Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 214

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene 

Chapter 214 In The Middle Of Nowhere

All Sukie felt was fear as she bowed to the Supreme Sister in front of her. That would actually be the first time she’d be coming to her room directly. Every other time she wanted to see her, she’d usually send for her, not come directly. Why was she suddenly there on a day like that?

“Greetings, Supreme Sister” she tried not to stutter as she bowed respectfully. With her hands at her back, Kylie made to move in and swiftly, Sukie stepped away for her.

“How are you doing, Sukie?” She asked calmly as she walked into the room, taking her eyes around in scrutiny.

“I’m… I’m doing just great, Supreme Sister. Um… I’m deeply surprised to have you here. It’s unexpected”

With a light smile, she turned to face Sukie. “I just wanted to surprise you, sweetheart. Realized I’ve never come to your room before”.

For some reasons, Sukie felt her tension die down a bit.

“I’m so honored, Supreme Sister” she bowed again with a blushful smile.

“Pl… Please, have a seat while I get you something to….”

“Please, Sukie, I am no visitor” she interrupted genially. “I actually didn’t plan on staying as I have somewhere to go. I just …” She paused and took some steps round the room.

“I also wanted to tell you we’d be going out tomorrow morning”. What?! Oh, no! Sukie was meant to journey out first thing in the morning!

“Uhm… Supreme Sister, where are we going?” She asked nervously, feeling grateful she was actually standing behind her.

“I don’t even know yet. I just want it to be me and you, Sukie – some alone time even for a few hours”.

“Oh…that…. that would be great. But, Supreme Sister, I was just about coming to inform you that I’d be traveling first thing tomorrow”.

Kylie’s brows arched. “Really? Where are you going?”

“Uhm…” Sukie lowered her eyes to the ground. “One of the people I do help in the Oaks Village wrote to me. She said she needs my help – urgently”.

“I see” Kylie mumbled and resumed with her few steps. “Well, I guess she’d have to wait, Sukie. I really want us to have that time. Perhaps, when we’re done by noon, you can leave”.

Traveling by noon – Sukie thought. It wasn’t too bad, afterall.

“If you say so, Supreme Sister. I’m fine with it” She bowed again.

“Good. I must take my leave now. See you later, Sukie” She started towards the door while Sukie followed.

But gripping the door’s hinge, she paused and turned to Sukie. Her eyes for locked into hers for while until swiftly, she moved close and gave a kiss.

For the first time,Sukie could feel nothing from her kiss, absolutely nothing.

Done, Kylie broke the kiss and finally left without uttering anything else.






The news of the Alpha King’s fight with Lord Ryder was circulating so fast, so fast, it was extending to non-wolf villages.

The date had been finalized, everyone was anticipating and getting themselves ready to make sure they’d be present. Of course, who wouldn’t want to witness a kind of fight that hadn’t been witnessed in centuries? Not even in the blind would want to miss it.

The news was sparking a lot of reactions from people as well as some believed Ryder was just being foolish while others believed he was doing the right thing. Of course, there would always be two parties to a fight.

Lady Cami walked into the room with a goblet of fresh blood in her hand, her heart fluttering at the sight of Lord Ryder seated in front of the bed.

She cleared her throat slightly as she stood in front of him and proffered the goblet. There was a deep cut on his face – one he had gotten from the Alpha King.

“It’s ready” She muttered. Gently, Ryder received it and took a sip.

“You can leave, Cami” He grunted. Tentatively, she turned around but suddenly paused and turned back to him.

“Uhm… My Lord” She bowed. “If .. if you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to talk to you about something”.

When Ryder said nothing, she took that as a go-ahead and went on.

“Your fight with the Alpha King, does it really have to happen? I mean…. from my own opinion, the Alpha King has been fair to everyone. He doesn’t give preferential treatments, not even to his own people. Besides, we have a rule for transfer of power. Why don’t we just wait until it gets to our turn? Moreover, it’s a fight to death. I feel scared that… if you lose, you may die and the Alpha King would get to hate us. Then, he’d start being partial to the Vampires”.

“Who asked for your opinion, Cami?” He suddenly cut in, making her heart give a beep. “Didn’t I tell you to leave?”

“I’m… I’m sorry, I just …”

“Why don’t you admit you’re only concerned about your d*um*b sister and nothing else?” He dropped the goblet and got on his feet.

“No! It’s not her. I’m concerned about every…” A hard slap shut her up, one that made her wince and hold her cheek.

“You have no right whatsoever to give me an opinion, Cami. Now, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!”.

Whimpering, she turned and ran out of the room.




Sukie zipped up her bag containing everything she’d be needing for her journey with the Queen, and her journey to see Pishan.

Done, she hung the bag and looked round the room – her lovely quiet room. A rueful smile touched her lips, recalling how much comfort it had given her – especially her bed. It used to be a wonderful place, but now, she wasn’t even sure she’d be seeing it again.

Her hand moved up to her tummy as she caressed it. The baby in her might end up changing her entire life. She couldn’t tell, she had no idea what would happen. But she really hoped for the best.

Taking a really deep breath, she f0rced herself to bid goodbye to her room. Though, it was painful, but she had to leave.


She walked outside with her bag and found Kylie already on her horse. Oops.

Seated with her red long cloak, she stared keenly at Sukie’s face as she approached her while Sukie kept praying they don’t take long, wherever they were headed. A part of her instincts had told her to sneak out at night, but she felt that was meaningless as no one knew of her secret yet. Besides, if they had found out she was missing, it’d have risen a more dangerous alarm.

Standing in front of Kylie’s horse, she bowed her head: “Greetings, Supreme Sister. Sorry for keeping you waiting”.

“It’s fine, Sukie. Get on let’s go” She responded and swiftly, Sukie got on hers.

“Supreme Sister, are you sure you do not want company?” Sister Remata asked, having an obvious loath on her face.

“Yes, I’m sure. I want it to be just me and Sukie for today” Pulling the reins of her horse, she began riding out and Sukie followed.

The two ladies rode for a long time with Sukie wondering where they were actually headed. Maybe to an hotel? Or a bar? Or just somewhere she wouldn’t want to be?

They were both riding speedily on their horses with hers being behind Kylie’s since she was the one taking the lead. But at a time, Kylie slowed down her horse and began strolling with it and of course, Sukie did same.

They were in the middle of nowhere – in the woods – and their pace got reduced in such a way they could chat.

“The sky looks so beautiful today, doesn’t it?” Kylie suddenly asked, although she wasn’t looking at the sky and that made Sukie ponder.

“Uh…it sure is” Sukie looked up and replied. Beautiful? The sky was just normal.

Silence dropped in afterwards with just the hooves of their horses being held. Sukie couldn’t figure it out, but there was a little difference in Kylie’s att*itude.

“Do you remember the first time we met?” She suddenly asked, sparking a brow-reaction from Sukie. “It was on the tenth year anniversary of my mother’s death and you had just discovered your witch powers. You were so…” she paused and smiled. “…brave – the only person who was bold enough to come console me despite my rage. You became my favorite, Sukie, became my bestfriend. And it was so… lovely” she chuckled.

The memories rang a bell in Sukie’s head, but she wondered why Kylie was suddenly bringing it up.

“Remember the mornings you’d make me breakfast even before I was awake? And the evenings you’d get me mixed fruits before I go to bed? It was your hobby for ten months, Sukie, until I had to stop you”. Abruptly, she stopped moving her horse. And Sukie did same. Her horse was slightly behind Kylie’s, so she couldn’t see her face.

“Aside my mother, you were the closest person I’d fallen in love with. You…you became more than a bestfriend to me. You became my lover. I was ready to give you my all, Sukie. I was ready to have you rule beside me for as long as possible. I gave you… everything I could and that’s the reason this betrayal is coming as the hardest thing for me”.

Now, that was the moment Sukie realized the doom setting in. It started getting clearer…

“You” Kylie c*oc*ked her head to glance at her, her eyes looking so dreadful. “You dare cheat on me with another and carry his child? How long did you think it’d take me to hear the tiny heartbeat of that thing in your womb?”

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