Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 77

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 77

Chaska’s heart wrenched in her chest as she saw the King walking away. The shame, the guilt, the fear – they all made her legs freeze and unable to move.

“I do not wish to see your for weeks” the King’s words replayed in her head. Did he just…. Did he just say that? In front of the guards? The maids? Nosheba and Shilah?

Another tear came dropping from her eye and she followed it up with a sniff. Then finally, deciding to swallow the shame, she turned around and ran away – ran past Nosheba who had a scrawl on her face, and Shilah who was looking d*um*b.

All the maids paved way as she ran p@ssthem, not wanting to get involved in anyway as they knew she could k*il*l someone at that moment.

She ran down the hallway in tears and took a long time before getting to her room which she entered angrily and banged the door.

Alone and dejected, she slid herself to the floor and burst into uncontrollable tears. For the first time in over ten years, she cried – cried like a child. She’s never been so embarra*s*sed before; so insulted and disgraced in public. How could this happen?

All she wanted was to fix Shilah in her place. Instead, she ended up being insulted all the way from the Red Moon Pack. Oh, no!

She continued crying, her head on the floor as she laid sideways on it. A knock came upon the door, but she didn’t bother answering. It was Gina.

“My Queen! Please, can you open the door?” The worried voice asked.

“GET AWAY FROM ME!!” Chaska yelled in her peril. “I don’t want to see anyone! Just go!!!”

She laid back on the floor and resumed crying.



Shilah had been really surprised at what happened. And the King’s words… telling Queen Chaska he didn’t want to see her for weeks – that was really harsh.

Before getting to her room, she decided to check up on Dyani and her child and hope she was fine; and thankfully, she was.

Afterwards, she didn’t hesitate to tell Dyani what had happened as that was her only friend. And Dyani, of course, was shocked. She never thought Chaska could do such a thing.

“I only know Queen Chaska to be wicked and selfish, I never thought she could be a thief as well” Dyani had remarked.

The two ladies went on chit-chatting about every other thing.




Chaska had been in her room the whole time, trying to get over it; trying to heal.

It’s been two days already and the full moon was that very night. For the past two days, she hadn’t left her room or let the sunlight touch her skin; it’s just indoors. Eating – indoors, bathing – indoors. Only her maid and daughters were coming in to see her. And aside them, no one else. Although, for the past two days, she fervently prayed to the Moon goddess to touch the King’s heart and make him forgive her, even if that was so impossible.

She knew the King too well, and she knew he was doing her a favor by not giving her a severe punishment after what she did.

But Bay – she thought.

Bay must’ve been the one that set her up. Well, it only made sense because she was the only one that knew about it. But, why would she do such to her? She trusted her!

Well, either way, She was going to have her revenge and make her pay!


Chaska was just standing in front of the window – gazing out at the people moving about. She’s missed doing that – moving about. But how would she able to when everyone would probably treat her with so much disrespect? Staring at her with eyes of a thief? How was she possibly going to gain her respect and walk freely like she used to?

She shook her head pitifully, and just then, a knock was heard on her door.

“Who’s it?” She asked without turning, and the next thing that followed was the sound of the door going open.

She still didn’t bother to know who it was, but not until she heard that annoying voice:

“Hello Chaska”.

She turned quickly and her eyes darkened when she found Nosheba standing in her room.

The hell!! It was her??? She had no idea!

“What’re you doing here?” She snapped, feeling so irritated with the satisfying smile she had on her face.

“Calm down, will you?” Nosheba chuckled. “I don’t mean any harm anyway- just came to check up on my co-wife who hasn’t been out of her room for days”.

Cold blood ran through Chaska’s head as her words stung at her.

“Anyway, how’re you doing?” Nosheba asked, taking a step closer.

“How I’m doing should be none of my business. Just say it to my face – Nosheba. You’re here to laugh at me. Well, sorry I’m not crying”. Chaska said.

Nosheba looked at her face and noticed how pale it looked. It it was obvious being indoors like a prisoner was doing no good to her.

“Your face is horrible, Chaska. Please don’t ask me to look again” she sniggered.

“Oh!! Get out of my room, Nosheba! I don’t want to see you here!!” Chaska yelled, the vein lines on her forehead deepening.

One thing she hated was letting her enemies see her defeat. Urgh! She hated it so much!

“Don’t bite yourself, Chaska, I’ll be leaving soon” Nosheba rolled her eyes

“But first, I just have a question. What did it feel like, watching the King embarr@ssyou in front of everyone? What it did feel like…. hearing him say those words to you? Telling you he didn’t want to see you for weeks?”

Chaska said nothing, and Nosheba took another step closer.

“What did it feel like…. watching what you planned out for another, happening to her?” She added in a whisper and Chaska’s lips parted open in a light gasp.

Her jaws dropped helplessly as her nerves grew cold. What?

Nosheba’s tiny lips stretched in a smirky smile and instantly, the reality dawned on Chaska.

Nosheba…. she had seen her coming out of Shilah’s room…!

Oh, no.

Shock ran through her.

“It was you” the shocked words came as a whisper. “It was …. It was you”.

“Yes dearest, it was me” Nosheba scoffed.

“I saw when you had entered Shilah’s room and knew how long you spent. I also knew Shilah wasn’t in the room as I had seen her going into the King’s room. And when you came out and looked all nervous, I knew something was wrong.

So, I went in myself and something in my guts told me you did something in that room. Then, I thought to myself: where else could you plant aside her bag which was the only thing she came with? So, I digged and emptied the bag. And guess what I found? The Queen’s precious necklace” Nosheba paused and laughed.

“I knew your plans, Chaska; knew you’d want to do something fishy. And so, I was at alert” she continued.

“Tell you what; I wouldn’t had stopped you or interfered in your plans. I mean, I hate Shilah as much as you do; but…. recall that day we were hunting in the woods, and you mocked me with the death of my mother? I told you were going to pay and fortunately, I found a perfect way to do it. Trust me, it was so much fun watching you cry in front of the King…”

“You snake!” Chaska yelled, fisting her hands tight. Her eyes were already threatening tears. “I promise you, you’ll pay for this! I’ll make you pay!”

Nosheba only laughed scornfully, throwing her head backwards.

“That’s what you get for messing with me, Chaska”: she grinned. “So next time, you leave my family out of your wretchedness”.

And with that, she turned around and started walking to the door, leaving Chaska who was already boiling with anger.

“How would you also feel if I told you I’d seen Prince Raksha, sneaking out of your room late at night?” Chaska asked and Nosheba stopped walking immediately, she could her heart stop beating.

Her face grew pale as a crumpled look crept in. What? Slowly, she turned around to look at Chaska, trying so hard to look defensive.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” she said.

“Really?” Chaska scoffed. “I saw him, Nosheba; and I think you have some explaining today. Perhaps, I’m not the only one who has something to hide”.

“I’m not hiding anything! Raksha wasn’t in my room, you have no prove. And even if he was in my room, it must’ve been a matter of urgency”. Nosheba snapped. Her fear was making her angry.

“You think so?” Chaska smirked. “You should know me, Nosheba – when I put my mind to digging things, I’d know everything I want”.

“Yet, you couldn’t know I was the one who planted the ring in your bag” Nosheba chipped in immediately.

“Just get over your own misery Chaska and stop trying to drag others with you” she added and walked away.

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