Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 60

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 60

Breakfast with the King was so enjoyable for Shilah and she felt really glad and grateful that she was given such privilege.

When she was done – after a long time – she left his chambers and returned to hers for a cold bath and change of clothes.

She had wanted to rest and get some sleep, but recalling the tea leaves had finished and she’d be be needing some for evening time, she decided to go get them first before returning to get enough sleep.

She knew exactly where to get them, but it’d be outside the palace.

On her way out, she met with Dyani who seemed to be coming towards her room.

“Greetings, My…. Dyani” Shilah corrected herself, recalling the Queen had asked her to address her with her name.

“Shilah. Are you going out?” Dyani asked, having a warm smile on.

“Um ..Yes. Just briefly. I need to get some tea leaves – for the King” Shilah replied.

. Dyani got close and the two ladies were standing in front of each other.

“I see. Where are you getting them from?” Dyani asked.

“Somewhere outside the palace; but not too far away”. Shilah replied.

“Okay; can I come along? I could get a guard to ride us there”.

Come along? That would be great – Shilah thought.

“Of….Of course, My Queen. I’d so love that” she answered and chuckling, the two ladies walked down the hallway.

They got out to the horse stables and carriage park and Dyani asked one of the guards she had seen around, to ride them out of the palace. Of course, he agreed.

Shilah just stood and watched in amusement, noting she wouldn’t be able to ask for such if she had been in Dyani’s shoes. She just couldn’t see herself ordering people around.

They both got into the carriage while the driver sat in front to control the horse. And in no time, they were riding out of the palace gates.


Queen Chaska stood in front of her window of her room, watching the carriage as it rode out of the gates.

“Where do you think they’re going?” She asked, referring to Gina who was behind her.

“I have no idea, My Queen. Do you want me to find out?” Gina answered enthusiastically.

She was ever ready to please her Queen.

“Don’t bother. Her whereabouts is not worth my time” Chaska declined.


Shilah and Dyani stepped out of the carriage when it stopped moving at the spot they wanted it to.

“I had come earlier to your room to call you for breakfast; but you weren’t in” Dyani said as she followed Shilah to where the plant was.

It was in a bushy area, a broken cliff by their left.

Trees of scanty branches were found,but it made the place look so light and beautiful.

“Yes. I um…. I was with the King” Shilah replied.

“The King?” Dyani scoffed.

“The King seems to be enjoying your presence lately”.

“It’s not what you think. It’s um…. actually a long story”. Shilah squatted in front of the plant and started plucking some of the leaves.

“You just need to be very careful around the King, Shilah’s” Dyani said, crossing her hands across her chest.

“You should try never to upset him or get on his bad side because… the King can be very very dangerous when he’s hurt”.

Shilah was stunned. For real?

She turned slightly to Dyani and looked like she wanted to say something but suddenly got muted when something sharp pierced into her skin, right beside her tummy.

Her eyes widened in shock as the leaves weakly left her hands, dropping to the ground. And slowly, her eyes trailed to the spot where the pain was coming from.

It was an arrow. She was shot!

“Shilah!!” Dyani screamed in fright as her back hit the ground.

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