Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 173

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 173 A Complicated Romance

Sukie had a satisfying smile on her face as she walked into the room while Pishan closed the door from behind.

Aside the comfy bed, there was a round table with two chairs at the sides of it. And when she tried taking a seat, Pishan stopped her by holding her wrist. And that was when he pulled her into a hug.

“Thank you for coming, Sukie” He whispered against her neck, making her heart beat faster.

“You welcome.” She answered in a hard gulp, her eyes on the floor when they seperated from the hug.

Afterwards, Pishan led her to a seat which she gladly took.

“So, what lie did you had to tell this time around to be here?” Pishan asked with a chuckle as he had he walked over to a different table in the room,got a jar of wine and began decanting it into two cups.

“Uhm…”Sukie laughed. “I had to tell I was having some sick persons to heal at the village”

“Oh! Wow. And I guess that sick person is none other than me” Pishan commented, and they both laughed.

“You know” He turned at her direction, the two cups in his hands. “It’d have been really nice if we all had this liberty – this unquestionable freedom where we could go where we want, meet who we want and do everything we desire without being scared of the law” he stretched out a cup to Sukie, who collected it with their eyes being locked on each other”.

“You’re right” she uttered, still staring into his eyes.”but unfortunately,that might never be possible”.

Pishan blinked and turned away from her – his heart beginning to beat as fastly it used to each time he was around her. What exactly was wrong with him, heh? Why does he become unlike himself each time he was around her?? Why does she make his heart beat faster in a way nobody has been able to? How does he survive it?

Urgh! This would be the third time they’d be seeing each other in the last seven months. And the last time they did, things had almost gone really bad – especially when he was so close to losing control. And returning home , he had sworn to make a move the next time they met. He had sworn to get rid of those voices in his head – always telling him to go for it.

“And you, Pishan?” Her soft voice suddenly broke into his thoughts, making him turn swiftly to look at her. “What do you always tell your King to earn his permission?”

“Oh …”Pishan paused and cleared his throat, then gulped from his cup. “King Dakota is a very easy-going man”.

“Easy?” Sukie scoffed. “I always hear stories like he’s cruel and.,..”

“That is what everyone thinks – until they get close to him. “Pishan cut in. “The thing is, he’s a very strict King – a no-nonsense King. But talking about the man in him…. he’s lovely”

“Hmm” Sukie hummed and sipped from her cup. “How’s his pregnant wife doing? She should be close to delivery, right?”

“Ah, yes! Shilah’s doing just great” he cheered.

“I wish her the safest delivery. Your King really needs that heir and I pray he gets it. It’s still a mystery though, how that Shilah lady could do things no one has been able to do for the King for years. She must be really blessed” Sukie commended.

“Oh, you’re right” he sniffed. “We’re all really blessed to have her in the family”

A few seconds of silence passed with both of them just drinking and stealing glances at each other. It made Sukie feel so uncomfortable – she had to crack up a topic to talk about.


They spent over an hour, drinking and chit-chatting about little things until Sukie deemed it was time to leave.

“I have to go now, Pishan” she dropped her almost empty cup. “I need to start riding back and make sure I reach the palace before nightfall”.

And Pishan, who had already relaxed himself on the opposite seat, stood up along with her.

“I understand” he nodded. “Though, I was enjoying the fun, but….” He shurgged. “What do we do?”

Sukie looked at the floor and smiled, and was about heading to the door when Pishan pulled her back by the wrist.

“Uh…. So,” He tucked his hair backwards. “When next would it be?”

Sukie wasn’t so comfortable with the way he held her wrist and moved closer to her.

“Uh … I do not know yet. But I’ll write to you” She f0rced herself not to stutter the words.

She took some retreating steps, but Pishan covered up until her back was nearly touching the wall. She didn’t like this….

“Okay…”He shurgged. “But .. I hope it would be sometime soon”

Sukie’s nervous eyes were locked into his.

“I….I will try” She swallowed hard.

It was so obvious their lips were saying something different from their hearts.

Oh! Of course, she could hear that plan reading out from his heart, and Pishan could clearly understand the anxiety she was beginning to feel.

He lifted his right hand to the wall right above her head, trapping her. And gradually, his eyes traced down to her lips – the pink, soft looking lips.

They looked so glossy and tempting – looked like they were going to taste really good on his. How badly he wanted them.

Yes, he wanted them. And swiftly, he took them.

It happened so fast – his lips cashing on Sukie’s and taking the fleshy bottom lip into his mouth.

Sukie gasped, least expecting the action. Her entire body vibrated immediately – her eyes dilated wide in shock. He was kissing her! A man was kissing her for the first time!!

Pishan ate into her lips savagely, rolling his tongue in hers and bitting her them at intervals. The sensation Sukie felt was wild – it was such she had never felt before. Her cl*toris tweaked right there in her legs, sending shivers down her spine and making her feel so hungry within. And when he touched her left nipple, she felt like peeing in her undies.

For Athena’s sake!! It was giving her a sensation she hadn’t felt before, a sensation she couldn’t handle.

She screamed lightly and pushed him away.

Pishan was shocked at her sudden att*itude – was shocked at how quickly everything was cut off. He could feel himself already uncontrollably hard and wondered why she had screamed that way.

Sukie, on the other hand, looked like someone close to tears as she covered her lips with her palms while facing the wall.

“Sukie?” Pishan called. “Wh… What’s the problem?”

“I can’t” Came her wavering reply. “I’m sorry, I can’t, Pishan”.

“You can’t do what? Why?”Pishan scoffed.

He feared he might lose it considering how hórny he had become.

“This! What…what you’re about doing” Sukie turned from the wall to look at him. “I can’t do it, Pishan. We shouldn’t even be doing this”.

“Really?” He let out another scoff. “And why is that not possible?”

“Because we’re not allowed to do it, Pishan! You said so yourself!!” She snapped. “It’s against our laws to mingle with each other, to …to be in this room,,to do what you’re about doing” she paused and sighed.

“I should leave now” She added in a mumble and turned towards the door.

“Why don’t you just tell me it’s all because you’re in love with your Supreme Sister?” The sharp voice of Pishan halted her. “Instead of bringing up such lame excuses, you should simply tell me you’re just devoted to your female partner and can’t risk cheating on her”

“I am not in love with Kylie” Sukie scoffed.

“Oh! Please, spare me the lies” he cut her off.

“You try to tell me we’d be breaking the law? We’ve been breaking the law the very first day I helped you, Sukie! We’ve been breaking the law the very day you rode to my Mountain to return the favor. We’ve been breaking the law from the day we started….”

“Can you just stop this, Pishan’?”She turned from the door to face him.

“Why?” He rasped. “Are you getting hurt cause I’m telling you the truth? Cause I’m spelling it out to you that you are in love with…”

“I am not in love with Kylie, and I am not in love with you either!” Sukie’s sudden words were like a stab to Pishan’s heart, his jaws dropped immediately.

“You’re right, we’ve been breaking the law since day one and I think it’s high time we put an end to it! Goodbye, Pishan” and ignoring the shock on his face, she opened the door and stormed out of the room.

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