queen? Why in tears?” She knelt beside her on the floor and asked, looking really bothered.

“Someone is doing this to her – setting her up just so the King would k*il*l her! Someone is behind this!’ her tears increased.

“She’s always been peaceful, never wanting to hurt anyone. So, why would anyone want to do this to her?”

“But My Queen, how are you sure she didn’t do it?”

“Because I know Shilah so well. And I trust her. She can’t do such. She’s being framed for this”. She wept for a long time while the maid just remained still and wondered if the Queen was only being defensive due to how close she was with Shilah.

Then finally, Dyani sniffed and stood up.

“I need to save her”. She said.

“I know I can’t get to the King right now, but I still need to find a way to save her”. Pacing back and forth, she began racking her head.

“She told me the guard didn’t even penetrate her, and this makes it more obvious that she’s being set up. Else, why would he just s*tri*p her and cuddle her till they were found? It’s obvious he wanted them to get caught”. Her maid stood and watched keenly from behind.

“How did the King find them in the first place?”

“It…. it was Queen Nosheba” Her maid chipped in.

“According to her, she had gone in to check up on Shilah. And seeing the sight, she ran to inform the King.” Dyani’s eyes beamed immediately .

“Nosheba?” She flinched.

“Since when has Nosheba become so caring towards Shilah that she would go to check up on her? And coincidentally, it turned out to be on this very morning”.

For the first time, her maid was beginning to see some sense with her.

“Something is definitely wrong” Dyani shook her head. “And I’ll make sure I do everything to fish it out.”

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