Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 78

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 78

Nosheba felt so bittered as she returned to her room with heavy steps.

Her baby was just there on the bed- sleeping. But she didn’t even pay attention to her as she had more troubles on her mind.

Chaska! She couldn’t believe the witch had seen Raksha leaving the room. Oh! Raksha! That was the reason she had been scared of him coming over at that time.

What does she do? She couldn’t afford getting caught or exposed – not at all.

She bit her nail and plonked herself on the bed, covering her face with her palms.

Raksha; she could remember how they met.

When she was still single, she had met him at the market place and was so rude to him when he accidentally stepped on her toes. She didn’t even mind the fact that he was a Prince and also the King’s beta; she just poured out her heart and walked away.

Days later, they met again at a riverbank and instead of being vengeful, Raksha was playful with her and told her he liked her boldness.

They got to be friends that day, but after that, they never saw again for a year. Well, not until she met the King and had to marry him. Then, met with Raksha again at the palace.

She sighed and lifted her face from her palms. She just needed one thing from him, and that was a male child. And she couldn’t let Chaska or anyone else ruin it.

Perhaps, she needed to be more careful.


The full moon.

It was coming – approaching with it intensity.

As the evening drew near, jackals that already had control over their wolf didn’t have a problem and were moving around like nothing was even happening. But talking about people like Dakota – their heart was already filled with fear and rage.

The fear was there – of course, as he detested the things the full moon does to him. And the rage was there as part of it’s attributes. He couldn’t even imagine how he’d get so violent; so angry, so destructive…he hated it!

As he sat in front of his table and wrote on his scrolls, he kept condemning and tearing off so many pages due to the countless mistakes he was making. His head just wasn’t right; everything just wasn’t right.

The door went open when he was trying to write on the fifth scroll and he knee instantly it was Pishan.

His head still bowed and focused on the scroll, he listened to his steps as he walked in.

“Greetings My King” Pishan bowed as he stood in front of him.

Dakota said nothing – not being in the mood for the good behaviours. And Pishan understood.

“How’re you feeling, My King?” He asked, even if he already knew the answer.

“You shouldn’t be asking that, Pishan” Dakota grumbled. “You know how I feel already. It’s one of my worst days – a day where I become a monster”.

Pishan’s strict face melted. The King’s words on every full moon usually breaks him.

“My King..” he took a step closer. “Everything will be fine…”

“Fine?’ Dakota cut him off, looking up at him. “Over ten years now and you still believe everything will be fine? The full moon turns me into a monster to my own people. The last two Moon, I k*il*led three people and nearly k*il*led you as well. Tonight, who knows what’s going to happen? Who I’d be k*il*ling this time around?”

“You’ll k*il*l no one….”

“A night that makes me lose control of the King I am” Dakota cut him off, acting like he didn’t even notice him. “A night that breaks me and brings out my destructive jackal, turning me into an uncontrollable monster where I thirst for blood and crave to watch people die. Chains can’t even hold me back. How can it possibly be fine, Pishan?”

Pishan’s heart twitched in his chest. “Mato said he has new chains he’d be using today. They can hold you back”.

“Oh, please! That was what he said the last time” Dakota snorted. “Just leave me, Pishan, and stop trying to defend my curse. Don’t worry, I’ll get over it,” he picked up his inked feather and tried resuming

“My King….”

“I need some quiet time, Pishan” Dakota cut him off.

“Perhaps, when it’s time to take me to the cave, you can return”.

Pishan could decipher the anger echoing in his voice already. At this point, he could get really violent if he was being argued with.

So… not wanting to get on his bad side, Pishan bowed and left.

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