Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 172

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 172 Kylie’s Desperation


“Quick, Shilah! Keep running!!” The strict voice urged, making her pant heavily as she ran through roots and gra*s*ses in the woods.

Sweats were dripping down all over her neck with her hand supporting the big tummy in front of her. The deer was closing up behind her, running at its full speed. And just when she thought it’d get her, the arrow came from above and shot it down.

“Argh!” She let out a scream as she stopped running, her hand on her heavy chest. She quickly turned to see the deer and found it dead on the floor.

“What took you so long to shoot it down??” She queried the King who was climbing down from the tree already.

“I was trying to get a perfect shot, Shilah. Sorry about that” he smiled as he walked towards the deer to be sure it was dead.

“Anyway, thank the Spirits we caught it. Now, this one is mine”. she tried lifting it up.

“And why should it be yours?” King Dakota scoffed.

“Well, because I was used as the prey this time around”

“Oh! Come on, Shilah. I saved you from the deer and all you want to do is take the glory? You knew there was no way that deer would’ve hurt you”

“It doesn’t matter. I am still taking the meat”.

She tried lifting it up but discovered it was just too heavy for her. She looked at the King who gave her a scornful look. And with a frown, she let it go and crossed her arms.

“Now, someone is angry” he sighed as he stood up with the deer. “Come on, hunting lessons are over. We should head back to the Palace”.

“I am not going” she fumed

“Oh! Not now, Shilah. I am so tired and not in the mood for much drama” he grouse, but Shilah said nothing as she simply stared away.

“Okay, fine. The meat is yours, okay? And I’m only helping you take it to the Palace. How about that?” He asked and that was the moment he got a smile from Shilah.

“This is just what you should’ve said a while ago. She chuckled, hugged him and began walking away, while he followed.

They got to their horses, and while Dakota tried to set up the deer on it, Shilah was searching through her bag.

“My gr*a*p*es!” She suddenly flinched. “I can’t find them!”

Dakota had to stop and look at her, hoping she wasn’t about to get into another emotional moment.

“My gr*a*p*es! Did you see my gr*a*p*es?? They .. they were just here, right? Before we went hunting??”She turned to him and asked.

“Seriously, Shilah, are you forgetting you ate the last one while I was fixing my bow?” Dakota asked with a sigh.

“I did?” She asked in a shocked tone, placing her hand on her chest. “I did? Oh! How could I?”

And that was it, she bursted into tears. “How could I eat all of it?? How could I be so greedy? Now, what do I eat?? I need some gr*a*p*es” She covered her face on the horse’s back and bawled.

King Dakota, despite being exhausted, had to drop the deer and go to her.

“It’s alright, Shilah. I will…”

“How is it alright?” She whimpered, her face still covered on the horse. “How is it alright when there’s no gr*a*p*es here with me at a time I really needed them?? My life is over”.

“Are you forgetting there are thousands of gr*a*p*es in the kitchen??” Dakota asked.

“Do not worry, as soon as we’re home, I’ll make sure the servants gets you a whole tray of it”.

That sounded convincing enough for Shilah. And lifting her head, she wiped the tears off her face and hugged the King.

“Now, let’s go please” he urged her. And with a nod, she climbed onto her horse and awaited him to do same.


Queen Chaska stood at her favorite spot in the room – which was in front of her window. Of course, the window had become her favorite spot as it always gave her access to see as far as she could see being on the highest floor.

And right there, she could see King Dakota and Shilah, riding back to the Palace.

Her heart twitched in her chest, realizing how long it took them to return. The deer on the King’s horse signified they had gone hunting, and that was quite normal as King Dakota had always loved taking his wives hunting at the peak of their pregnant shape. He believed it would make them stronger and ready for delivery.

It hurt Chaska to know Shilah was the one undergoing such process at the moment. Anger ran through her. And shortly, Gina joined her.

“Shilah is so close to delivery already” Gina remarked, also staring at the King and Queen. “In a few days from now, the King would truly have an heir”.

The word ‘heir’ sparked through Chaska .

“My Queen”, Gina bowed. For the past seven months, you haven’t done or said anything about her condition. Are you really okay with everything going on? Having that child for the King would definitely confirm her possibilities of becoming the Luna. She’ll be placed over you, My Queen. Will you let that happen?”

Chaska said nothing as she continued watching them climb down from their horses. And while the guards rushed to take care of the horses, King Dakota was supporting Shilah through the walk to the entrance. It was so obvious he had fallen for her.

“The silence of a broken soul doesn’t mean all is forgiven, Gina” she finally said, her eyes still tracing them.

“I may have been quiet, but I sure have my plans”.



Shilah couldn’t wait to fully get into the room before jumping right on the bed.

“Ah! I’ve been longing for this all day!” She stated ecstatically with a smile, spreading her arms and legs all over.

King Dakota couldn’t help but smile. “I’ll tell the servants to get you the gr*a*p*es”

“Oh, no .” Shilah sat up immediately. “Please,, I not need the gr*a*p*es anymore. Just tell them to get me some bananas instead”.

Wait, what??

“I don’t understand, Shilah. I thought you were craving for gr*a*p*es a while ago?” King Dakota scoffed.

“Uhm… Yes, I was. But I’ve lost my appet*ite for gr*a*p*es already. I’m really sorry. She answered guiltily, fiddling with her fingers.”

And Dakota just shook his head and walked out of the room.



In the dark room, the room where the big magical map was pasted on the wall.

One of the red Sisters laid her head on the table for rest. Tired from being in the room all day, she had to get some rest.

She thanked the Spirits she wasn’t so deep into sleep when the door went open. Cause, lifting her head, she discovered it was the Supreme Sister walking in. Quickly, she sprang on her feet and kept her head bowed.

“Greetings, Supreme Sister” She answered a little fearfully, hoping Kylie hadn’t noticed her sleeping.

Well, Kylie didn’t even stare at her as her eyes were fixed on the map on the wall which was the same as it had been for some years.

“Still nothing?” She asked coldly, her gaze still on it.

“Nothing at all, Supreme Sister. I’ve been watching the map all day and so far,it hasn’t located any new witch” She replied.

Disappointment stung at Kylie immediately. After her encounter with the seer seven months ago, she had returned to set it a rule in the palace – each day, every sister gets a turn to watch the map just incase the light comes up. She didn’t want to take any chances since the seer said it’d be happening soon. But it’s been seven months now, yet nothing. How soon does she have to wait again??

She sighed pathetically and walled out of the room, wishing to see Sukie. Only that, Sukie had traveled out to a village, said and was going to heal someone.

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