Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 58

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 58

Chaska was in her room the rest of the day – feeling so down and weak. Despite Gina’s persuasion, she still remained stubborn and wouldn’t step out of the room.

Her entire attention was fixed on Shilah. Why was Shilah trying to make a difference? Doing things she’s been unable to do?


When it was evening, Shilah started her “work” by making the King his tea. She used the last of the tea herbs and decided she’d have to go get more the following day.

As usual, after making the tea, she prayed on it before taking it to the King’s chambers and getting in, she found the King reading a book.

“Thank you, Shilah” King Dakota muttered to her when the tea was set down for him and again, Shilah was amazed. The King keeps appreciating her. She really wasn’t used to this fact.

“You…. You’re welcome, My King” she bowed and left.

And that was it.


Next Morning.

And Shilah was sitting so nervously on the bed, her palms on her face.

It still felt like a dream to her – the fact that it was time to go to the King and she’d actually be in his bed every morning. It was still being so difficult for her to adjust.

Her eyes found the window, the rays of the sunlight slowly creeping. Goodness! She needed to go now; it wouldn’t be right for the King to send for her himself.

She took in a deep breath and stood up, gave her nervous self a stare at the mirror and finally left the room.

Walking down the hallway leading to the King’s chambers, she ran into someone she wished she didn’t have to meet. Queen Chaska.

Her nervousness increased as she kept her eyes glued to the floor, hoping Chaska wouldn’t stop when they get to each other’s point.

Chaska was coming ahead of her and had her hateful eyes pinned on her face. Gina was behind her, holding a tray covered with some red cloth.

Getting close, she stopped walking and grabbed Shilah’s hand, roughly.

“You unwanted snake!” She hissed.

Shilah could feel her system jolt; this was exactly what she was trying to avoid…

She didn’t take her eyes from the floor.

“G…. Good morning, My Queen” she stuttered.

“Shut that trap of yours and never use it to talk to me” Chaska snapped.

The hate was too evident.

“You brat; you think you can come here and reap where you did not sow? You think you can come here and do things no one has been able to do for years? You’re a joker! Why did you lie to me about the tea?”

Shilah looked up at her.

“I…. didn’t lie to you, My Queen. What I told you was the truth” Shilah said.

“Oh! Shut up!” She rasped.

“I prayed to the goddess and spirits, but nothing happened! You hear me? Nothing happened! And then, I realize you’re nothing but a sick liar!”

Shilah stared down at her wrist and wished she could tell her it was hurting.

“Please…. can you let me go?” She asked politely, having a painful look on. And Chaska scoffed.

“Stay out of my way”: She glared.

“Don’t think you can just come here and start claiming the good wife because trust me; it’d take me nothing to get rid of you”. And with that, she let go of her wrist and walked away.

Shilah was stunned at her words. Get rid of her? What does she mean by that?

She turned and stared at the Queen as she walked away, and when she was finally out of sight, she proceeded to the King’s room.



King Dakota had been awaiting Shilah’s arrival, and at some point, he was beginning to think she wouldn’t show up. He already ordered the maids to get his meal ready and breakfast had already been served on his table. All he needed now was Shilah’s touch.

He was trying to finish up a book and after that, planned on sending the guards to go get her. But that didn’t happen as shortly, he heard a knock on the door and the door opened with one of his guards coming in.

“Greetings, My King. Queen Shilah’s here to see you” he delivered, making Dakota’s cold heart beam. The right words he’s been waiting to hear.

“Let her in” he replied and the guard bowed and left.

The door went opened again, and this time around, with Shilah coming in.

Dakota stared at her from the edges of his book and could notice how nervous she was. Her hands were fiddling in front of her dress.

“G.. Greetings, My King” she bowed.

She can never stop stuttering in front of this man.

“Shilah” Dakota sighed, flipping onto another page of his book.

“What took you so long?”

“I’m…. I’m sorry, My King. I just….had to freshen up” she lied.

Of course, that wasn’t the reason she delayed.

Dakota said nothing for some seconds as he seemed to be concentrated on what he was reading.

“You should know what to do, Shilah” he suddenly said, sending those cold chills down Shilah’s spine.

She twitched, twisted the hem of her dress and walked towards the bed which was behind the King’s position. There, She took off her clothes and got on the bed, laying downwards. What if he requests her to face upwards like the last time? Well, she needed to start from the scratch.

She stayed that way for sometime, her pointed breàsts pressing hard against the sheet, and her b*tts facing the ceiling, the cold breeze cooling it off.

Dakota dropped the book he was reading and stood up, then turning around to face her, he paused as he admired the skin…. the b*tts pointed upwards.

She had a fine shape – he must admit. Big round pointed b*tts. If it wasn’t for how reserved he was, he’d have grabbed them or given them a good spank.

But perhaps, when he’s become free with her, just like he was with Chaska, he could carry out all those naughty thoughts he breeded in his head.

He started undressing, and Shilah could notice when. Her face was turned towards the opposite direction and she shut her eyes tight, awaiting him.

She could tell he was done undressing as she felt him climb up the bed, right behind her.

“Turn around, Shilah” her heart skipped heavily when she heard those words. Oh, no….. Just as she had feared and anticipated.

She exhaled deeply before turning around, slowly, her eyes running into the King’s.

Somehow, she was tempted to look downwards – to see how big he was down there, but hell no – she didn’t have the guts for that yet. Couldn’t do it.

She tried to stare away as the King looked at her. Dakota’s eyes found her exposed breàsts. They were we really big, but moderate. The nipples were so beautiful – pink and hard, round. Urgh! Something in him wanted to grab those br*asts, wrap his lips around those nipples and s*ckle hard from it. He could imagine how good they’d taste in his mouth, the hard-soft taste of it which would perhaps, produced some light milk. but again, he restricted himself. Perhaps, someday….

He got hold of her both legs and spread them wide enough, getting a clear view of the plump flesh before him. His erèction increased, grew so hard. And not wanting to waste much time, he settled himself in-between and went deep into her.


It lasted a little longer than usual. Close to thirty minutes.

King Dakota was still trying to restrict himself and remind himself of the fact that she was still too fresh and tight. Unleashing his entire hunger on her would definitely hurt her. But he knew he’d not be able to control it for too long and soon enough, he’d have to release every ounce of hunger on her. Just soon enough.

Shilah was so tired and exhausted when the King was done with her and all she wanted was to head to her room, take a bath and get something to eat. She was famished.

She waited for the King to dress up before turning around and leaving the bed, also taking her clothes from the floor.

She noticed he didn’t go to the bathroom, but was sitting in front of his table, uncovering his plates of food. Oh; no doubt, he was hungry. But, how was it possible that the King gets hungry after intercourse with her? It wasn’t like she prayed for it.

After putting on her clothes, She walked towards him.

“I’ll…. I’ll take my leave now, My King. Thank you” she bowed and turned towards the door.

“Hold on, Shilah” he cut in, making her stop.

Okay; what now?

“Come and have a sit. I want you to have breakfast with me”. He added.

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