Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 231

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 231 The Moment

Silence followed Pishan’s words with Shilah who stopped walking and just faced a wall.

Pishan stood behind her, wondering what was running through her head but hoping it’d be goodnews. For a long time, they stayed that way – a few servants passing by and stealing glances.

“Have you talked to your King?” Shilah’s voice finally broke the silence. It was relieving to Pishan, although her question was not.

“He… knows about Sukie. But I’m yet to tell him of this recent development. I can do that as soon as you accede”, he replied.

Shilah stayed, backing him while cogitating on it. Then, after a few minutes, she spoke up.

“What you did is forbidden, Pishan. Consciously having intimacy with someone you know you shouldn’t. It carries the death penalty, but it’s admirable to know you still stand by her despite the risks”, she c*oc*ked her head to look at him. “You did what my father couldn’t do for my mother”, she turned back to the wall.

“It’s indeed, admirable. Men like you are rare. And for that, I shall consider your request. But just so you know, I’m not doing this just because you asked me. I’m doing it because I really want to and it’s been part of my plans. You’re just lucky this is happening coincidentally”.

Pishan didn’t know what to get from her words. Pride? Either ways, she had agreed to help him and that was the most important thing.

“Where is she now?” Shilah asked.

“In a cave. She’s been hiding there the whole time. She told me you’d destroyed the magical map, else, the witches would’ve found her by now”, he responded.

Shilah scoffed.

“Talk to the King about it. And when you’re done, come take me to her” she stated in conclusion and walked away.


Telling the King about it, Pishan felt so relieved when his request was granted. Afterwards, he rode with Shilah to the cave where Sukie had been hiding.

It was a long ride from the Palace. Shilah climbed down her horse and walked into the cave with Pishan.

Sukie had been resting when she heard footsteps and could tell more than one person was entering into the cave. Fear gripped her as she wondered if she had been caught.

Not seeing who it was yet, she sprang to her feet and looked around for a possible weapon. But the only thing she could find were burnt out woods. She grabbed one of it and held it on guard while facing the entrance of the cave.

The sound of the steps got closer and nearer until finally, the intruders showed up. Oh…

A deep gasp cut through her lips when she saw it was Pishan. Hold on, Pishan and Shilah?

“Hey, Sukie”, Pishan waved his hands as he walked toward her. Her brows were furrowed and when Pishan got close, he took the wood from her.

“How have you been?” He asked, but Sukie’s attention was focused on Shilah who was the last person she’d expected at the cave.

Shilah, on the other hand, stared calmly at her, already maintaining her distance. The two ladies exchanged stares at each other until Sukie brought the contact.

“What is she doing here?” She turned to Pishan and asked in a whisper. She was confused.

“She is here to help, Sukie”, replied Pishan.

“Two months ago, you and your sisters captured me and tied me up in a cave”, Shilah’s voice was suddenly heard. Sukie turned and found her taking ambling steps.

“You all wanted to k*il*l me. But, I remember…”, she stopped walking and let out a small smile. “…you were a little different. I could tell you weren’t in support of Kylie’s decision. Anyway, I’m sorry for the loss of your child.”

Sukie glanced at Pishan. She knew everything?

“I know how it feels because I carried mine for nine months and lost him on the first day of delivery”, she continued with chuckle. “Your lover here wants me to work with you. I have plans, Sukie, plans about the witches. But first, I need to know if you’re interested in working me or not”.

Again, Sukie glanced at Pishan. The whole thing was overwhelming for her. First of all, she didn’t plan on getting back to her feet so soon. And she didn’t plan on working with someone like Shilah who had become so powerful.

Pishan read her dismay and took her hand, squeezing it lightly in his.

“It’s fine, Sukie”, he cooed. “You have to do this”.




Shilah and Sukie were halfway on their journey. It was night, so they had to camp and get some rest. Their horses were tied to trees behind them while they sat opposite each other, the burning woods between them.

Seated and staring at the flames, Shilah let her worries burn with it. She loved how calm the atmosphere was. The woods was quiet, the stars dancing beautifully in the sky and only the chirps of the birds being heard. It was so beautiful and would’ve been romantic if one had a lover. Unfortunately, it was just her and her new partner.

“Thank you, Shilah”, Sukie suddenly said. “Thank you for coming for me and making me get back on my feet”.

Shilah stared at her behind the flames and made no expression. Sukie was one pretty lady – she couldn’t deny. Any man would definitely fall for her.

“I’m happy we’re doing this, Shilah”, she continued. “But, to be honest, I’m nervous”.

Now, that was the reason Shilah gave no expression in the first place. She knew she had something else to say.

“A day after tomorrow, we’d have gotten to the Palace. Doesn’t it… bother you? What we’re about to do. We’ll be walking into the midst of our enemies. Although, I know I can never consider my enemies, but they see me as one, Shilah. And you’re even worst. Doesn’t it bother you?”

Shilah’s eyes dropped to the burning woods and for a few minutes, she was silent.

Her long silence nearly made Sukie belize she had been talking to herself.

“Weren’t you nervous when… you helped the King a year ago, knowing fully well that it was forbidden?” She finally spoke out. “Weren’t you nervous when you fell in love with Pishan and even had s*e*x with him, knowing it could cost your life? weren’t you nervous when you got pregnant and did nothing to intentionally hurt the child?”

Her questions got Sukie thinking.

“Life itself is a risk, Sukie. To survive, we must be ready to take them. I know you were nervous during those times, and so am I. But, one thing I always do is rule over my fears”, she added, her words being like a tonic to Sukie’s heart…

“Besides, Pishan is a nice man and I can only imagine the kind of life you’d want to have with him. You should fight for it, Sukie”.

“Fight for it”, the words replayed in Sukie’s head. She needed to fight for it, fight for the one she loved. A sigh of relief crossed her lips.

“Thank you, Shilah”, she smiled. “Now I believe you were born for a reason”.





Kylie was having an important meeting with few of the elders when one of the sisters ran in, panting heavily.

“Supreme Sister ..! Supreme Sister …!” She was trying to catch her breath. Kylie was disturbed and wondered why her meeting was being interrupted.

“What is it, Liah?” She asked with furrowed brows.

“It’s Shilah…! Shilah’s riding to the Palace gates as we speak. And she’s with Sukie!”

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