Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 61

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 61

“Shilah!!” Dyani screamed in fright as she watched her back hit the ground.

She also lowered herself to the floor to avoid being hit and looking around, she spotted someone by the cliff, dressed in a black robe, running away. Oh, no ..

She darted her eyes to Shilah and noticed she had already passed out, the arrow stuck beside her tummy.

“Shilah! Shilah!” She ran to her and jolted her, but she didn’t respond.


The guard from the carriage was already running towards them.

“Please! We need to take her home! Hurry!”


Chaska waited for the guard to inform the King she was there to see him and when the guard returned and informed her she could go in, she did.

King Dakota could be seen on his usual table, writing and probably replying to messages and didn’t even lift a brow to look at Chaska as she walked in.

“Greetings, My King” she stood in front of him and bowed.

“How’re you doing, Chaska?” He asked, his eyes still focused on the script he was writing on.

“I guess I’m fine”.

She walked closer to see if she could get a closer look at what he was doing.

“You wanted to see me” he suddenly said.

“I’m a little….”

“Please, can you not say you’re busy and want me to leave?” Chaska cut in, calmly, and Dakota stopped writing.

“I’ve missed us, My King” she sighed, going to stand behind him.

“I’ve missed the caring you. Sometimes, I almost forget I’m married”.

“It’s not my fault, Chaska. What do you intend I do?” Dakota gruffed.

Chaska lifted her hands to his shoulders and started giving them a soft ma*s*sage.

“I understand you might be busy, My King, but it doesn’t mean you should neglect your first wife; your first choice”. Her hands were moving gently on his shoulders.

“Don’t forget how we started….”


“Going on a walk later in the evening shouldn’t hurt; we….”

“I’m a very busy man, Chaska. How do you expect me to find time to go for a walk?”

Chaska went mute. Then, she continued.

“I’ve just missed us, My King. I miss us so bad’.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, one that sounded desperate.

“Who’s it?” Dakota looked at the door and asked.

Damn that person – Chaska jibed. Who dare to interrupt this moment?

The door went open with a guard rushing in. That was the guard that had rode Shilah and Dyani to get the herbs.

“My King! Queen Shilah was shot and is unconscious. She’s losing her breath” he informed and watched the swift glint in the King’s eyes.


Dakota sprang on his feet immediately, not minding the fact that he pushed Chaska’s hands off his back in a rough manner.

“What’re you talking about? How did this happen?” He asked the guard, that authoritative tone of his coming out deeply.

“She was with Queen Dyani. They asked me to ride them to a place where they could get some leaves which was outside the palace. And while they were plucking them, an arrow came from nowhere and shot at The Queen”. He explained.

Dakota couldn’t believe it. Despite his coldness, the anger was evident in his eyes.

“Where is she? Take me to her” he ordered and the guard bowed and led the way.

Chaska stood and watched as the King left the room, not even sparing her a glance.

Shilah was shot? By who? She wondered.

Hurriedly, she also left the room.



King Dakota followed the guard who led him to Shilah’s room and getting there, he discovered the Physician was already there and working on her. His son was there as well, a*s*sisting him, and so was Queen Dyani.

His eyes drooped when he saw Shilah’s face going so pale and white with tiny veins showing up on her neck. The arrow was still stuck in her.

“Manchalla” he called frostily.

“What’s going on?”

His voice sounded so impatient.

“I’m trying to… pull out the arrow, My King. And trying to be careful so we don’t leave any particles in it” the old man replied and turned to his twenty-six year old son, signalling him to get him some oil.

Chaska had come into the room as well and stood close to the door. Shilah was looking pretty bad. Who could’ve done this?

“You” Dakota suddenly turned to Dyani who was looking so scared and nervous.

“You were with her. What happened??’

Dyani shook a little due to the vibration in his voice.

“I….. I didn’t do anything, My King; I swear! She said she wanted to get some leaves for your tea and I decided to accompany her. We were just…she was squatting in front of the plant and plucking out the leaves when an arrow suddenly flew and hit her on the tummy. I looked around and…. and saw someone – someone in black, running away”. She answered shakily.

“Male or female?” Dakota gritted and Dyani stared down at the floor for a second, trying to recall.

“I…. I don’t know, My King. The person was dressed in black from head to toe and all I saw was the back running away. I’m sorry” She whimpered, her hand on her chest.

Dakota turned back to Shilah, his cold heart twitching. Who did this. Who dare to do this?

Manchalla was working really hard on pulling out the arrow. He applied the hem oil on the exposed part of the arrow, applied it on his palms as well and slowly, started pulling out the arrow – so meticulously.

King Dakota watched Shilah’s face as the arrow was being pulled out of her. There was no reaction at all; she was completely unconscious and her face kept getting whiter and pale. To think this happened because she had actually gone out to get some leaves for his tea….

Finally, the arrow was pulled out of her and Dyani let out a light gasp.

Manchalla held out the arrow which had over half of it covered in her blood. But there was something else, the blood wasn’t pure red but had a greenish color. It should be the poison.

“Manchalla, will she be fine?” Dakota asked and Manchalla turned slightly to look at him, the arrow still in his hand.

“The arrow was poisoned, My King; but I’ll try my best. I’ll try my best”. He turned back to Shilah.

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